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REGGIE BANNISTER. Photograph signed: "Reggie Bannister/'94". B/w, 10x8 overall, image 9¼x6½ (one surface). Publicity photograph by Scott Libolt for the 1994 film, Phantasm III, in which Bannister starred as Reggie. ©1993, Starway International. Captioned at lower margin: "REGGIE BANNISTER reprises his role as Reggie and continues his terrifying pursuit of The Tall Man." Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead was followed by Phantasm IV: Oblivion (1998). The other two films in the series were released in 1979 and 1988. Multitalented actor, writer and musician Reggie Bannister (born Reginald Horace Bannister in 1945) made his film debut in Jim, the World's Greatest (1976), and has since appeared in a number of feature films. A member of such groups as Stone Country and Greenwood County Singers, he has also recorded five albums. The former Vietnam veteran also runs his own production company, Production Magic, Incorporated, and is a popular guest speaker at charity functions and media conventions. Ink slightly beaded. Minor surface stains (barely evident head on) at upper left margin and lower mid-portion. Fine condition.

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Born: September 29, 1945 in Long Beach, California

Film Credits
Monster School (Performer), 2014 Disaster Wars: Earthquake vs. Tsunami (Performer), 2012 Zombie Family (Performer), 2012 The Ghastly Love of Johnny X (Performer), 2012 The Ghastly Love of Johnny X (Sound), 2012 Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (Sound), 2012 Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (Producer), 2012 Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (Music Department), 2012 Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (Performer), 2011/I One for the Road (Performer), 2011/I One for the Road (Music Department), 2011/I One for the Road (Producer), 2011 Transformers Prime (Performer), 2011 Red & Blue Marbles (Performer), 2011 Primitive (Performer), 2011 FEARnet's Movies with More Brains (in person), 2011 Doctor Spine (Performer), 2011 Chasing Hollywood (in person), 2011 Burned Guys & Dolls (in person), 2011 Abolition (Performer), 2010 The Quiet Ones (Performer), 2010 The Quiet Ones (Stunt work), 2010 The Quiet Ones (Other), 2010 The Quiet Ones (Other), 2010 The Quiet Ones (Producer), 2010 The Quiet Ones (Music Department), 2010 Small Town Saturday Night (Other), 2010 Small Town Saturday Night (Performer), 2010 Sawblade (Performer), 2010 Satan Hates You (Performer), 2010 Psychic Experiment (Performer), 2010 Not Another B Movie (Performer), 2010 Iron Core Talk (in person), 2010 Carnies (Other), 2010 Carnies (Producer), 2010 Carnies (Performer), 2009 It Came from Trafalgar (Performer), 2008 Text: The Story in the Snow (in person), 2008 Text (Music Department), 2008 Text (Performer), 2008 Spring Break Massacre (Performer), 2008 Metal Man (Performer), 2007 The Rage (Performer), 2007 The Final Curtain (Performer), 2007 Sigma Die! (Producer), 2007 Sigma Die! (Music Department), 2007 Sigma Die! (Performer), 2007 Sigma Die! (Other), 2007 Sigma Die! (Sound), 2007 Scare Me: Behind the Screams (in person), 2007 Revamped (Performer), 2007 Necronaut (Performer), 2007 Interstate (Performer), 2006 Working with a Master: Don Coscarelli (in person), 2006 Last Rites (Performer), 2006 Fallen Angels (Performer), 2006 Cemetery Gates (Performer), 2005 The Mangler Reborn (Performer), 2005 Song of the Dead (Performer), 2005 Phantasmagorical Mystery Tour (in person), 2005 Phantasmagoria (in person), 2005 Phandom (in person), 2005 Journeyman (Performer), 2005 Dead Things (Performer), 2005 Aconite (Performer), 2004 Making of 'Bubba Ho-tep' (in person), 2002 Bubba Ho-Tep (Performer), 2000 Up Against Amanda (Performer), 2000 Stop It, You're Killing Me (Music Department), 1998 Phantasm IV: Oblivion (Performer), 1998 Phantasm IV: Oblivion (Sound), 1998 Phantasm IV: Oblivion (Sound), 1997 Wishmaster (Performer), 1997 Horror Kung-Fu Theatre (in person), 1997 d_rop Off (Performer), 1995 The Demolitionist (Performer), 1994 That Little Monster (Performer), 1994 Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead (Performer), 1990 Initiation: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4 (Performer), 1988 Survival Quest (Performer), 1988 Phantasm II (Performer), 1988 L.A. Law (Performer), 1979 Phantasm (Performer), 1976 Kenny & Company (Performer), 1976 Kenny & Company (Music Department), 1976 Kenny & Company (Other), 1976 Jim, the World's Greatest (Performer)

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