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Cathy Lee Crosby Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: December 02, 1944 in Los Angeles, California
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Cathy Lee Crosby, born on December 2, 1944, in Los Angeles, California, is an American actress recognized for her varied roles in film and television. Crosby's career spanned several decades, from the 1960s to the early 2000s, during which she established herself as a talented and versatile performer.

After launching her career with minor roles in the 1960s, Crosby rose to prominence in the 1974 television movie "Wonder Woman," where she portrayed the title character. This iteration of the character deviated from the traditional comic book portrayal, which garnered both attention and controversy. In the 1970s and 1980s, Crosby was a familiar face on television, appearing in numerous series and TV movies, including "The Love Boat," "Hotel," and "Murder, She Wrote." She starred in the mini-series "World War III" (1982) and had a leading role in the movie "Coach" (1978), showing her range in both dramatic and comedic roles. Beyond her acting career, Crosby co-hosted the television show "That's Incredible!" from 1980 to 1984. The program showcased unusual and extraordinary real-life incidents and phenomena, contributing to her television presence.

Off-screen, Crosby founded the Women's Pro Classic in 1980, the first women's professional tennis tour to offer equal prize money. Crosby published a memoir in 1997, "Let the Magic Begin," sharing personal stories and insights into her life and career.
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1999-Final-Run (Performer), 1997-Lost-Treasure-of-Dos-Santos (Performer), 1979-The-Dark (Performer), 1973-The-Laughing-Policeman (Performer), 2003-That's-Incredible:-The-Reunion-Part-2 (in person), 1992-The-Player (in person), 1986-WrestleMania-2 (in person), 1980-Battle-of-the-Network-Stars-IX (in person), 1980-All-Star-Look-at-TV's-Prime-Time-Wars (in person), 1979-Circus-of-the-Stars-#3 (in person), 1974-Shaft (Performer), 1989-The-Disney-MGM-Studios-Theme-Park-Grand-Opening (in person), 1987-Sex-Symbols-Past,-Present-and-Future (in person), 1985-Night-of-100-Stars-II (in person), 1984-Billy-Crystal:-A-Comic's-Line (in person), 1982-Magic-with-the-Stars (in person), 1981-Battle-of-the-Network-Stars-XI (in person), 1978-1980-The-Hollywood-Squares (in person), 2002-Dancing-at-the-Harvest-Moon (Performer), 2001-The-Sons-of-Mistletoe (Performer), 2000-Touched-by-an-Angel (Performer), 1979-1986-The-Love-Boat (Performer), 1980-Roughnecks (Performer), 1975-Kolchak:-The-Night-Stalker (Performer), 1987-The-Ultimate-Stuntman:-A-Tribute-to-Dar-Robinson (in person), 1998-The-Daily-Show-with-Jon-Stewart (in person), 1988-Live-with-Kelly-and-Michael (in person), 2001-Ablaze (Performer), 1999-A-Memory-in-My-Heart (Performer), 1994-Untamed-Love (Performer), 1983-1987-Hotel (Performer), 1986-Intimate-Strangers (Performer), 1982-World-War-III (Performer), 1978-Coach (Performer), 1974-Wonder-Woman (Performer), 1973-Cannon (Performer), 1972-Emergency! (Performer), 1968-It-Takes-a-Thief (Performer), 1994-Untamed-Love (Producer), 1994-Untamed-Love (in person), 2010-Tapping-the-Source (in person), 1993-Conquer-Fort-Boyard (in person), 1990-Night-of-100-Stars-III (in person), 1989-All-Star-Tribute-to-Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar (in person), 1985-Circus-of-the-Stars-#10 (in person), 1984-Bob-Hope's-USO-Christmas-in-Beirut (in person), 1982-The-Fall-Guy (in person), 1981-The-Bob-Hope-Funny-Valentine-Special (in person), 1981-Bob-Hope's-All-Star-Comedy-Look-at-the-Fall-Season:-It's-Still (in person), 1994-Heaven-&-Hell:-North-&-South,-Book-III (Performer), 1997-When-the-Cradle-Falls (Performer), 1986-Charlie-Barnett's-Terms-of-Enrollment (Performer), 1985-Finder-of-Lost-Loves (Performer), 1984-Hardcastle-and-McCormick (Performer), 1982-The-Last-Horror-Film (Performer), 1979-Hawaii-Five-O (Performer), 1978-Keefer (Performer), 1976-Trackdown (Performer), 1973-Barnaby-Jones (Performer), 1972-Marcus-Welby,-M.D. (Performer), 2002-That's-Incredible-Special! (in person), 1999-The-Big-Tease (in person), 1994-CBS-This-Morning (in person), 1982-The-34th-Annual-Emmy-Awards (in person), 1982-Night-of-100-Stars (in person), 1982-Women-I-Love:-Beautiful-But-Funny (in person), 1981-Women-Who-Rate-a-10 (in person), 1980-Battle-of-the-Network-Stars-VIII (in person), 1980-That's-Incredible! (in person), 1979-Circus-of-the-Stars-#4 (in person), 1975-Celebrity-Tennis (in person)

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