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Cass Elliot Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: September 19, 1941 in Baltimore, Maryland
Died: July 29, 1974 in London, England, United Kingdom
Elliot, known as "Mama Cass", is best remembered as part of The Mamas and the Papas (1966-1968), a Southern California rock group whose lyrics expressed the pop culture of the era and whose hits included "California Dreamin'", "Monday, Monday" and "I Saw Her Again". She left the group for a solo career that included hits of her own, such as "Dream a Little Dream of Me", and many TV appearances.  She died of a heart attack during a sold-out London tour in 1974.
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2002-Ed (Sound), 1973-Saga-of-Sonora (Performer), 1963-1974-The-Tonight-Show-Starring-Johnny-Carson (in person), 1974-Energy-Crisis (in person), 1973-Match-Game-73 (in person), 1973-The-New-Scooby-Doo-Movies (in person), 1970-1972-The-Carol-Burnett-Show (in person), 1969-1970-The-Johnny-Cash-Show (in person), 1970-The-Ray-Stevens-Show (in person), 1970-The-John-Davidson-Show (in person), 1969-This-Is-Tom-Jones (in person), 1969-The-Mama-Cass-Television-Program (in person), 1965-Shindig! (in person), 2007-True-Bond (Other), 2005-California-Dreamin':-The-Songs-of-'The-Mamas-&-the-Papas' (Other), 1998-Behind-the-Music (Other), 1995-Rock-Family-Trees (Other), 1998-Zingo (Sound), 1972-Young-Dr.-Kildare (Performer), 1971-The-Red-Skelton-Hour (Performer), 1970-1974-The-Mike-Douglas-Show (in person), 1972-Rowan-&-Martin's-Laugh-In (in person), 1972-The-Hollywood-Squares (in person), 1972-The-Midnight-Special (in person), 1972-The-Monty-Hall-Smokin-Stokin'-Fire-Brigade (in person), 1972-The-Rolf-Harris-Show (in person), 1966-1971-New-American-Bandstand-1965 (in person), 1966-1970-The-Ed-Sullivan-Show (in person), 1970-The-Rosey-Grier-Show (in person), 1969-Music-Scene (in person), 1966-1969-The-Hollywood-Palace (in person), 1968-The-Andy-Williams-Show (in person), 1966-Where-the-Action-Is (in person), 1966-Hullabaloo (in person), 1963-The-Danny-Kaye-Show (in person), 2014-The-Sixties (Other), 1997-Top-of-the-Pops-2 (Other), 1993-The-Carol-Burnett-Show:-A-Reunion (Other), 2009-Horizon (Sound), 2007-2008-Lost (Sound), 1996-Beautiful-Thing (Sound), 1970-Monte-Walsh (Sound), 1970-Pufnstuf (Sound), 1969-Last-Summer (Sound), 1972-Love,-American-Style (Performer), 1970-Pufnstuf (Performer), 1995-The-History-of-Rock-'N'-Roll,-Vol.-4 (in person), 1974-California-My-Way (in person), 1973-Don't-Call-Me-Mama-Anymore (in person), 1972-Dinah's-Place (in person), 1969-1971-The-Andy-Williams-Show (in person), 1968-Monterey-Pop (in person), 1968-NBC-Experiment-in-Television (in person), 1963-Talent-Scouts (in person), 2003-Mayor-of-the-Sunset-Strip (Other), 2001-The-Best-of-Music-Flashback-Television-Shows:-Featuring-Music (Other), 2008-Qwerty (Sound), 1973-L'Amour (Sound), 1973-The-Dean-Martin-Comedy-Hour (in person), 1973-Get-Happy (in person), 1972-The-Julie-Andrews-Hour (in person), 1971-Headshop (in person), 1970-The-David-Frost-Show (in person), 1970-It's-Lulu (in person), 1970-Get-It-Together (in person), 1967-1968-The-Smothers-Brothers-Comedy-Hour (in person), 1967-ABC-Stage-67 (in person), 1966-Screen-Test-#3 (in person), 1966-Screen-Test-#4 (in person), 1963-Hootenanny (in person), 2003-2009-Biography (Other), 2003-Ed-Sullivan's-Rock-'n'-Roll-Classics,-Vol.-4:-Elvis-&-Other-Rock (Other)

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