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Born: April 1, 1932 in El Paso, Texas
Died: December 28, 2016 in Los Angeles, California
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Debbie Reynolds's (1932-2016) film career began at MGM after she won a beauty contest at age 16 impersonating Betty Hutton. Most of her film work has been in MGM musicals, as perky, wholesome young women. In 1952, Reynolds starred in what many consider to be Hollywood's greatest musical, Singin' in the Rain (1952). She continued to use her dancing skills with stage work. Nearly all the money she has made is spent toward her goal of creating a Hollywood museum. Her collection numbers more than 3000 costumes and 46,000 square-feet worth of props and equipment.
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2010 Kiki's Delivery Service: Flying with Kiki & Beyond (in person), 2008 Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History - The 1920s: The (in person), 2011 Elizabeth Taylor: A Tribute (Other), 1998 The Making of 'How the West Was Won' (Other), 1970 The Hollywood Palace (Other), 2000 Rugrats: Acorn Nuts & Diapey Butts TV Movie (Performer), 2005-2013 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (in person), 1974 Fred Astaire Salutes the Fox Musicals (Other), 1990 The Wonder Years (Sound), 2008 Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical Treasure (Sound), 2008 Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical Treasure (in person), 2009 Hollywood Singing & Dancing: A Musical History - 1970's (in person), 2003 Behind the Microphone: Kiki's Delivery Service (in person), 1985 That's Dancing! (Other), 2010 The Penguins of Madagascar (Performer), 2003-2007 Kim Possible (Performer), 2006 Lolo's Cafe (Performer), 2002 Generation Gap (Performer), 2001 Touched by an Angel (Performer), 1997 Roseanne (Performer), 1994 Wings (Performer), 1986 Hotel (Performer), 1981 Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters (Performer), 1971 What's the Matter with Helen (Performer), 1967 Divorce American Style (Performer), 1964 The Unsinkable Molly Brown (Performer), 1958 This Happy Feeling (Performer), 1956 The Catered Affair (Performer), 1955 Hit the Deck (Performer), 1954 Athena (Performer), 1953 Give a Girl a Break (Performer), 1952 Singin' in the Rain (Performer), 1948 June Bride (Performer), 1991 Movie Memories with Debbie Reynolds (Producer), 2012 Carol Channing: Larger Than Life (in person), 2011 Breakfast (in person), 2010 Loose Women (in person), 2010 RuPaul's Drag Race (in person), 2009 The Bonnie Hunt Show (in person), 2007 Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project (in person), 2002 Cinerama Adventure (in person), 2002 American Masters (in person), 1995-2000 Biography (in person), 1997 The 54th Annual Golden Globe Awards (in person), 1995 Carrie on Hollywood (in person), 1993 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (in person), 1991 Movie Memories with Debbie Reynolds (in person), 1986-1988 The New Hollywood Squares (in person), 1988 The 5th Annual American Cinema Awards (in person), 1982 Women I Love: Beautiful But Funny (in person), 1980 The 37th Annual Golden Globe Awards (in person), 1976-1977 The Sonny and Cher Show (in person), 1976 The Dick Cavett Show (in person), 1974 ABC Late Night (in person), 1974 Just One More Time (in person), 1970 The Merv Griffin Show (in person), 1969 Debbie Reynolds and the Sound of Children (in person), 1969 The Andy Williams Show (in person), 1967-1969 The Joey Bishop Show (in person), 1966 The 38th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1965 The 37th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1964 The 36th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1959 The Jack Paar Tonight Show (in person), 1956 Person to Person (in person), 1955 The Colgate Comedy Hour (in person), 1952 Skirts Ahoy! 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III Behind the Screen (in person), 1956 The 28th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 2005 Disney Channel Holiday (Other)
Theater Credits
Woman of the Year - Performer (March 29, 1981 - March 13, 1983), Debbie - Performer (September 16, 1976 - September 26, 1976), Irene - Performer (March 13, 1973 - September 8, 1974)

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