Carl Laemmle Sr. Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: January 17, 1867 in Laupheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Died: September 24, 1939 in Los Angeles, California
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CARL LAEMMLE, SR. (1867-1939), a German immigrant who started in Chicago building nickelodeons, busted the film "Trust" system by independently joining with others. He created the star system and founded Universal Pictures in 1912. Circa 1915, Laemmle built his Universal City on 230 acres in north Los Angeles, which became the first municipality devoted to the manufacture of films. Over the years he was known for producing quality films and stars.
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1927 The Wrong Mr. Wright (Other), 1926 The Cheerful Fraud (Other), 1926 Prisoners of the Storm (Other), 1926 Prowlers of the Night (Other), 1926 Her Big Night (Other), 1926 Don't Shoot (Other), 1926 The Love Thief (Other), 1926 A Swell Affair (Other), 1926 Mountain Molly O' (Other), 1926 Western Pluck (Other), 1926 Montana of the Range (Other), 1925 Daring Days (Other), 1925 Hidden Loot (Other), 1925 Lorraine of the Lions (Other), 1925 The Home Maker (Other), 1925 Fifth Avenue Models (Other), 1925 The Mad Whirl (Other), 1925 The Hurricane Kid (Other), 1924 K - The Unknown (Other), 1924 Secrets of the Night (Other), 1924 The Fast Worker (Other), 1924 Sawdust Trail (Other), 1924 Love and Glory (Other), 1923 Men in the Raw (Other), 1923 Shadows of the North (Other), 1923 Merry-Go-Round (Other), 1923 Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande (Other), 1923 The Gentleman from America (Other), 1923 The Ghost Patrol (Other), 1922 Forsaking All Others (Other), 1922 Under Two Flags (Other), 1922 Her Night of Nights (Other), 1922 Man Under Cover (Other), 1922 The Bearcat (Other), 1922 The Wise Kid (Other), 1922 The Dangerous Little Demon (Other), 1922 Man to Man (Other), 1922 Round Two (Other), 1922 Wild Honey (Other), 1922 Across the Deadline (Other), 1922 Shattered Dreams (Other), 1921 The Fire Eater (Other), 1921 Dr. Jim (Other), 1921 The Conflict (Other), 1921 Danger Ahead (Other), 1921 Short Skirts (Other), 1921/I The Fox (Other), 1921 The Fire Cat (Other), 1921 The Mad Marriage (Other), 1921 Rich Girl, Poor Girl (Other), 1920 In Folly's Trail (Other), 1920 La La Lucille (Other), 1917 Love's Turmoil (Other), 1917 The Pointed Finger (Other), 1930 Night Ride (Producer), 1929 Red Hot Speed (Producer), 1927 Uncle Tom's Cabin (Producer), 1924 Sawdust Trail (Producer), 1924 The City of Stars (Producer), 1923 Men in the Raw (Producer), 1923 Dead Game (Producer), 1919 The Courteous Cries of a Cricket (Producer), 1919 The Lays of an Ostrich Eggstrawdinary (Producer), 1919 The Male Mosquito (Producer), 1919 The Praying Mantis (Producer), 1919 War in the Air (Producer), 1918 O, It's Great to Be Crazy (Producer), 1918/II Doing Their Bit (Producer), 1918 Liberty on Guard (Producer), 1917 Trench Warfare in the Sahara (Producer), 1916 A Designing Woman (Producer), 1916 Society's Hypocrites (Producer), 1916 Her Mother's Sweetheart (Producer), 1916 A Knight of the Night (Producer), 1916 The Mask of Fortune (Producer), 1916 The Human Cactus (Producer), 1916 Heartaches (Producer), 1916 Grouches and Smiles (Producer), 1916 Public Approval (Producer), 1916 The Brink (Producer), 1916 The Eyes of Fear (Producer), 1916 The Desperado (Producer), 1916 Lonesomeness (Producer), 1916 Lavinia Comes Home (Producer), 1916 The Living Lie (Producer), 1916/I The Inner Soul (Producer), 1915 The Great Fear (Producer), 1915 Marianna (Producer), 