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[ROBERT WHITTINGTON]: CLARA BOW, LEATRICE JOY, EDMUND BURNS, SALLY O'NEIL, FAY COMPTON, MILTON SILLS, ISABEL JEANS, MAE BUSCH and BETTY BALFOUR. Original Art, unsigned. Nine different original drawings by Robert L. Whittington, who sketched celebrities from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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Condition: lightly creased, slightly soiled, otherwise fine condition
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[ROBERT WHITTINGTON]: CLARA BOW, LEATRICE JOY, EDMUND BURNS, SALLY O'NEIL, FAY COMPTON, MILTON SILLS, ISABEL JEANS, MAE BUSCH and BETTY BALFOUR. Original Art, unsigned. Nine different original drawings by Robert L. Whittington, who sketched celebrities from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Five affixed to the front and four affixed to the verso of 11½x9½ album sheet. Comprises: (1) LEATRICE JOY. Sketch inscribed and signed: "To Robert Whittington/I would that I could/have kept same!!/Sincerely/Leatrice Joy". Pen and ink, 3x5¼ overall, image 2¼x5 (one surface). Slightly soiled at blank areas. Fine condition. (2) CLARA BOW. Sketch signed: "Clara Bow." Pen and ink, 4x6 overall, image 4x4¾ (one surface). Slightly soiled. Fine condition. (3) EDMUND BURNS. Sketch inscribed and signed: "Best Wishes to/'Whittie'/from/Edmund Burns". Pen and ink, 3½x5½ overall, image 3½x4½ (one surface). At lower margin, Burns has written and initialed: "Work of an Expert. I was tempted to keep it but hope to get one from you. E.B." Slightly soiled at background and forehead of image. Fine condition. (4) SALLY O'NEIL. Sketch inscribed and signed: "To a great Artist/Robt./from/your friend/Sally O'Neil". Pen and ink, 2½x4 overall, circular image 2½-inches in diameter. Slightly soiled. Fine condition. (5) FAY COMPTON. Sketch signed: "Fay Compton". Pen and ink, 3x3¾ overall, image 2¼x3¼ (one surface). Slightly soiled at blank margins. Fine condition. (6) MILTON SILLS. Sketch inscribed and signed: "To Robert L. Whittington/best wishes/Milton Sills./Well done!" Pen and ink, 2½x5 overall, oval image 2¼x3½ (one surface). Slightly soiled at blank areas. Fine condition. (7) ISABEL JEANS. Sketch signed: "Isabel Jeans". Pen and ink, 4x5¾ overall, image 3¾x4¾ (one surface). Fine condition. (8) MAE BUSCH. Sketch signed: "Yours Sincerely/Mae Busch". Pen and ink, 3½x6 overall, image 3¼x4½ (one surface). (9) BETTY BALFOUR. Sketch signed: "Yours sincerely/Betty Balfour." Pen and ink, 2¼x4½ overall, image 3x2 (one surface). Slightly soiled at blank margins. Fine condition. The daughter of a Coney Island waiter, CLARA BOW (1905-1965) was turned into the symbol of the flapper age of the Roaring 20s by Paramount. During that era, Bow, with her cupid bow lips and sparkling eyes, was one of the first actresses to flaunt her freedom and sex appeal on screen. Among her big hits were Kiss Me Again (1925), Mantrap (1926) and It (1927), the latter resulting in her permanent nickname of the "It Girl". It is sometimes said that Bow's career was ruined by the advent of talking films, but she was the top-billed star in eleven of these, even singing capably in several. Sensational stories of her personal escapades, apparently exaggerated by the press, earned her a new nickname, however: "Crisis a Day Clara". Bow married B-movie cowboy star Rex Bell in 1931 and retired from filmmaking in 1933. American silent screen starLEATRICE JOY (1893-1985), born Leatrice Joy Zeidler, made her film debut as an extra in 1915, and she would go on to appear in over 85 films through 1951. She is best known for appearing opposite comics Billy West and Oliver Hardy and for starring in several of Cecil B. DeMille's films. Her screen credits include The Ten Commandments (1923), The Angel of Broadway (1927), The Blue Danube (1928), First Love (1939) and Love Nest (1951, her last film), and Joy also appeared in two early TV anthologies, Robert Montgomery Presents (1954) and Studio One (1953-1954). She and her third husband (1922-1924), actor John Gilbert, had one daughter, actress Leatrice Joy Gilbert. American actor EDMUND