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Brigadier General Pio Rosado Lorie Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: July 8, 1842 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Died: July 7, 1880 in Bayamo, Cuba
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Pio Rosado Lorie (1842-1880) was a Cuban teacher who was born on July 8th, 1842 and who since the beginning of the War of 1868 joined the forces of Major General Donato Marmol, with who he integrated the Cuba Division. As a Captain and Colonel he entered Santiago de Cuba in December 24, 1868 accompanied only by a white flag as a result of a mission assigned to him by Donato Marmol, which consisted in the delivery of a document to the governor, asking him for an exchange of prisoners, but the idea was refused. Pio also participated in the combat of Rio Salado. After losing Bayamo, Marmol flouted the authority of president Carlos Manuel de Cespedes and proclaimed himself dictator and designed Rosado Lorie Chief of Major State of the forces that supported him. On April 30, 1869 Pio fought in El Caney and in July of next year he became Chief of Major State of Major General Maximo Gomez, who was the new chief of the Cuba Division. Pio Rosado also served as Representative in the Chamber of East and in November 1872 he was sent overseas to obtain resources for the planned invasion of Las Villas. In 1874 Pio traveled to Belgium to have a pistol duel with the Spanish journalist Jose Ferrer de Couto, to whom he killed. On September 18, 1875 Pio left the island San Andres in Colombia in charge of an expedition in the vessel Octavia. After a short stay in Jamaica he decided to go to Cuba but a Spanish gunner appeared in the coast in front of Pico Turquino and it obligated Pio to return to Jamaica. During the Little War he was under the command of Major General Calixto Garcia, and was ascended by him to Brigadier General. Pio Rosado accompanied Calixto Garcia in the expedition of the schooner Hattie 'Haskiel, that was stopped by the Spaniards and after two attempts it finally disembarked in Cojimar, near Santiago de Cuba in May 7, 1880. There, Pio Rosado Lorie was intensively pursued by the enemy so he went to Guisa but was ratted by a neighbor while he was hidden in the paddock "El Socorro" so Rosado was captured and shot to death one day before his 38th birthday.

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