1915 His Last Word (Producer), 1915 Dr. Mason's Temptation (Producer), 1915 Heritage (Producer), 1915 Dear Little Old Time Girl (Producer), 1915 Billie's Baby (Producer), 1915 The Grail (Producer), 1915 Their Secret (Producer), 1915 Eleven to One (Producer), 1915 In His Mind's Eye (Producer), 1915 The Swinging Doors (Producer), 1915 Their Golden Wedding (Producer), 1915 Trickery (Producer), 1915 The Old Doctor (Producer), 1915 From Italy's Shores (Producer), 1915 Fate's Alibi (Producer), 1915 Profit and Loss (Producer), 1915 The Little Girl of the Attic (Producer), 1915 Nature's Triumph (Producer), 1915 The Whirling Disk (Producer), 1915 When the Spider Tore Loose (Producer), 1915 Life's Furrow (Producer), 1915 His Captive (Producer), 1915 The Love of Mary West (Producer), 1915 An Arrangement with Fate (Producer), 1915 Martin Lowe, Financier (Producer), 1914 War Cartoons by Hy Mayer (Producer), 1914 Topical War Cartoons (Producer), 1914 Through the Eyes of the Blind (Producer), 1914 The Blood Test (Producer), 1914 Forgetting (Producer), 1914 The Opal Ring (Producer), 1914 The Box Couch (Producer), 1914 In the Year 2014 (Producer), 1914 The Militant (Producer), 1914 Out of the Far East (Producer), 1914 Topical Topics (Producer), 1913 The Actor's Christmas (Producer), 1913 The Return of Tony (Producer), 1913 On Pine Mountain (Producer), 1913 Hidden Fires (Producer), 1913 His Priceless Treasure (Producer), 1913/I Ivanhoe (Producer), 1913 The Shells (Producer), 1913 Robespierre (Producer), 1913 The Pursuit of Jane (Producer), 1913 The Trail of the Serpent (Producer), 1913 His Mother's Song (Producer), 1913 In Search of Quiet (Producer), 1913 Poor Jake's Demise (Producer), 1913 United at Gettysburg (Producer), 1913 Baron Bink's Bride (Producer), 1913 Summer Caricatures (Producer), 1913 Binks Ends the War (Producer), 1913 His Mother's Birthday (Producer), 1913 The Old Melody (Producer), 1913 Fun in Film by Hy Mayer (Producer), 1913 The War of the Beetles (Producer), 1913 The Count Retires (Producer), 1913 Self-Accused (Producer), 1913 The Magnetic Maid (Producer), 1913 A Woman Loved (Producer), 1913 Eureka! (Producer), 1913 Her Lover's Voice (Producer), 1913 Fixing the Fakirs (Producer), 1913 On an Alligator Farm (Producer), 1913 Leo's Waterloo (Producer), 1913 Aunt Kate's Mistake (Producer), 1913/I The Wanderer (Producer), 1913 Binks, the Terrible Turk (Producer), 1913 The Bishop's Candlesticks (Producer), 1913 Cupid in Uniform (Producer), 1913 To Reno and Back (Producer), 1913 Leo's Vacation (Producer), 1913 From Death - Life (Producer), 1913 Binks, the Strikebreaker (Producer), 1913 Hello Central, Give Me Heaven (Producer), 1913 The Marriage Lottery (Producer), 1913 A Double Deception (Producer), 1913 The See Saw of Life (Producer), 1912 The New Magdalen (Producer), 1912 The Old Folks' Christmas (Producer), 1912 The More Haste the Less Speed (Producer), 1912 Aunt Dinah's Plot (Producer), 1912 The World Weary Man (Producer), 1912 A Strange Case (Producer), 1912 Ferdie, Be Brave (Producer), 1912 Yvonne, the Foreign Spy (Producer), 1912 A Bad Tangle (Producer), 1912 The Bronx Cocktail (Producer), 1912 A Fight for Money (Producer), 1912 The Awaited Call (Producer), 1912 The Wreckers (Producer), 1912 He Had But Fifty Cents (Producer), 1912 Lie Not to Your Wife (Producer), 1912 Getting Mary Married (Producer), 1912 The Blind Musician (Producer), 1912 Human Hearts (Producer), 1912 Lem's Hot Chocolate (Producer), 1912 A Happy Family (Producer), 1912 In and Around Charleston, S.C. (Producer), 1912 In Old Tennessee (Producer), 1912 The Heart of a Gypsy (Producer), 1912 