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Born: July 16, 1907 in New York City, New York
Died: January 20, 1990 in Santa Monica, California
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Orphaned at four, a Ziegfield chorus girl at 15, Stanwyck (1907-1990, born Ruby Stevens in Brooklyn, New York) was a Broadway star by the late 1920's. Moving to Hollywood after 1930, she was often cast as a tough minded working girl who rarely met a happy ending. She received Oscar nominations for Stella Dallas (1937), Ball of Fire (1941), Double Indemnity (1944) and Sorry, Wrong Number (1948). She earned renewed popularity on television, especially as the star of the Western series Big Valley (1965-1969) for which she won an Emmy.
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1953 The Ed Sullivan Show (Other), 1996 The Good, the Bad & the Beautiful (Other), 1982 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (Other), 2007 Elvis Presley: Hot Shots and Cool Clips Volume 3 (Other), 1978 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Henry Fonda (in person), 1935 Things You Never See on the Screen (in person), 2005 ... A Father... A Son... Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Other), 1987 Marilyn Monroe: Beyond the Legend (Other), 2001 Pulp Cinema (Other), 1992 Fonda on Fonda (Other), 1965 The Love Goddesses (Other), 1985-1986 The Colbys (Performer), 1983 The Thorn Birds (Performer), 1971 A Taste of Evil (Performer), 1964 Calhoun: County Agent (Performer), 1958 Goodyear Theatre (Performer), 1957 Forty Guns (Performer), 1956 These Wilder Years (Performer), 1953 The Moonlighter (Performer), 1953 Blowing Wild (Performer), 1950 The Furies (Performer), 1950 No Man of Her Own (Performer), 1950 The File on Thelma Jordon (Performer), 1949 The Lady Gambles (Performer), 1947 Cry Wolf (Performer), 1943 Flesh and Fantasy (Performer), 1943 Lady of Burlesque (Performer), 1942 The Gay Sisters (Performer), 1942 The Great Man's Lady (Performer), 1941 You Belong to Me (Performer), 1940 Remember the Night (Performer), 1939 Union Pacific (Performer), 1937 Breakfast for Two (Performer), 1937 Internes Can't Take Money (Performer), 1936 The Bride Walks Out (Performer), 1935 The Woman in Red (Performer), 1934 A Lost Lady (Performer), 1933 Ever in My Heart (Performer), 1933 Ladies They Talk About (Performer), 1932 The Purchase Price (Performer), 1932 So Big! (Performer), 1932 Forbidden (Performer), 1931 The Stolen Jools (Performer), 1986 The 43rd Annual Golden Globe Awards (in person), 1961 The 13th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (in person), 1959 The Real McCoys (in person), 1970 The House That Would Not Die (Performer), 1965-1969 The Big Valley (Performer), 1962-1963 The Untouchables (Performer), 1962 Walk on the Wild Side (Performer), 1955 Escape to Burma (Performer), 1954 Cattle Queen of Montana (Performer), 1953 All I Desire (Performer), 1953 Jeopardy (Performer), 1952 Clash by Night (Performer), 1949 East Side, West Side (Performer), 1947 The Other Love (Performer), 1946 The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (Performer), 1941 Ball of Fire (Performer), 1938 The Mad Miss Manton (Performer), 1937 This Is My Affair (Performer), 1936 The Plough and the Stars (Performer), 1936 Banjo on My Knee (Performer), 1936 His Brother's Wife (Performer), 1936 A Message to Garcia (Performer), 1934 Gambling Lady (Performer), 1933 The Bitter Tea of General Yen (Performer), 1932 Shopworn (Performer), 1931 Night Nurse (Performer), 1927 Broadway Nights (Performer), 1968 The Joey Bishop Show (in person), 1947 Variety Girl (in person), 2009 Comic Relief 2009 (Other), 2008 Spisok korabley (Other), 2002 The Definitive Elvis: The Hollywood Years - Part II: 1962-1969 (Other), 1961 General Electric Theater (Performer), 1987 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Barbara Stanwyck (in person), 1997 Biography (Other), 2006 Billy Wilder Speaks (Other), 1977 That's Action (Other), 2008 American Masters (Other), 1981 The 33rd Annual Emmy Awards (Other), 2011 