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Born: May 30, 1940 in Orange, New Jersey
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David Ackroyd (b. 1940) broke into television on the daytime dramas Secret Storm (1971-1974) and Another World (1974-1977). Afterwards he appeared frequently as a series guest and in made for TV movies, but the series in which he appeared, including Little Women (1979) and After M*A*S*H (1984) didn't have much success. Since 2003 Ackroyd has taught theater at a community college in Montana.
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2000 History's Mysteries (Performer), 1996 The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (Performer), 1994 Walker, Texas Ranger (Performer), 1986-1994 Murder, She Wrote (Performer), 1994 Fortune Hunter (Performer), 1992 The Fear Inside (Performer), 1990 Doogie Howser, M.D. (Performer), 1990 Dark Angel (Performer), 1988 Highway to Heaven (Performer), 1988 Sonny Spoon (Performer), 1985-1988 MacGyver (Performer), 1988 Hotel (Performer), 1987 Great Performances (Performer), 1985-1987 Cagney & Lacey (Performer), 1987 The Nativity (Performer), 1986 A Smoky Mountain Christmas (Performer), 1986 Wildfire (Performer), 1986 The Children of Times Square (Performer), 1984 After MASH (Performer), 1984 Cover Up (Performer), 1983 Teachers Only (Performer), 1983 Cocaine: One Man's Seduction (Performer), 1982 McClain's Law (Performer), 1978 And I Alone Survived (Performer), 1978 The Paper Chase (Performer), 1978 Lou Grant (Performer), 1975 Kojak (Performer), 2006 History's Mysteries (Other), 2007 The Universe (in person), 1999 The Holy Grail (in person), 1998 In Search of History: Salem Witch Trials (in person), 1998-2006 History's Mysteries (in person), 2009 The Best Bar in America (Performer), 2000 Prison Life (Performer), 1997 No Strings Attached (Performer), 1995 The Cosby Mysteries (Performer), 1994 Dead On (Performer), 1993 Love, Cheat & Steal (Performer), 1992 Breaking the Silence (Performer), 1988 Memories of Me (Performer), 1988 Windmills of the Gods (Performer), 1985 St. Elsewhere (Performer), 1983 Whiz Kids (Performer), 1983 Dynasty (Performer), 1982 The Facts of Life (Performer), 1982 Trapper John, M.D. (Performer), 1981 A Gun in the House (Performer), 1979 Mind Over Murder (Performer), 1978 Tom and Joann (Performer), 1977 Exo-Man (Performer), 2001 Wartime Deception (in person), 1998 In Search of History: The Heretic King (in person), 1998 The Mysteries of Amelia Earhart (in person), 2014 The Best Bar in America (Performer), 1996 Raven (Performer), 1994 Against the Wall (Performer), 1991 Stop at Nothing (Performer), 1990 Wrestling with God (Performer), 1986 Stark: Mirror Image (Performer), 1985 Picking Up the Pieces (Performer), 1985 Hardcastle and McCormick (Performer), 1984 Riptide (Performer), 1984 Hunter (Performer), 1984 The Sky's No Limit (Performer), 1983 When Your Lover Leaves (Performer), 1983 Deadly Lessons (Performer), 1980 The Yeagers (Performer), 1979 Women in White (Performer), 1978 Dallas (Performer), 1973 CBS Daytime 90 (Performer), 1969 NET Playhouse (Performer), 2006 UFO Files: Alien Engineering (in person), 2005 Meteors: Fire in the Sky (in person), 1998 In Search of History: The First Americans (in person), 1980 The Mountain Men (Performer), 1971 Men of Crisis: The Harvey Wallinger Story (Performer), 2001 America's Stonehenge (in person), 1994-1996 Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Performer), 1996 Xena: Warrior Princess (Performer), 1992 Swamp Thing (Performer), 1991 Hell Hath No Fury (Performer), 1991 The Miracles of Jesus (Performer), 1989 A Peaceable Kingdom (Performer), 1987 Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story (Performer), 1986 The A-Team (Performer), 1982 Knots Landing (Performer), 1982 The Sound of Murder (Performer), 2002 Intimate Portrait (Other), 1992 The Round t_able (Performer)

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