The Foreign Invasion (Producer), 1912 The Wrong Weight (Producer), 1912 Caught in a Flash (Producer), 1912 Five Live Wires (Producer), 1912 Betty, the Dunker (Producer), 1912 Betty, the Coxswain (Producer), 1912 Printing Uncle Sam's Paper Money (Producer), 1912 Nothing Shall Be Hidden (Producer), 1912 Presidential Possibilities (Producer), 1912 The Return of Captain John (Producer), 1912 The Thirst for Gold (Producer), 1912 English Hunting Scenes (Producer), 1912 The Staff of Age (Producer), 1912 On the Shore (Producer), 1912 Breach of Promise (Producer), 1912 A Piece of Ambergris (Producer), 1912 U.S. Artillery Maneuvers (Producer), 1912 A Leap for Love (Producer), 1912 Mr. Smith, Barber (Producer), 1912 Bradhurst Field Club Four-Mile Run (Producer), 1912 The Section Foreman (Producer), 1912 The Chef's Downfall (Producer), 1912/I The Baby (Producer), 1912 Classical Dances by Countess Thamara de Swirsky (Producer), 1912 The Tankville Cons (Producer), 1912 Rhoda Royal's Trained Horses (Producer), 1912 The Broken Lease (Producer), 1912 Pushmobile Race in Savannah (Producer), 1912 Brown Moves Into Town (Producer), 1912 The Kid and the Sleuth (Producer), 1912 All a Mistake (Producer), 1912 The Dawn of Conscience (Producer), 1912 Cotton Industry (Producer), 1912 Back to His Old Home Town (Producer), 1911 A Pair of Gloves (Producer), 1911 The Professor (Producer), 1911 Chinese War Cruiser 'Hai-Chi' (Producer), 1911 The Little Stocking (Producer), 1911 Tony and the Stork (Producer), 1911 King, the Detective (Producer), 1911 The Waif (Producer), 1911 Through the Air (Producer), 1911 'Tween Two Loves (Producer), 1911 The Co-Ed Professor (Producer), 1911 By Registered Mail (Producer), 1911 The Toss of a Coin (Producer), 1911 His Royal Highness (Producer), 1911 The Old Peddler (Producer), 1911 The Bi-Centennial Celebration at Mobile, Ala. (Producer), 1911 Just for Her (Producer), 1911 A Gasoline Engagement (Producer), 1911 In the Sultan's Garden (Producer), 1911 The Little Leader (Producer), 1911 Behind the Stockade (Producer), 1911 The Grind (Producer), 1911 The Minor Chord (Producer), 1911 The Fair Dentist (Producer), 1911/I The Stampede (Producer), 1911 The Storm (Producer), 1911 A Manly Man (Producer), 1911 Artful Kate (Producer), 1911 An Imaginary Elopement (Producer), 1911 Their First Misunderstanding (Producer), 1910 The Unexpected Honeymoon (Producer), 1910 'Twixt Loyalty and Love (Producer), 1910 A Child's Judgment (Producer), 1910 The Revolving Doors (Producer), 1910 The Garden of Fate (Producer), 1910 Jes' Plain Dog (Producer), 1910 The Deciding Vote (Producer), 1910 The Widow (Producer), 1910 The Senator's Double (Producer), 1910 Among the Roses (Producer), 1910 Yankeeanna (Producer), 1910 Bear Ye One Another's Burdens (Producer), 1910 Summertime (Producer), 1910 The Saloon Next Door (Producer), 1910 Old Heads and Young Hearts (Producer), 1910 The Call of the Circus (Producer), 1910 A Game for Two (Producer), 1910 The Funeral of King Edward (Producer), 1910 A Self-Made Hero (Producer), 1910 Fruit and Flowers (Producer), 1910 A Rural Romeo (Producer), 1910 The New Shawl (Producer), 1910 The Ace of Hearts (Producer), 1910 His Second Wife (Producer), 1910 Hard Cash (Producer), 1910 The Devotion of Women (Producer), 1910 Stung! (Producer), 1910 Jane and the Stranger (Producer), 1910 The Right of Love (Producer), 1910 Mendelssohn's Spring Song (Producer), 1909 His Last Game (Producer), 1936 Sutter's Gold (Other), 1936 Next Time We Love (Other), 1935 Sweet Surrender (Other), 1935 The Ivory-Handled Gun (Other), 1935 Diamond Jim (Other), 1935 The Affair of Susan (Other), 