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Nobel Laureates Beckett (1969), Bellow (1976) and Milosz (1980) sign a First Day Cover in a Natural History series.
First Day Cover signed: "Saul Bellow", "Czeslaw Milosz" and "Samuel Beckett", 6½x3¾. FDC honoring Natural History, 6-cent African Elephant Herd stamp affixed, postmarked New York, NY, May 6, 1970, FIRST DAY OF ISSUE. Novelist, short story writer, essayist and playwright SAUL BELLOW (1915-2005) won the 1976 Pulitzer Prize for Humboldt's Gift and the 1976 Nobel Prize in Literature. Polish poet CZESLAW MILOSZ (1911-2004) won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1980. Irish novelist and dramatist SAMUEL BECKETT (1906-1989) won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1969 for his new forms for the novel and drama. Slightly creased. Erased pencil notes above and below Czeslaw Milosz" signature. Fine condition.

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Born: April 13, 1906 in Foxrock, County Dublin, Ireland
Died: December 22, 1989 in Paris, France

Film Credits
Play of the Week (Writer), Glasnost (Writer), 2014 Krapp's Last Tape (Writer), 2013 While Waiting for Godot (Writer), 2008 If I'm Waiting (Writer), 2007 Krapp's Last Tape (Writer), 2007 Come and Go (Writer), 2005 Ti pou (Writer), 2005 He Joe (Writer), 2004 Poslednja Krapova traka (Writer), 2004 Cascando: On the Razor's Edge (Writer), 2004 Atemzug (Writer), 2003 Check the Gate: Putting Beckett on Film (Writer), 2002 Kraj na Igrata MMI (Writer), 2001 Waiting for Godot (Writer), 2001 Várjá Vlagyimir (Writer), 2001 Play (Writer), 2001 Act Without Words II (Writer), 2001 A Piece of Monologue (Writer), 2000 What Where (Writer), 2000 Voz (Writer), 2000 That Time (Writer), 2000 Rough for Theatre II (Writer), 2000 Rough for Theatre I (Writer), 2000 Rockaby (Writer), 2000 Ohio Impromptu (Writer), 2000 Not I (Writer), 2000 Krapp's Last Tape (Writer), 2000 Happy Days (Writer), 2000 Footfalls (Writer), 2000 Endgame (Writer), 2000 Come and Go (Writer), 2000 Catastrophe (Writer), 2000 Breath (Writer), 2000 Act Without Words I (Writer), 1998 Endgame (Writer), 1996 Endspiel (Writer), 1993 Waiting for Beckett (Other), 1992 Beckett Directs Beckett: Endgame by Samuel Beckett (Director), 1992 Beckett Directs Beckett: Endgame by Samuel Beckett (Writer), 1991 Waiting for Godot (Writer), 1991 Schastlivye dni (Writer), 1990 Oh! Les beaux jours (Writer), 1990 Céu de Papel (Writer), 1989 Monaha ta synnefa (Writer), 1989 Endgame by Samuel Beckett (Writer), 1989 En attendant Godot (Writer), 1989 Das letzte Band (Writer), 1988 Spel utan ord (Writer), 1988 Kraj partije (Writer), 1988 Fragmento II (Writer), 1988 Beckett Directs Beckett: Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett (Writer), 1988 Beckett Directs Beckett: Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett (Director), 1988 Beckett Directs Beckett: Krapp's Last Tape by Samuel Beckett (Other), 1988 Beckett Directs Beckett: Krapp's Last Tape by Samuel Beckett (Writer), 1986 Mon cas (Writer), 1986 La voz humana (Writer), 1984 Warten auf Godot (Writer), 1983 Rockaby (Writer), 1983 Rockaby (Other), 1983 Nacht und Träume (Writer), 1982 Quad (Director), 1982 Quad (Writer), 1980 Happy Days (Writer), 1980 Great Performances (Writer), 1979 Film A Screen Play by Samuel Beckett (Writer), 1978 Teatro estudio (Writer), 1977 Waiting for Godot (Writer), 1977 The Lively Arts (Writer), 1977 The Lively Arts (Other), 1977 Ghost Trio (Other), 1977 Ghost Trio (Writer), 1977 Drama (Writer), 1977 ...but the clouds... (Writer), 1977 ...but the clouds... (Other), 1976 Waiting for Godot (Writer), 1976 Waiting for Godot (Director), 1976 Akt utan ord II (Writer), 1974 Spil (Writer), 1974 He, Joe (Writer), 1974 Der Macher oder Warten auf Godeau (Writer), 1973 Wachten op Godot (Writer), 1973 Not I (Writer), 1972 Thirty-Minute Theatre (Writer), 1971 Waiting for Godot (Writer), 1971 Sunrise on Beckett Mountain (Writer), 1971 Spel zonder woorden I en II (Writer), 1971 Poem (Writer), 1970 Finale di partita (Writer), 1969 Spiel (Writer), 1969 Sluttspill (Writer), 1969 Slutspil (Writer), 1969 Samuel Beckett (in person), 1969 Krapp's Last Tape (Writer), 1969 Endspiel (Director), 1969 Endspiel (Other), 1969 Endspiel (Writer), 1969 Das letzte Band (Director), 1969 Das letzte Band (Writer), 1968 Leikin loppu (Writer), 1968 Hej, Dzo! (Writer), 1968 Cekají na Godota (Writer), 1966 Vai mitä Joe (Writer), 1966 The Present Stage (Writer), 1966 New York Television Theatre (Writer), 1966 Kuvitelkaa, mielikuvitus kuollut (Writer), 1966 Krapp's Last Tape (Writer), 1966 Ikke osse, Joe (Writer), 1966 Eh, Joe (Writer), 1966 Comédie (Writer), 1965 Spiel (Writer), 1965 Mens vi venter på Godot (Writer), 1965 Glückliche Tage (Writer), 1965 Film (Writer), 1963 Warten auf Godot (Writer), 1963 Viimeinen ääninauha (Writer), 1963 Tout ceux qui tombent (Writer), 1962 Vi venter på Godot (Writer), 1960 Zero (Writer), 1957 A Drama Is Born (Other)

Born: June 10, 1915 in Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Died: April 5, 2005 in Brookline, Massachusetts

Film Credits
1998 Bookmark (in person), 1990 American Tribute to Vaclav Havel and a Celebration of Democracy in (in person), 1986 Seize the Day (Writer), 1986 Seize the Day (Performer), 1983 Zelig (in person), 1980 In Search of Identity (in person), 1975 2nd House (in person), 1975 2nd House (Writer), 1971 Thirty-Minute Theatre (Writer), 1967 Izvlacenje (Writer), 1967 Izvlacenje (Performer)

Born: June 30, 1911 in Szetejnie, Lithuania, Russian Empire (now Seteniai, Lithuania)
Died: August 14, 2004 in Kraków, Malopolskie, Poland

Film Credits
2003 Polscy noblisci (Other), 1998 Zwyczajna dobroc (in person), 1996 Stanislaw Lem (in person), 1996 Czeslaw Milosz w Berkeley (in person), 1995 United States of Poetry (in person), 1995 United States of Poetry (Writer), 1989 The Poet Remembers (in person), 1985 'Kultura' (in person), 1982 Valley of the Issa (Writer), 1982 Let Poland Be Poland (in person), 1950 Robinson warszawski (Writer), 1950 Robinson warszawski (in person)

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