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Born: January 15, 1884 in Jackson County, Missouri
Died: March 21, 1916 in Lee's Summit, Missouri
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Cole Younger (1844-1916) was a Confederate guerrilla fighting in divided Missouri during the Civil War. Joining the band of William Quantrill, he participated in the bloody raid on Lawrence, Kansas. After the war, Missouri was under Radical Republican governance, and Younger and his three younger brothers became outlaws, first robbing banks in the gang of Archie Clement, and - as other gang members were gradually killed off - becoming leader of the group, along with Frank and Jesse James. In 1873, the James-Younger gang moved on to train robbery. They probably owed their long career to Confederate sympathizers in the area, who sheltered them. On September 7, 1876, they staged a bold daylight raid on a bank in Northfield, Northfield Minnesota, far outside former rebel territory. This raid failed, resulting in a bloody gun battle which claimed the life of one Younger and several other gang members (as well as townspeople). The James brothers escaped to Missouri to continue their life of crime. Three Younger brothers were captured and, after a swift trial, sentence to life in the Stillwater Prison. Bob Younger died in prison (of TB) in 1889. Gradually, however, sentiment developed for the release of Cole and his brother Jim. Two years after (July 10, 1901), the two surviving brothers were released. Younger claimed to have repented his sinful ways, and joined the surviving James brother (Frank), in tours of the South which featured lectures and Wild West shows.
  • COLE YOUNGER Writing from prison in Stillwater, Minnesota, the outlaw thanks a state senator for a speech advocating his release. Autograph Letter signed twice: "Cole Younger", 2 pages, 7½x12¼. Stillwater, Minnesota, 1899 March 26. Signed on both pages. To "Hon. M. G. read more...

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  • COLE YOUNGER Writing from prison in Stillwater, Minnesota shortly before his release, he thanks a state senator who helped to secure it. "Time will prove whether we are worthy or not ..." Autograph Letter signed: "Cole Younger", 1 page, 7½x9½. Stillwater, Minnesota, 1910 March 31. To read more...

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  • Plains Indian "peace pipe", an heirloom given by Younger to his close friend Harry Hoffman, who attended Cole at his death bed. This well-used Minnesota red pipestone comes from Hoffman's collection, with a notarized statement signed by him. read more...

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