1935 Outlawed Guns (Other), 1935 The Raven (Other), 1935 Chinatown Squad (Other), 1935 Would You Be Willing (Other), 1935 The Bride of Frankenstein (Other), 1935 The Call of the Savage (Other), 1935 Candyland (Other), 1935 Stone of Silver Creek (Other), 1935 Storm Over the Andes (Other), 1935 Transient Lady (Other), 1935 Going Places with Lowell Thomas, #8 (Other), 1935 Going Places with Lowell Thomas, #15 (Other), 1935 Going Places with Lowell Thomas, #17 (Other), 1934 The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (Other), 1934 Henry's Social Splash (Other), 1934 Sterling's Rival Romeo (Other), 1934 Rocky Rhodes (Other), 1934 Million Dollar Ransom (Other), 1934 Romance in the Rain (Other), 1934 One More River (Other), 1934 I Give My Love (Other), 1934 Wax Works (Other), 1934 Smoking Guns (Other), 1934 Going Places with Lowell Thomas, #1 (Other), 1934 Half a Sinner (Other), 1934 Love Birds (Other), 1934 Let's Be Ritzy (Other), 1934 Little Man, What Now (Other), 1934 Wheels of Destiny (Other), 1934 Pirate Treasure (Other), 1934 Beloved (Other), 1933 Meeting Mazie (Other), 1933 Perils of Pauline (Other), 1933 Love, Honor and Oh Baby! (Other), 1933 Saturday's Millions (Other), 1933 King Klunk (Other), 1933 The Trail Drive (Other), 1933 Her First Mate (Other), 1933 Secret of the Blue Room (Other), 1933 The Fiddlin' Buckaroo (Other), 1933 Gleason's New Deal (Other), 1933 Don't Bet on Love (Other), 1933 Beauty on Broadway (Other), 1933 The Kiss Before the Mirror (Other), 1933 Rustlers' Roundup (Other), 1933 Clancy of the Mounted (Other), 1933 Laughter in Hell (Other), 1932 Flaming Guns (Other), 1932 The Mummy (Other), 1932 Hidden Gold (Other), 1932 A Wet Knight (Other), 1932 Cat Nipped (Other), 1932 Destry Rides Again (Other), 1932 Making Good (Other), 1932 Runt Page (Other), 1932 Beau and Arrows (Other), 1932 The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood (Other), 1932 Murders in the Rue Morgue (Other), 1931 Nice Women (Other), 1931 Graft (Other), 1931 Carry On (Other), 1931 Various Shifts (Other), 1931 Heroes of the Flames (Other), 1931 Seed (Other), 1931 What a Doctor! (Other), 1931 Many a Slip (Other), 1931/I China (Other), 1930 Africa (Other), 1930 The Cat Creeps (Other), 1930 A Lady Surrenders (Other), 1930 Outside the Law (Other), 1930 Spurs (Other), 1930 Cold Feet (Other), 1930 Snappy Salesman (Other), 1930 Roaring Ranch (Other), 1930 The Cohens and the Kellys in Scotland (Other), 1930 Dames Ahoy (Other), 1930 The Climax (Other), 1930 Night Ride (Other), 1929 Courtin' Wildcats (Other), 1929 Snow Use (Other), 1929 Pussy Willie (Other), 1929 The Long, Long Trail (Other), 1929 Oil's Well (Other), 1929 His Lucky Day (Other), 1929 Broadway (Other), 1928 Greased Lightning (Other), 1928 Quick Triggers (Other), 1928 A Made-To-Order Hero (Other), 1928 The Arizona Cyclone (Other), 1928 The Count of Ten (Other), 1928 Buck Privates (Other), 1928 Thanks for the Buggy Ride (Other), 1928 The Fourflusher (Other), 1928 The Air Patrol (Other), 1927 Cheating Cheaters (Other), 1927 Uncle Tom's Cabin (Other), 1927 The Last Performance (Other), 1927 Surrender (Other), 1927 Silk Stockings (Other), 1927 Out All Night (Other), 1927 Painting the Town (Other), 1927 Range Courage (Other), 1927 Spurs and Saddles (Other), 1927 Men of Daring (Other), 1927 Down the Stretch (Other), 1927 The Prairie King (Other), 1927 Hard Fists (Other), 1927 The Rambling Ranger (Other), 1927 Sensation Seekers (Other), 1927 Perch of the Devil (Other), 1927 Set Free (Other), 1933 Your Technocracy and Mine (Producer), 1932 Gitanes (Producer), 1929 Nutty Notes (Producer), 1926 