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1961 A Fever in the Blood (Performer), 1958 The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (Performer), 1949 Bomba on Panther Island (Performer), 1942 A Yank at Eton (Performer), 1941 Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day (Performer), 1939 Raffles (Performer), 1939 The Little Princess (Performer), 1938 Lord Jeff (Performer), 1939 The Light That Failed (Performer), 1939 We Are Not Alone (Performer), 1938 Captain Kidd's Treasure (Performer), 1935 Whipsaw (Performer), 1934 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (Performer), 1941 Shadows on the Stairs (Sound), 1964 He Rides Tall (Performer), 1944 Passport to Destiny (Performer), 1943 The Man from Down Under (Performer), 1942 This Gun for Hire (Performer), 1942 On the Sunny Side (Performer), 1939 Man About Town (Performer), 1937 Parnell (Performer), 1933 Blind Adventure (Performer), 1933 Luxury Liner (Performer), 1964 He Rides Tall (Writer), 1942 Captains of the Clouds (Performer), 1940 Kitty Foyle (Performer), 1940 Waterloo Bridge (Performer), 1939 Sweepstakes Winner (Performer), 1937 Let's Get Married (Performer), 1936 The White Angel (Performer), 1934 Treasure Island (Performer), 1934 Long Lost Father (Performer), 1950 Fortunes of Captain Blood (Performer), 1945 Kitty (Performer), 1944 Practically Yours (Performer), 1943 The Powers Girl (Performer), 1942 The Black Swan (Performer), 1939 The Flying Irishman (Performer), 1938 Kidnapped (Performer), 1936 Spendthrift (Performer), 1936 The Unguarded Hour (Performer), 1934 Belle of the Nineties (Performer), 1958 Broken Arrow (Performer), 1944 My Best Gal (Performer), 1943 Lassie Come Home (Performer), 1943 Thumbs Up (Performer), 1942 Mrs. Miniver (Performer), 1953 The Caddy (Performer), 1953 Fort Vengeance (Performer), 1941 Shadows on the Stairs (Performer), 1960 Rescue 8 (Performer), 1930 Divorced Sweethearts (Performer), 1930 The Voice of Hollywood No. 13 (in person), 1962 The Real McCoys (Performer), 1953 Son of the Renegade (Performer), 1947 My Wild Irish Rose (Performer), 1943 Forever and a Day (Performer), 1943 The Gorilla Man (Performer), 1939 Charlie McCarthy, Detective (Performer), 1939 I Stole a Million (Performer), 1934 The Moonstone (Performer), 1933 The Solitaire Man (Performer), 1935 I Found Stella Parish (Performer), 1935 The Gilded Lily (Performer), 1962 Lassie (Performer), 1952 Captain Pirate (Performer), 1942 Desperate Journey (Performer), 1942 The Pride of the Yankees (Performer), 1942 To Be or Not to Be (Performer), 1942 Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake (Performer), 1941 San Antonio Rose (Performer), 1941 Free and Easy (Performer), 1940 The Man I Married (Performer), 1940 Adventure in Diamonds (Performer), 1937 Fight for Your Lady (Performer), 1937 The Devil Is Driving (Performer), 1937 The League of Frightened Men (Performer), 1949 The Big Wheel (Performer), 1943 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (Performer), 1939 Little Accident (Performer), 1937 Mama Steps Out (Performer), 1936 Wife vs. Secretary (Performer), 1941 They Met in Bombay (Performer), 1939 Susannah of the Mounties (Performer), 1939 Wolf Call (Performer), 1938 The Buccaneer (Performer), 1937 Another Dawn (Performer), 1936 Small Town Girl (Performer), 1932 Kongo (Performer), 1945 Son of Lassie (Performer), 1940 The Great Dictator (Performer), 1940 The Sea Hawk (Performer), 1934 College Rhythm (Performer), 1933 If I Were Free (Performer), 1928 The Debonair Humorist (in person), 1957-1958 The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna (Performer), 1944 Abroad with Two Yanks (Performer), 1944 The White Cliffs of Dover (Performer), 1942 The Man Who Wouldn't Die (Performer), 1944 Nothing But Trouble (Performer), 1942 Eagle Squadron (Performer), 1956 The King and I (Performer), 1944 None But the Lonely Heart (Performer), 1937 Shall We Dance (Performer), 1934 The Little Minister (Performer), 1933 Ace of Aces (Performer), 1939 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Performer), 1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood (Performer), 1936 Love on the Run (Performer), 1933 Looking Forward (Performer), 1959 The Restless Gun (Performer), 1955 The Court Jester (Performer), 1944 The Adventures of Mark Twain (Performer), 1943 The Constant Nymph (Performer), 1943 They Got Me Covered (Performer), 1943 No Time for Love (Performer), 1942 Yankee Doodle Dandy (Performer), 1939 The Wizard of Oz (Performer), 1936 And So They Were Married (Performer), 1933 Hell Below (Performer), 1950 Montana (Performer), 1949 Challenge to Lassie (Performer), 1945 Hangover Square (Performer), 1943 Wintertime (Performer), 1943 Holy Matrimony (Performer), 1941 A Yank in the R.A.F. (Performer), 1941 International Squadron (Performer), 1941 The Devil and Miss Jones (Performer), 1935 China Seas (Performer), 1935 Clive of India (Performer), 1934 The Key (Performer), 1930 King of Jazz (in person), 1940 The Letter (Performer), 1936 Libeled Lady (Performer), 1935 Page Miss Glory (Performer), 1948 The Luck of the Irish (Performer), 1947 Thunder in the Valley (Performer), 1943 Thank Your Lucky Stars (Performer), 1942 This Above All (Performer), 1940 A Dispatch from Reuter's (Performer), 1937 Double or Nothing (Performer), 1960 Walk Like a Dragon (Performer), 1949 Bomba, the Jungle Boy (Performer), 1947 The Bad Man (Performer), 1944 An American Romance (Performer), 1944 Frenchman's Creek (Performer), 1941 Married Bachelor (Performer), 1941 A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob (Performer), 1947 The Foxes of Harrow (Performer), 1944 Sing, Neighbor, Sing (Performer), 1943 Johnny Come Lately (Performer), 1943 Background to Danger (Performer), 1943 The Crystal Ball (Performer), 1943 Immortal Sergeant (Performer), 1944 Marine Raiders (Performer), 1942 The Great Impersonation (Performer), 1942 Journey for Margaret (Performer), 1941 The Blonde from Singapore (Performer), 1937 Think Fast, Mr. Moto (Performer), 1934 The Mystery of Mr. X (Performer), 1940 South of Suez (Performer), 1940 Rangers of Fortune (Performer), 1940 That Inferior Feeling (Performer), 1936 Go West Young Man (Performer), 1933 Kickin' the Crown Around (Performer), 1930 Racket Cheers (Performer), 1958 The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw (Performer), 1954 Charge of the Lancers (Performer), 1943 Assignment in Brittany (Performer), 1941 Singapore Woman (Performer), 1939 I'm from Missouri (Performer), 1935 Mutiny on the Bounty (Performer), 1957 Beau James (Performer), 1945 Wonder Man (Performer), 1944 National Velvet (Performer), 1944 The Canterville Ghost (Performer), 1943 Sweet Rosie O'Grady (Performer), 1941 Blues in the Night (Performer), 1954 The Iron Glove (Performer), 1943 Jane Eyre (Performer), 1943 First Comes Courage (Performer), 1937 Wings Over Honolulu (Performer)

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