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Born: February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland
Died: August 16, 1948 in New York City, New York
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Full name George Herman Ruth
Born February 6, 1895, Baltimore, Maryland
Died August 16, 1948, New York, New York
Buried at Cemetery of the Gate of Heaven, Hawthorne, New York (Section 25, Lot 1115, Center of Graves 3 and 4)
First Game: July 11, 1914; Final Game: May 30, 1935
Bat: Left Throw: Left Height: 6' 2" Weight: 215

Selected to the Hall of Fame in 1936
Won League Award as AL Most Valuable Player (1923)
Named outfielder on The Sporting News Major League All-Star Team (1926 to 1931)

This article was written by Allan Wood and is presented in part, courtesy of the Society for American Baseball Research

During his five full seasons with the Boston Red Sox, Babe Ruth established himself as one of the premier left-handed pitchers in the game, began his historic transformation from moundsman to slugging outfielder, and was part of three World Series championship teams. After he was sold to the New York Yankees in December 1919, his eye-popping batting performances over the next few seasons helped usher in a new era of long-distance hitting and high scoring, effectively bringing down the curtain on the Deadball Era.

George Herman Ruth was born to George Ruth and Catherine Schamberger on February 6, 1895, in his mother's parents' house at 216 Emory Street, in Baltimore, Maryland. With his father working long hours in his saloon and his mother often in poor health, Little George (as he was known) spent his days unsupervised on the waterfront streets and docks, committing petty theft and vandalism. Hanging out in his father's bar, he stole money from the till, drained the last drops from old beer glasses, and developed a taste for chewing tobacco. He was only six years old.

Shortly after his seventh birthday, the Ruths petitioned the Baltimore courts to declare Little George "incorrigible" and sent him to live at St. Mary's Industrial School, on the outskirts of the city. The boy's initial stay at St. Mary's lasted only four weeks before his parents brought him home for the first of several attempted reconciliations; his long-term residence at St. Mary's actually began in 1904. But it was during that first stay that George met Brother Matthias.

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