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Born: September 1, 1875 in Chicago, Illinois
Died: March 19, 1950 in Encino, California
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Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) is best known as the creator of "Tarzan of the Apes", whom he introduced to readers in his 1914 novel of the same name. Over the years, his "Ape Man" appeared in 20 novels (printed in 50 languages with sales of 20 million copies) and was featured in motion pictures, radio serials, television shows and a comic strip. Burroughs also wrote science fiction (his first sale was a serialized version of a Martian tale) and crime novels. Science fiction fans probably know him best for the Barsoom or John Carter of Mars series of novels.
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2009 Princess of Mars (Writer), 2009 The Land That Time Forgot (Writer), 2001 The Legend of Tarzan (Writer), 1989 Tarzan in Manhattan (Writer), 1984 Tarzan (Writer), 1977 The People That Time Forgot (Writer), 1975 The Land That Time Forgot (Writer), 1958 Tarzan's Fight for Life (Writer), 1957 Tarzan and the Lost Safari (Writer), 1951 Tarzan's Peril (Writer), 1950 Tarzan and the Slave Girl (Writer), 1948 Tarzan and the Mermaids (Writer), 1947 Tarzan and the Huntress (Writer), 1946 Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (Writer), 1942 Tarzan's New York Adventure (Writer), 1941 Tarzan's Secret Treasure (Writer), 1936 Tarzan Escapes (Writer), 1932 Tarzan the Ape Man (Writer), 1929 Tarzan the Tiger (Writer), 1918 Tarzan of the Apes (Writer), 1938 Tarzan and the Green Goddess (Producer), 2013 Tarzan (Writer), 2012 John Carter (Writer), 1981 Tarzan, the Ape Man (Writer), 1968 Tarzan and the Jungle Boy (Writer), 1966 Tarzan and the Valley of Gold (Writer), 1965 Per una manciata d'oro (Writer), 1962 Tarzan Goes to India (Writer), 1960 Tarzan the Magnificent (Writer), 1959 Tarzan, the Ape Man (Writer), 1958 Tarzan and the Trappers (Writer), 1955 Tarzan's Hidden Jungle (Writer), 1952 Tarzan in Istanbul (Writer), 1945 Tarzan and the Amazons (Writer), 1938 Tarzan's Revenge (Writer), 1938 Tarzan and the Green Goddess (Writer), 1934 Tarzan and His Mate (Writer), 1921 The Adventures of Tarzan (Writer), 1920 The Son of Tarzan (Writer), 1920 The Revenge of Tarzan (Writer), 1917 The Lad and the Lion (Writer), 1917 The Lad and the Lion (Producer), 2005 Tarzan II (Writer), 1998 Tarzan of the Apes (Writer), 2000 Kaj og Andrea (Writer), 1998 Tarzan and the Lost City (Writer), 1984 Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (Writer), 1976 At the Earth's Core (Writer), 1953 Tarzan and the She-Devil (Writer), 1949 Tarzan's Magic Fountain (Writer), 1939 Tarzan Finds a Son! (Writer), 1936 The Lion Man (Writer), 1928 Tarzan the Mighty (Writer), 1927 Tarzan and the Golden Lion (Writer), 1940 Zhongguo Yeren Wang (Writer), 2003 Tarzan (Writer), 2002 Tarzan & Jane (Writer), 1999 Tarzan (Writer), 1967 Tarzan and the Great River (Writer), 1963 Tarzan's Three Challenges (Writer), 1959 Tarzan's Greatest Adventure (Writer), 1952 Tarzan's Savage Fury (Writer), 1943 Tarzan's Desert Mystery (Writer), 1943 The Underground World (Writer), 1943 Tarzan Triumphs (Writer), 1941 Jungle Girl (Writer), 1935/I The New Adventures of Tarzan (Writer), 1933 Tarzan the Fearless (Writer), 1919 The Oakdale Affair (Writer), 1918 The Romance of Tarzan (Writer), 1935/I The New Adventures of Tarzan (Producer), 1935/II The New Adventures of Tarzan (Producer), 1935/II The New Adventures of Tarzan (in person), 1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 6 (in person)
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Tarzan - Other (May 10, 2006 - July 8, 2007), Tarzan of the Apes - Other (September 7, 1921 - September 1921)

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