Camille Saint-saens Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: October 9, 1835 in Paris, France
Died: December 16, 1921 in Algiers, Algeria
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Charles Camille Saint-Saens (1835-1921) in 1904, he had become one of the most prolific and revered composers in the history of France. The masterful Saint-Saens created in all genres of music, including the symphonic poem; he was the first to introduce this musical medium to France. During the year 1903, Saint-Saens composed the one-act opera and "lyrical poem" entitled Helene. Although he was an accomplished poet and writer, Saint-Saens most often hired a lyricist to accompany his music; however, for Helene, the composer turned librettist, writing the words as well as the music for the opera. Helene debuted on February 18, 1904 at Monte Carlo. Thereafter, Saint-Saens traveled to the United States and despite an illness during the journey, the aged composer remained undaunted, fulfilling his musical obligations in Washington, Philadelphia and Chicago. By 1907, the legendary Saint-Saens had been performing and composing music for almost 70 years, beginning at the astonishing age of two, when the child prodigy took his first piano lesson. As a measure of their admiration and respect for the maestro, the French city of Dieppe erected a statue of the composer in 1907. The city had earlier built a museum named for him and dedicated it to his brilliant career. Renowned for his adherence to harmony, form and musical craftsmanship, Saint-Saens' most famous works including the symphonic poem Danse Macabre (1873), the opera Samson and Delilah (1877), the comic symphony Carnival of the Animals (1886) and the Second Cello Concerto (1902).
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2012 Brows Held High (Sound), 2011 Grimm (Sound), 2011 Hugo (Sound), 2011 La Danza Macabra (Sound), 2011 La Duquesa II (Sound), 2008 New York, I Love You (Sound), 2008 Lady Magdalene's (Sound), 2007 Shrek the Third (Sound), 2006/II The Debt (Sound), 2005 Magic Mirror (Sound), 2004 Gran Turismo 4 (Sound), 2002 Blue Moon (Sound), 2002 Femme Fatale (Sound), 2002 The Dancer Upstairs (Sound), 2001 The Next Big Thing (Sound), 2000 Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (Sound), 1998 The Idiots (Sound), 1997 Jonathan Creek (Sound), 1995 The World's Greatest Magic 2 (Sound), 1994 The Road to Wellville (Sound), 1992 A Woman, Her Men, and Her Futon (Sound), 1977 The Spy Who Loved Me (Sound), 1974 Herbie Rides Again (Sound), 1972 De Fred Haché Show (Sound), 1955 Interrupted Melody (Sound), 1941 Forty Boys and a Song (Sound), 1939 Spook Sport (Sound), 1936 Born to Fight (Sound), 1935 Goin' to Town (Sound), 1934 Mister Cinders (Sound), 1929 The Country Gentlemen (Sound), 2008 Chez Maupassant (Music Department), 1991 Henry VIII (Music Department), 1981/I Samson et Dalila (Music Department), 1980 Dance Macabre (Music Department), 2014 Corpse de Ballet (Sound), 2012 Boardwalk Empire (Sound), 2011 Le Cygne de Barré (Sound), 2011 Nobody Else But You (Sound), 2010/I Smile (Sound), 2009 Numb3rs (Sound), 2009 A Town Called Panic (Sound), 2008 Hearsay (Sound), 2007 Die Operngala der Stars (Sound), 2007 Sheherazade: An Oriental Night with the Berliner Philharmoniker (Sound), 2005 Crash Tag Team Racing (Sound), 2005 12 and Holding (Sound), 2002 Last Dance (Sound), 2000 After the Reconciliation (Sound), 1999 The Ninth Gate (Sound), 1998 Three Tenors '98 World Cup Paris (Sound), 1995 Welcome to