BURNS (1892-1980), who made his film debut in an uncredited role in the 1915 classic, Birth of a Nation, appeared in both silents and "talkies" through 1936. Sometimes credited as Edward Burns or Edward J. Burns, his nearly 100 films include The Queen of Hearts (1918), The Virgin of Stamboul (1920), The Girl from God's Country (1921), The Humming Bird (1924), Those Who Dare (1924), Sunny Side Up (1926), Sea Devils (1931), Dangerously Yours (1933), It Happened One Night (1934) and Hollywood Boulevard (1936). Stage and screen actress SALLY O'NEIL (1908-1968), born Virginia Louise Concepta Noonan, began her career in silents at the age of 17. The sister of actress Molly O'Day (both would be named Wampas Baby Stars in 1926), O'Neil found fame with her second film, Sally, Irene and Mary (1925), opposite Constance Bennett and Joan Crawford. After retiring from films in 1937, O'Neil returned to the stage and performed in USO shows until her retirement in the 1950s. London-born stage, screen and television actress FAY COMPTON (1894-1978), born Virginia Lilian Emmeline Mackenzie Compton, made her film debut in 1914 (She Stoops to Conquer), and she would go on to appear in some fifty films through 1970 (The Virgin and the Gypsy). Her credits include The Loves of Mary, Queen of Scots (1923), Robinson Crusoe (1927), Waltzes from Vienna (1934), Nicholas Nickleby (1947), Doublecross (1956) and The Haunting (1963), and Compton also appeared on TV series, made-for-TV movies and in the popular 1967 miniseries, The Forsyte Saga. The daughter of stage actors Edward Compton and Virginia Bateman, Compton was the sister of actress Viola Compton and novelist Sir Compton MacKenzie and the mother of director/writer Anthony Pelissier (her son with her fourth husband, H.G. Pelissier). MILTON SILLS (1882-1930) was a popular leading man of the silent era.His version of The Sea Hawk has been compared favorably to Errol Flynn's 1940 version. Shortly after making his last film, The Sea Wolf (a talkie) in 1930, Sills suffered a fatal heart attack. ISABEL JEANS (1891-1985) made her London stage debut in 1909 at the age of 18 and starred on Broadway in the 1920s and 1930s. Jeans, who made her film debut in 1917, appeared in a number of British and U.S. films (she came to Hollywood in 1937), including The Dictator (1935), Tovarich (1937), Suspicion (1941), Gigi (1958, playing the aunt of courtesan-in-training Leslie Caron), It Happened in Rome (1959) and The Magic Christian (1969). Married to actor Claude Rains from 1913-1915, Jeans made her farewell stage appearance in 1971 at the age of 80. Australian-born stage and screen actress MAE BUSCH (1891-1946), born Annie May Busch, appeared in 130 films between 1912 (The Agitator) and 1947 (Ladies' Man). Known as "The Versatile Vamp" during the silent era, Busch is best known for her roles in Laurel & Hardy films, especially when she played Mrs. Hardy, her signature role, beginning with Unaccustomed as We Are (1929). She would later be seen in the role in Their First Mistake (1932), Sons of the Desert (1933), The Private Life of Oliver the Eighth (1934) and The Bohemian Girl (1936). Busch, who worked for Keystone Studios for intermittently between 1912-1915, was forced to leave when Mabel Normand, another Keystone actress, caught her with Mack Sennett, Normand's fiancé. Several years after her death, Busch gained fame when Jackie Gleason would make frequent references to "The ever-popular Mae Busch." London-born stage and screen actress BETTY BALFOUR (1903-1977) was known as "the English Mary Pickford" and "Britain's Queen of Happiness". Balfour, who made her stage debut in 1914, later worked in British music halls, where she was known as a great mimic. After making her film debut in 1920, Balfour would appear in over 30 films through 1945, including the Squibs series (1921-1923, 1935), The Sea Urchin (1926), Croquette (1927), The Vagabond Queen (1929), Eliza Comes to Stay (1936) and 29 Acacia Avenue (1945, her last film). Mounting sheet is lightly creased. Minor stains at lower margins. Two file holes at left edge. Nine items.

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