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Born: March 23, 1968 in Whitechapel, London, England, United Kingdom
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2013 The Jonathan Ross Show (in person), 2010 Five News (Other), 1997 Sen kväll med Luuk (in person), 2006 Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (Sound), 2013 The Africa Express (in person), 2008 August (Sound), 2006 Kiss me Kismet (Sound), 2003 The Mother (Sound), 2003 Live Forever (Sound), 2000 Charlie's Angels (Sound), 2000 Ordinary Decent Criminal (Sound), 1999 Rogue Trader (Sound), 1999 Cruel Intentions (Sound), 1996 Trainspotting (Sound), 2000 Ordinary Decent Criminal (Sound), 2012 Blur Parklive (Performer), 2006 Gorillaz: Phase Two - Slowboat to Hades (Performer), 2003 On the Trail of John Hunt Morgan (Music Department), 2010-2012 Le grand journal de Canal+ (in person), 2011 Breakfast (in person), 2010 Glastonbury 2010 (in person), 2010 The Colbert Report (in person), 2005 The Work of Director Jonathan Glazer (in person), 2003 CD:UK (in person), 2003 Live Forever (in person), 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards 1999 (in person), 1996 The British Academy Craft Awards (in person), 1994 Naked City (in person), 2006 Musikprogrammet - programmet om musik (Other), 2007 The Good Night (Sound), 2004/II Everything (Sound), Being Erica (Sound), 2013 That Music Show (Other), 2013 The Family (Sound), 2013 That Music Show (Sound), 2013 The World's End (Sound), 2011 Butter (Sound), 2010/I Fair Game (Sound), 2010 Live from Studio Five (Sound), 2009 The Real Hustle (Sound), 2008 The Love Guru (Sound), 2007 Nancy Drew (Sound), 2007 Perfect Stranger (Sound), 2006 South Park (Sound), 2006 Southland Tales (Sound), 2006 The Eight (Sound), 2003 Mayor of the Sunset Strip (Sound), 1997 Nowhere (Sound), 2010 P.O.V. (Music Department), 2010 MTV World Stage: Gorillaz (in person), 2010 Blur: Live at Hyde Park, London - 2nd July 2009 (in person), 2010 Live from Studio Five (in person), 2008 Bananaz (in person), 2005 Tout le monde en parle (in person), 2002 Gorillaz: Phase One - Celebrity Take Down (in person), 2001 Top of the Pops: The True Story (in person), 2001 Gorillaz: Charts of Darkness (in person), 1997 Moviewatch (in person), 2006 Anna and the Moods (Performer), 2013 La força de la vida. El making of del disc i del llibre de La (Sound), 2012 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (Sound), 2007 Virgin Territory (Sound), 2010 The Karate Kid (Sound), 2010 Formula 1: BBC Sport (Sound), 2008 Henry Poole Is Here (Sound), 2008 Cloverfield (Sound), 2002 Later with Jools Holland (Sound), 2002 Blade II (Sound), 2001 The Sopranos (Sound), 2000 Dude, Where's My Car (Sound), 2000 Daria (Sound), 1999 The Simpsons (Sound), 1999 Fast Food (Sound), 1998 Dead Man on Campus (Sound), 1997 House of America (Sound), 2011 The Boy in the Oak (Sound), 2012 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (in person), 2007 Imagine (in person), 2003-2007 Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (in person), 2006 Scott Walker: 30 Century Man (in person), 2005 Screaming Masterpiece (in person), 2005 How Do You Like Iceland (in person), 2003 Top of the Pops (in person), 2000 The Best of Blur (in person), 1999 Blur: Live 13 (in person), 1999 Loladamusica: Blur in Concert (in person), 1995 Queen: Champions of the World (in person), 2008 Sputnik (Other), Live from Studio Five (Sound), 2002 The Challenge (Sound), 2009 Ànima (Sound), 2001 Wasabi (Sound), 2000 101 Reykjavík (Sound), 2011 Generació D (Sound), 2011 Movin' on Up (Sound), Seven Ages of Rock (Sound), 2011 Movin' on Up (Other), 2012 Dredd (Sound), 2011 Kinect Sports: Season Two (Sound), 2012 Cleanskin (Sound), 2009 Jonathan Meades: Off-Kilter (Sound), 2008 Torchwood (Sound), 2007-2008 Parashat Ha-Shavua (Sound), 2007 Seven Ages of Rock (Sound), 2000/I The Beach (Sound), 1998 Omnibus (Sound), 1997 The Place of the Dead (Sound), 2006 Gorillaz: Live in Manchester (Sound), 1999 Ravenous (Sound), 1993 Blur: Starshaped (Sound), 1993 Blur: Starshaped (Performer), 1997/I Face (Performer), 1999 Ravenous (Music Department), 1999 Ravenous (Writer), 2006 Gorillaz: Live in Manchester (Writer), 2006 Gorillaz: Live in Manchester (Producer), 1993 Blur: Starshaped (Producer), 2010 No Distance Left to Run (in person), 2002-2008 Later with Jools Holland (in person), 2007 Seven Ages of Rock (in person), 2006 Essential Gorillaz (in person), 2006 Gorillaz: Live in Manchester (in person), 1997 Supergeil (in person), 1996 Nulle part ailleurs (in person), 1993 Blur: Starshaped (in person), 2005 The Britpop Story (Other), 1998 Omnibus (Other)

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