Daniel Bryan Clark Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: April 28, 1890 in Missouri
Died: November 14, 1961 in San Bernardino, California
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1953 I Led 3 Lives (Cinematographer), 1938 Five of a Kind (Cinematographer), 1936 Educating Father (Cinematographer), 1936 The Country Doctor (Cinematographer), 1935 Ladies Love Danger (Cinematographer), 1935 Angelina o el honor de un brigadier (Cinematographer), 1935 Charlie Chan in Egypt (Cinematographer), 1933 Smoky (Cinematographer), 1933 Rustlers' Roundup (Cinematographer), 1932 Hidden Gold (Cinematographer), 1932 The Golden West (Cinematographer), 1932 Destry Rides Again (Cinematographer), 1932 The Rainbow Trail (Cinematographer), 1930 The Last of the Duanes (Cinematographer), 1930 Harmony at Home (Cinematographer), 1930 The Lone Star Ranger (Cinematographer), 1929 Why Leave Home (Cinematographer), 1928 Red Wine (Cinematographer), 1928 Painted Post (Cinematographer), 1928 A Horseman of the Plains (Cinematographer), 1927 Tumbling River (Cinematographer), 1926 Hard Boiled (Cinematographer), 1926 My Own Pal (Cinematographer), 1925 Dick Turpin (Cinematographer), 1924 The Last of the Duanes (Cinematographer), 1923 Eyes of the Forest (Cinematographer), 1923 The Lone Star Ranger (Cinematographer), 1923 Soft Boiled (Cinematographer), 1923 Three Jumps Ahead (Cinematographer), 1922 Catch My Smoke (Cinematographer), 1922 Just Tony (Cinematographer), 1943 Wagon Wheels West (Other), 1935 Señora casada necesita marido (Cinematographer), 1926 The Yankee Señor (Cinematographer), 1954 Your Favorite Story (Cinematographer), 1954 Meet Corliss Archer (Cinematographer), 1938 Change of Heart (Cinematographer), 1937 Checkers (Cinematographer), 1937 Angel's Holiday (Cinematographer), 1937 Step Lively, Jeeves! (Cinematographer), 1936 Reunion (Cinematographer), 1936 Pepper (Cinematographer), 1936 Champagne Charlie (Cinematographer), 1936 Song of the Saddle (Cinematographer), 1935 This Is the Life (Cinematographer), 1935 Julieta compra un hijo (Cinematographer), 1935 Charlie Chan in Paris (Cinematographer), 1933 Straightaway (Cinematographer), 1932 The Rider of Death Valley (Cinematographer), 1931 Their Mad Moment (Cinematographer), 1927 Silver Valley (Cinematographer), 1927 The Circus Ace (Cinematographer), 1927 The Broncho Twister (Cinematographer), 1926 The Great K & A Train Robbery (Cinematographer), 1926 No Man's Gold (Cinematographer), 1924 The Deadwood Coach (Cinematographer), 1924 Oh, You Tony! (Cinematographer), 1923 North of Hudson Bay (Cinematographer), 1923 Stepping Fast (Cinematographer), 1922 Do and Dare (Cinematographer), 1922 The Fighting Streak (Cinematographer), 1935 Asegure a su mujer (Cinematographer), 1952 Boston Blackie (Cinematographer), 1952 The Unexpected (Cinematographer), 1937 Born Reckless (Cinematographer), 1937 Sing and Be Happy (Cinematographer), 1937 Charlie Chan at the Olympics (Cinematographer), 1936 Charlie Chan at the Circus (Cinematographer), 1933 Terror Trail (Cinematographer), 1932 My Pal, the King (Cinematographer), 1930 Rough Romance (Cinematographer), 1926 The Canyon of Light (Cinematographer), 1926 Tony Runs Wild (Cinematographer), 1925 The Best Bad Man (Cinematographer), 1925 The Everlasting Whisper (Cinematographer), 1925 The Rainbow Trail (Cinematographer), 1925 Riders of the Purple Sage (Cinematographer), 1924 The Trouble Shooter (Cinematographer), 1924 Ladies to Board (Cinematographer), 1922 For Big Stakes (Cinematographer), 1921 The Road Demon (Cinematographer), 1921 The Road Demon (Other), 1939 Mr. Moto in Danger Island (Camera / Electrical Department), 1931 Mamá (Cinematographer), 1953-1954 The Cisco Kid (Cinematographer), 1937 Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo (Cinematographer), 1937 The Holy Terror (Cinematographer), 1936 Back to Nature (Cinematographer), 1936 Human Cargo (Cinematographer), 1932 The Fourth Horseman (Cinematographer), 1932 The Texas Bad Man (Cinematographer), 1931 The Black Camel (Cinematographer), 1928 The Air Circus (Cinematographer), 1928 Hello Cheyenne (Cinematographer), 1928 Daredevil's Reward (Cinematographer), 1927 The Arizona Wildcat (Cinematographer), 1927 Outlaws of Red River (Cinematographer), 1927 The Last Trail (Cinematographer), 1925 The Lucky Horseshoe (Cinematographer), 1924 The Heart Buster (Cinematographer), 1923 Romance Land (Cinematographer), 1922 Tom Mix in Arabia (Cinematographer), 1922 Up and Going (Cinematographer)
Theater Credits
Abraham Lincoln - Performer (October 21, 1929 - October 1929)

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