Oh, Baby! (Producer), 1925 Sporting Life (Producer), 1925 The Calgary Stampede (Producer), 1924 The Man from Wyoming (Producer), 1923 The Thrill Chaser (Producer), 1922 The Leather Pushers (Producer), 1921 Cheated Hearts (Producer), 1920 The Man with the Punch (Producer), 1919 Aphides the Animated Ant's Avarice (Producer), 1919 Ginger for Pluck (Producer), 1919 How Many Bars in a Beetle's Beat (Producer), 1919 Leading Him a Dance (Producer), 1919 Nightmare Experiences After a Heavy Supper (Producer), 1919 The Sea Serpent and the Flying Dragon (Producer), 1918 Phoney Photos (Producer), 1918 Hoch der Kaiser (Producer), 1916 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Producer), 1916 The Highway of Fate (Producer), 1916 The Social Slave (Producer), 1916 Number 16 Martin Street (Producer), 1916 The False Gems (Producer), 1916 The Wire Pullers (Producer), 1916 Her Husband's Faith (Producer), 1916 The Marriage of Arthur (Producer), 1916 Miss Blossom (Producer), 1916 The Gambler (Producer), 1916 Bill's Wife (Producer), 1916 Her Invisible Husband (Producer), 1915 The Devil and Idle Hands (Producer), 1915 The Mayor's Decision (Producer), 1915 Her Three Mothers (Producer), 1915 The Eagle (Producer), 1915 The Little Blonde in Black (Producer), 1915 A Boob's Romance (Producer), 1915 A Second ning (Producer), 1915 The Memory Tree (Producer), 1915 Where Brains Are Needed (Producer), 1915 The Torrent (Producer), 1915 The Toll of Youth (Producer), 1915 The Faith of Her Fathers (Producer), 1915 Cy Perkins in the City of Delusion (Producer), 1915 Courage (Producer), 1915 The Prophet of the Hills (Producer), 1915 The Duchess (Producer), 1915 His Last Serenade (Producer), 1914 Topical War Cartoons No. 2 (Producer), 1914 The Pawns of Destiny (Producer), 1914 The Stranger at Hickory Nut Gap (Producer), 1914 The Silver Loving Cup (Producer), 1914 Jealousy and Giant Powder (Producer), 1914 Rounding Up Bowser (Producer), 1914 Absinthe (Producer), 1914 Slim Slam 'Em Slammed (Producer), 1914 The Old Guard (Producer), 1914 The Trials of Alexander (Producer), 1913 Mr. and Mrs. Innocence Abroad (Producer), 1913 Time Is Money (Producer), 1913 Love vs. Law (Producer), 1913 Night Shadows of New York (Producer), 1913 The Child Stealers of Paris (Producer), 1913 His Hour of Triumph (Producer), 1913 Whimsicalities by Hy Mayer (Producer), 1913 In Peril of the Sea (Producer), 1913 Binks Plays Cupid (Producer), 1913 The Miser's Son (Producer), 1913 Antics in Ink by Hy Mayer (Producer), 1913 Binks Advertises for a Wife (Producer), 1913 Mating (Producer), 1913 The Yogi (Producer), 1913 In Cartoonland with Hy Mayer (Producer), 1913/II Lightning Sketches by Hy Mayer (Producer), 1913 Sketches from Life by Hy Mayer (Producer), 1913 Filmograph Cartoons (Producer), 1913 Binks Runs Away (Producer), 1913 The Comedian's Mask (Producer), 1913 Secret Service Sam (Producer), 1913/I Hy Mayer: His Magic Hand (Producer), 1913 Just for Luck (Producer), 1913 The Whole Truth (Producer), 1913 The Rise of Officer 174 (Producer), 1913 Why Men Leave Home (Producer), 1913 The Leader of His Flock (Producer), 1913 Saved by Parcel Post (Producer), 1913 The Satchel Game (Producer), 1913/I Kathleen Mavourneen (Producer), 1913/I The Man Outside (Producer), 1913 A Spicy Time (Producer), 1913 Dr. Bunion (Producer), 1913 A Little Mother Wants a Home (Producer), 1913 Hearts of the Northland (Producer), 1913 She Slept Through It All (Producer), 1913 What Katy Did (Producer), 1912 As the Doctor Ordered (Producer), 1912 A Widow's Wiles (Producer), 1912 The New Fire Chief (Producer)

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