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Bram Stoker Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: November 08, 1847 in Dublin, Ireland
Died: April 20, 1912 in London, England, United Kingdom
Bram Stoker (1847-1902), is famed as the author of Dracula(1897). The Irish Stoker published several stories while pursuing an unrewarding career as a civil servant. In 1878, his lifelong friend, actor Henry Irving, invited him to London as an actor and manager of the Lyceum Theatre. While performing these duties, Stoker continued to write, producing a series of eerie fairy tales for children (Under the Sunset, 1882) and his first novel, The Snake's Pass (1890). In 1890 he also began research for Dracula. Stoker was not the first to write stories about vampires, but his was the most famous work, and the first to use the name of Dracula. It is no accident that when the Horror Writers' Association began giving annual achievement honors in 1987, they named the prize the Bram Stoker Award.
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1970-Count-Dracula (Writer), 1974-Bram-Stoker's-Dracula (Writer), 1958-Horror-of-Dracula (Writer), 2012-Dracula-3D (Writer), Van-Helsing (Writer), 2014-Dracula's-War (Writer), 1987-Frankenstein's-Aunt (Writer), 2012-Dracula-and-Stoker (Writer), 2010-Dracula:-The-Musical (Writer), 2009-Phantasie (Writer), 2003-Lucy-en-miroir (Writer), 2002-Dracula (Writer), 1995-Burial-of-the-Rats (Writer), 1993-La-casa-del-juez (Writer), 1992-Dracula (Writer), 1988-The-Lair-of-the-White-Worm (Writer), 1981-Les-jeux-de-la-Comtesse-Dolingen-de-Gratz (Writer), 1980-Dracula (Writer), 1980-The-Awakening (Writer), 1980-Broadway-on-Showtime (Writer), 1972-Dracula (Writer), 1971-Vampyros-Lesbos (Writer), 1970-Jonathan (Writer), 1967-Gallery-of-Horror (Writer), 1922-Nosferatu (Writer), 2014-DraculAIDS (Writer), 2013-Creep-Creepersin's-Dracula (Writer), 1978-Dracula-Sucks (Writer), 1921-Drakula-halala (Writer), 2004-Living-Death:-A-Day-in-the-Life-of-Dracula (Writer), Mystery-and-Imagination (Writer), 1967-Dracula-in-Pakistan (Writer), 2011-This-Ain't-Dracula-XXX (Writer), 2008/II-The-Monster (Writer), 2004-Walpurgis-Nacht (Writer), 2002-Dracula:-Pages-from-a-Virgin's-Diary (Writer), 1979-Dracula (Writer), 1974-The-Legend-of-the-7-Golden-Vampires (Writer), 1953-Dracula-in-Istanbul (Writer), 2013-2014-Dracula (Writer), 2010-Dracula (Writer), 2009-Dracula's-Stoker (Writer), 1998-Legend-of-the-Mummy (Writer), 1995-Dracula:-Dead-and-Loving-It (Writer), 1989-Revivencial (Writer), 1979-Love-at-First-Bite (Writer), 1974-Blood-for-Dracula (Writer), 1973-Drakula-Goes-to-R.P. (Writer), 1973-Dracula (Writer), 1971-Blood-from-the-Mummy's-Tomb (Writer), 1970-Scars-of-Dracula (Writer), 1970-Taste-the-Blood-of-Dracula (Writer), 1969-Carry-on-Christmas (Writer), 1968-Dracula-Has-Risen-from-the-Grave (Writer), 2005-Way-of-the-Vampire (Other), 2004-Van-Helsing (Other), 1972-Dracula-Today (Writer), 1974-Evil-of-Dracula (Writer), 2000-In-Search-of-History:-The-Real-Dracula (Other), 2014-Dracula-Untold (Writer), 1995-Monster-Mash:-The-Movie (Writer), Matinee-Theatre (Writer), Dawn-of-Dracula (Writer), 2003-Bloodlines:-The-Dracula-Family-Tree (Other), 1972-Dracula-contra-Frankenstein (Writer), 1931-Dracula (Writer), 2008-Dracula's-Guest (Writer), 2006-Dracula (Writer), 2006-Dracula's-Curse (Writer), 2005-The-Batman-vs.-Dracula (Writer), 1998-Shadow-Builder (Writer), 1979-Nosferatu-the-Vampyre (Writer), 1977-Great-Performances (Writer), 1974-Allen-and-Rossi-Meet-Dracula-and-Frankenstein (Writer), 1973-Potty-Time (Writer), 1971-Hrabe-Drakula (Writer), 1967-The-Empire-of-Dracula (Writer), 1967-Batman-Fights-Dracula (Writer), 1966-Dracula:-Prince-of-Darkness (Writer), 1948-Bud-Abbott-Lou-Costello-Meet-Frankenstein (Writer), 1936-Dracula's-Daughter (Writer), 1931-Dracula (Writer), 2000-Dracula-2000 (Other)
Theater Credits
Dracula,-the-Musical - Other (August 19, 2004 - January 2, 2005), Dracula - Other (October 20, 1977 - January 6, 1980), Dracula - Other (April 13, 1931 - April 1931), Dracula - Other (October 5, 1927 - May 1928), The-Merchant-of-Venice - Other (October 21, 1901 - Closing date unknown)

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