the Dollhouse (Sound), 1995 The Bridges of Madison County (Sound), 1992-1993 Goof Troop (Sound), 1993 Sottovoce (Sound), 1991 Muuttolinnun aika (Sound), 1990 Tiny Toon Adventures (Sound), 1989 How to Get Ahead in Advertising (Sound), 1987 Slam Dance (Sound), 1987 Fame (Sound), 1986 Qui a tiré sur nos histoires d'amour (Sound), 1986 Frida Still Life (Sound), 1984 Carnival of the Animals (Sound), 1983 And the Ship Sails On (Sound), 1962 Young People's Concerts: Young Performers 3 (Sound), 1947 Rehearsal: The Telephone Hour (Sound), 1941 The Chocolate Soldier (Sound), 1939 They Shall Have Music (Sound), 1935 Gold Diggers of 1935 (Sound), 2011 Le Cygne de Barré (Music Department), 2008 Samson and Delilah (Music Department), 2003 Anomalie o 3/8 laklu (Music Department), 1981/II Samson et Dalila (Music Department), 1977 Les fougères bleues (Music Department), 1974 The Gathering Storm (Music Department), 1974 Le mouton enragé (Music Department), 1908 The Assassination of the Duke de Guise (Sound), 1915 Those of Our Land (in person), 2013 Schola: Sakamoto Ryûichi ongaku no gakkô (Sound), 2012 Danseur (Sound), 2012 Wander/Lost (Sound), 2012 Moonrise Kingdom (Sound), 2011 I'm So Tall (Sound), 2010 20 to 1 (Sound), The Simpsons (Sound), 2009 Phantasie (Sound), 2008 Fifty Dead Men Walking (Sound), 2007 Halloween (Sound), 2006 Save the Last Dance 2 (Sound), 2005 Die Zweite Republik - Eine unglaubliche Geschichte (Sound), 2005 Strange Circus (Sound), 2003 The Company (Sound), 2000 Ordinary Decent Criminal (Sound), 1999 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Sound), 1995 Babe (Sound), 1992-1994 The Ren & Stimpy Show (Sound), 1992 Stalin (Sound), 1992 Le mirage (Sound), 1987 Au Revoir Les Enfants (Sound), 1985 Allegro ma non troppo (Sound), 1982 Pavlova: A Tribute to the Legendary Ballerina (Sound), 1973 Willow Springs (Sound), 1947 Carnegie Hall (Sound), 1945 Battle for Music (Sound), 1939 The Rules of the Game (Sound), 1937 Hitting a New High (Sound), 1935 The Immortal Swan (Sound), 1934 Fürst Woronzeff (Sound), 1934 Dames (Sound), 1933 The Wizard of Oz (Sound), 1932 Danse macabre (Sound), 1913 The Last Days of Pompeii (Sound), 1997-2013 Jonathan Creek (Music Department), 2012 Wander/Lost (Music Department), 2011 The Lost Princess (Music Department), 2011 La fuite de l'oléoduc de Lituanie (Music Department), 2002 Samson et Dalila (Music Department), 1990 A Bit of Fry and Laurie (Music Department), 2013 Schola: Sakamoto Ryûichi ongaku no gakkô (Other), 2012 Quartet (Sound), 2012 The Haunting of Whaley House (Sound), 2009 Jekyll & Canada (Sound), 2009 Mr. & Mrs. X (Sound), 2009 Sous un autre jour (Sound), 2009 Grasping at the Ladybird's Leg (Sound), 2008 Suuri performanssi (Sound), 2008 Il divo: La spettacolare vita di Giulio Andreotti (Sound), 2007 Chez Maupassant (Sound), 2004 My Summer of Love (Sound), 2003 Mona Lisa Smile (Sound), 2002 Dummy (Sound), 1999 Fantasia/2000 (Sound), 1999 My Life So Far (Sound), 1998 Babe: Pig in the City (Sound), 1995 Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood (Sound), 1993 Tombstone (Sound), 1990 Summer Night in Town (Sound), 1986 The Adventures of Milo and Otis (Sound), 1982 Impressions de France (Sound), 1979 Being There (Sound), 1978 Days of Heaven (Sound), 1976 Carnival of the Animals (Sound), 1963 Bluebeard (Sound), 1957 The Bolshoi Ballet (Sound), 1951 La muerte enamorada (Sound), 1948 Three Daring Daughters (Sound), 1989 Sanson y Dalila (Music Department)

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