Pioneers of Television (Other), 1973 The Letters (Performer), 1964 The Night Walker (Performer), 1958-1959 Zane Grey Theater (Performer), 1956 The Maverick Queen (Performer), 1955 The Violent Men (Performer), 1954 Witness to Murder (Performer), 1953 Titanic (Performer), 1950 To Please a Lady (Performer), 1948 Sorry, Wrong Number (Performer), 1946 The Bride Wore Boots (Performer), 1946 My Reputation (Performer), 1945 Christmas in Connecticut (Performer), 1941 Meet John Doe (Performer), 1939 Golden Boy (Performer), 1937 Stella Dallas (Performer), 1935 Annie Oakley (Performer), 1934 The Secret Bride (Performer), 1931 The Miracle Woman (Performer), 1930 Ladies of Leisure (Performer), 1961 The Joey Bishop Show (in person), 1952-1959 The Jack Benny Program (in person), 1955 The Loretta Young Show (in person), 1939 Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 9 (in person), 1938 Screen Snapshots Series 17, No. 6 (in person), 1931 Screen Snapshots Series 10, No. 8 (in person), 1981 This Is Elvis (Other), 1940 Screen Snapshots Series 19, No 6: Hollywood Recreations (in person), 2011 A Night at the Movies: Merry Christmas! (Other), 2003 Complicated Women (Other), 1998 Sharon Stone - Una mujer de 100 caras (Other), 1991 Barbara Stanwyck: Fire and Desire (Other), 2005 NCIS (Other), 1993 The 65th Annual Academy Awards (Other), 1963 The World's Greatest Showman: The Legend of Cecil B. DeMille (in person), 2012 Arena (Other), 2008 Thou Shalt Not: Sex, Sin and Censorship in Pre-Code Hollywood (Other), 2003 Christmas from Hollywood (Other), 2002 The Men Who Made the Movies: Samuel Fuller (Other), 1987 Moonlighting (Other), 2000 Annie Get Your Gun Intro with Susan Lucci (Other), 1958 Decision (Other), 1985 Dynasty (Performer), 1980 Charlie's Angels (Performer), 1964 Roustabout (Performer), 1961-1964 Wagon Train (Performer), 1962 The Dick Powell Theatre (Performer), 1962 Rawhide (Performer), 1960 The Barbara Stanwyck Show (Performer), 1958 Alcoa Theatre (Performer), 1957 Trooper Hook (Performer), 1957 Crime of Passion (Performer), 1956 The Ford Television Theatre (Performer), 1956 There's Always Tomorrow (Performer), 1951 The Man with a Cloak (Performer), 1948 B.F.'s Daughter (Performer), 1947 The Two Mrs. Carrolls (Performer), 1947 California (Performer), 1944 Double Indemnity (Performer), 1941 The Lady Eve (Performer), 1938 Always Goodbye (Performer), 1935 Red Salute (Performer), 1933 Baby Face (Performer), 1931 Ten Cents a Dance (Performer), 1931 Illicit (Performer), 1929 Mexicali Rose (Performer), 1929 The Locked Door (Performer), 1983 The 35th Annual Emmy Awards (in person), 1982 The 54th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1978 The 50th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1978 The 15th Annual Publicists Guild Awards (in person), 1971 Film Night (in person), 1967 The Merv Griffin Show (in person), 1962 The 14th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (in person), 1960-1961 The Barbara Stanwyck Show (in person), 1957 The Christophers (in person), 1945 Hollywood Victory Caravan (in person), 1944 Hollywood Canteen (in person), 1938 Hollywood Goes to Town (in person), 1930 The Voice of Hollywood No. 14 (in person), 2008 Diálogos de cine (Other), 1992 Oscar's Greatest Moments (Other), 1995 The Casting Couch (Other), 2007 Terror in the Pharaoh's Tomb (Other), 2008 Warner at War (Other), 1982 Showbiz Goes to War (Other), 1954 e_xecutive Suite (Performer), 1975 Brother Can You Spare a Dime (Other), 1993 Mo' Funny: Black Comedy in America (Other), 1955 When the Talkies Were Young (Other), 2007 Why Be Good Sexuality & Censorship in Early Cinema (Other), 2007 La tele de tu vida (Other), 1988 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Jack Lemmon (Other)
Theater Credits
Tattle Tales - Performer (June 1, 1933 - June 24, 1933), Burlesque - Performer (September 1, 1927 - July 14, 1928), The Noose - Performer (October 20, 1926 - April 1927), Keep Kool - Performer (May 22, 1924 - September 27, 1924)

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