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Born: September 10, 1915 in New York City, New York
Died: May 9, 1985 in Inglewood, California
Edmond O'Brien (1915-1985), an aspiring magician, made his Broadway debut at the age of 21 in Daughters of Atrus and was signed by RKO Pictures in 1939.
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1961 Frontier Justice (Other), 1966 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (Other), 1982 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (Other), 1972 They Only Kill Their Masters (Performer), 1972 McMillan & Wife (Performer), 1972 The Streets of San Francisco (Performer), 1972 Jigsaw (Performer), 1971 River of Mystery (Performer), 1967 To Commit a Murder (Performer), 1965 The Long, Hot Summer (Performer), 1964 Seven Days in May (Performer), 1962 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Performer), 1962 Moon Pilot (Performer), 1961 Target: The Corruptors (Performer), 1960 The 3rd Voice (Performer), 1959 Laramie (Performer), 1959 Up Periscope (Performer), 1951-1957 Lux Video Theatre (Performer), 1954-1956 Climax! (Performer), 1956 D-Day the Sixth of June (Performer), 1956 1984 (Performer), 1953 China Venture (Performer), 1953 Robert Montgomery Presents (Performer), 1952 Denver and Rio Grande (Performer), 1952 The Greatest Show on Earth (Performer), 1951 Pulitzer Prize Playhouse (Performer), 1950 Between Midnight and Dawn (Performer), 1949 Task Force (Performer), 1941 Parachute Battalion (Performer), 1939 The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Performer), 1970 The Movie Game (in person), 1964 Freedom Spectacular (in person), 1956 The 28th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1974 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to James Cagney (Other), 1997 20th Century-Fox: The First 50 Years (Other), 2010 Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff (Other), 1973 Isn't It Shocking (Performer), 1972 Cade's County (Performer), 1971 The High Chaparral (Performer), 1970 The Young Lawyers (Performer), 1969 The Love God (Performer), 1968 Mission: Impossible (Performer), 1967 The Virginian (Performer), 1966 The Doomsday Flight (Performer), 1964 The Hanged Man (Performer), 1964 Rio Conchos (Performer), 1964 The Greatest Show on Earth (Performer), 1962 The Longest Day (Performer), 1962 Birdman of Alcatraz (Performer), 1961 Man-Trap (Performer), 1960 Johnny Midnight (Performer), 1958 Suspicion (Performer), 1958 Sing Boy Sing (Performer), 1958 The World Was His Jury (Performer), 1956 The Rack (Performer), 1955 Playwrights '56 (Performer), 1955 Damon Runyon Theater (Performer), 1955 The Red Skelton Hour (Performer), 1954 The Barefoot Contessa (Performer), 1954 The Shanghai Story (Performer), 1953 Cow Country (Performer), 1953 Man in the Dark (Performer), 1951 Silver City (Performer), 1951 Two of a Kind (Performer), 1950 D.O.A. (Performer), 1947 The Web (Performer), 1944 Winged Victory (Performer), 1942 Powder Town (Performer), 1961 Man-Trap (Director), 1961 Man-Trap (Producer), 1961 Man-Trap (in person), 1960 The 32nd Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1957 The George Gobel Show (in person), 1955 The Red Skelton Hour (in person), 1974 99 and 44/100 Dead (Performer), 1974 Police Story (Performer), 1973 The New Temperatures Rising Show (Performer), 1972 The Other Side of the Wind (Performer), 1971 The Name of the Game (Performer), 1970 Insight (Performer), 1970 Dream No Evil (Performer), 1969 It Takes a Thief (Performer), 1967 The Outsider (Performer), 1966 Fantastic Voyage (Performer), 1965 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (Performer), 1962-1963 Sam Benedict (Performer), 1961 The Dick Powell Theatre (Performer), 1961 The Great Impostor (Performer), 1953-1958 Schlitz Playhouse (Performer), 1956 A Cry in the Night (Performer), 1955 The Star and the Story (Performer), 1955 Pete Kelly's Blues (Performer), 1954 Shield for Murder (Performer), 1953 The Bigamist (Performer), 1953 The Hitch-Hiker (Performer), 1950 Backfire (Performer), 1949 White Heat (Performer), 1948 An Act of Murder (Performer), 1948 For the Love of Mary (Performer), 1948 Another Part of the Forest (Performer), 1947 A Double Life (Performer), 1942 Obliging Young Lady (Performer), 1954 Shield for Murder (Director), 1954 Shield for Murder (Producer), 1996 The Wild Bunch: An Album in Montage (in person), 1964-1965 Men in Crisis (in person), 1965 The 37th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1956 The Ed Sullivan Show (in person), 1955 The 27th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1973 Lucky Luciano (Performer), 1971 What's a Nice Girl Like You... (Performer), 1970 The Intruders (Performer), 1969 The Bold Ones: The Protectors (Performer), 1969 The Wild Bunch (Performer), 1968 Flesh and Blood (Performer), 1967 The Viscount (Performer), 1965 Synanon (Performer), 1965 Sylvia (Performer), 1964 The Eleventh Hour (Performer), 1964 Breaking Point (Performer), 1960 The Last Voyage (Performer), 1957-1959 Zane Grey Theater (Performer), 1959 The Ambitious One (Performer), 1957-1959 Playhouse 90 (Performer), 1958 Lux Playhouse (Performer), 1957 Stopover Tokyo (Performer), 1957 The Big Land (Performer), 1956 The Girl Can't Help It (Performer), 1956 Screen Directors Playhouse (Performer), 1955 Stage 7 (Performer), 1953-1954 The Ford Television Theatre (Performer), 1953 Julius Caesar (Performer), 1952 The Turning Point (Performer), 1951 Warpath (Performer), 1951 The Redhead and the Cowboy (Performer), 1950 The Admiral Was a Lady (Performer), 1950 711 Ocean Drive (Performer), 1948 Fighter Squadron (Performer), 1946 The Killers (Performer), 1943 The Amazing Mrs. Holliday (Performer), 1941 A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob (Performer), 1958 Schlitz Playhouse (Director), 1954 The Bob Hope Show (in person), 1952 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood on the Ball (in person), 1978 The 50th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1951 The Milton Berle Show (in person), 2010 The Naked Archaeologist (Other)

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