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Cat Stevens Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: July 21, 1948 in London, England, United Kingdom
Cat Stevens attained modest popularity on the British musical scene from the mid-1960s. Following the release of his Tea for the Tillerman album in the U.S. (1971), he became a major folk rock star. Among his biggest hits were Peace Train, Moon Shadow, Morning Has Broken and Oh Very Young. In December of 1977, he formally adopted the Moslem religion and changed his name to Yousef Islam. (He has released recordings of Islamic songs and prayers under that name) In 1990, he was embroiled in controversy after publicly supporting the death sentence pronounced by Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini against writer Salman Rushdie. Not very commercially active since his conversion, the artist did undertake a promotional tour in 2000 in conjunction of the release of The Very Best of Cat Stevens (2000).
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2009-ZOS:-Zone-of-Separation (Sound), 2008-American-Teen (Sound), 2007-Charlie-Bartlett (Sound), 2003-How-to-Deal (Sound), 1996-Kingpin (Sound), 1988-Laura's-Room (Sound), 2000-Unreconciled (Sound), 2012-Weekend-Sunrise (in person), 2011-Skavlan (in person), 2010-The-Rally-to-Restore-Sanity-and/or-Fear (in person), 2009-The-Chris-Isaak-Hour (in person), 2008-Tavis-Smiley (in person), 2004-20/20 (in person), 2003-Beckmann (in person), 2000-Behind-the-Music (in person), 1973-In-Concert-Cat-Stevens:-Moon-&-Star (in person), 1971-Rock-Masters:-Cat-Stevens-in-Concert (in person), 1971-The-Hart-&-Lorne-Terrific-Hour (in person), 1967-Dee-Time (in person), 1967-As-You-Like-It (in person), 1966-Ready,-Steady,-Go! (in person), 2007-Slacker-Uprising (Sound), 2007-Live-Earth (in person), Little-Mosque-on-the-Prairie (Sound), My-Name-Is-Earl (Sound), Polizeiinspektion-1 (Sound), 2013-jOBS (Sound), How-I-Met-Your-Mother (Sound), The-West-Wing (Sound), Nip/Tuck (Sound), 2013-Sources-of-Life (Sound), 2012-The-X-Factor (Sound), 2012-Banda-sonora (Sound), 2010-Oranges-and-Sunshine (Sound), 2006-Parashat-Ha-Shavua (Sound), 2006-A-Guide-to-Recognizing-Your-Saints (Sound), 2005-The-Fearless-Freaks (Sound), 2004-Cat-Stevens:-Majikat (Sound), 2001-Alias (Sound), 2001-Vacuuming-Completely-Nude-in-Paradise (Sound), 2000-Almost-Famous (Sound), 1994-The-War (Sound), 1994-Pontiac-Moon (Sound), 1993-Ordinary-Magic (Sound), 1982-Omero (Sound), 1978-Olivia (Sound), 2004-Cat-Stevens:-Majikat (Sound), 1976-Die-neuen-Leiden-des-jungen-W. (Sound), 1967-Allo,-Melsbroek! (Performer), 2009-The-Colbert-Report (in person), 2009-The-Tonight-Show-with-Jay-Leno (in person), 2007-Peace-One-Day (in person), 2006-Imagine (in person), 2004-Cat-Stevens:-Majikat (in person), 2003-2003-World-Awards (in person), 1996-Everyman (in person), 1973-In-Concert (in person), 1971-The-David-Frost-Show (in person), 1968-Tienerklanken (in person), 2012-Was-wurde-aus... (Other), 2012-Banda-sonora (Other), 2009-Pirate-Radio (Sound), 2007-Yusuf's-Cafe (in person), Boboquivari (Sound), 2011-House-M.D. (Sound), 2011-Independent-Lens (Sound), 2012-The-Imposter (Sound), Just-Good-Friends (Sound), 1973-Rock-City (Other), 2012-Seven-Psychopaths (Sound), 2011-Once-Upon-a-Time (Sound), 2010-Multiple-Sarcasms (Sound), 2008-The-Brothers-Bloom (Sound), 2007-Mr.-Magorium's-Wonder-Emporium (Sound), 2007-Martian-Child (Sound), 2006-We-Are-Marshall (Sound), 2004-One-Tree-Hill (Sound), 2003-Sheryl-Crow:-C'mon-America-2003 (Sound), 1999-Bravo-Profiles (Sound), 1998-Rock-Family-Trees (Sound), 1986-The-A-Team (Sound), 1984-Airwolf (Sound), 1972-Moonshadow (Sound), 1971-Harold-and-Maude (Sound), 1971-Boboquivari (Sound), 1970-Deep-End (Sound), 1971-Boboquivari (Sound), 1971-Harold-and-Maude (Music Department), 1971-Boboquivari (Music Department), 1970-Deep-End (Music Department), 1970-Deep-End (Performer), 1971-Harold-and-Maude (Performer), 2009-The-ONE-Show (in person), 2009-Live-from-Abbey-Road (in person), 2009-Late-Night-with-Jimmy-Fallon (in person), 2006-2009-Later-with-Jools-Holland (in person), 2006-Wetten,-dass.. (in person), 1971-Boboquivari (in person), 1967-1970-Beat-Club (in person), 1967-Good-Evening! (in person), 1966-Tom-Jones-Show (in person), 2012-Pablo (Sound), Dancing-Stars (Sound), 2006-Deep-Water (Sound), 2009-Everyone-Else (Sound), 2012-Frisch-gepresst (Sound), 2009-The-Invention-of-Lying (Sound), 2008-MusicalMENT (Sound), 2008-Life-on-Mars (Sound), 2007-The-Heartbreak-Kid (Sound), 2007-Sicko (Sound), 2007-Skins (Sound), 2007-MADtv (Sound), 2005-Must-Love-Dogs (Sound), 2005-Thumbsucker (Sound), 2004-Karaoke-Revolution-Volume-2 (Sound), 2002-The-Kid-Stays-in-the-Picture (Sound), 2001-Victoria-Died-in-1901-and-Is-Still-Alive-Today (Sound), 2000-Remember-the-Titans (Sound), 1998-Rushmore (Sound), 1996-1998-Mystery-Science-Theater-3000 (Sound), 1996-Dolly-Parton:-Treasures (Sound), 1987-Flucht-mit-Luzifer (Sound), 1977-First-Love (Sound), 1976-Girl-Scout-Cookies (Sound), 1972-Apartment-Girls (Sound), 1997-Lola (Music Department), 2012-Adam-Hills-in-Gordon-St-Tonight (in person), 2009-Keep-on-Running:-50-Years-of-Island-Records (in person), 2009-III-nach-neun (in person), 2009-A-Conversation-with-Yusuf-and-Alun-Davies (in person), 2007-Yusuf-Islam:-A-Few-Good-Songs (in person), 2006-Nobel-Peace-Prize-Concert (in person), 2004-Larry-King-Live (in person), 1996-Dolly-Parton:-Treasures (in person), 1976-Disco (in person), 1966-1972-Top-of-the-Pops (in person), 1967-Twice-a-Fortnight (in person), 1967-Cat-Stevens-Show (in person), 1967-Doddy's-Music-Box (in person), 2008-MusicalMENT (Other), 2011-Immigrants'-Children-Will-Always-Break-Their-Parents-Hearts (Sound), 2011-Arabia-3D (Music Department), 2005-Extras (Sound), Scrubs (Sound)
Theater Credits
Dancin' - Music (March 27, 1978 - June 27, 1982)

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