Elwood Ullman Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: May 27, 1903 in Memphis, Tennessee
Died: October 11, 1985 in Hollywood, California
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1963 The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze (Writer), 1959-1960 Lassie (Writer), 1958 In the Money (Writer), 1957 Spook Chasers (Writer), 1957 Footsteps in the Night (Writer), 1956 Hot Shots (Writer), 1956 Scheming Schemers (Writer), 1956 Fighting Trouble (Writer), 1955 High Society (Writer), 1954 The Lone Ranger (Writer), 1953-1954 Fireside Theatre (Writer), 1952 Heebie Gee-Gees (Writer), 1952 Sailor Beware (Writer), 1952 Harem Girl (Writer), 1950 Foy Meets Girl (Writer), 1948 Crime on Their Hands (Writer), 1948 Man or Mouse (Writer), 1948 Shivering Sherlocks (Writer), 1947 Wedlock Deadlock (Writer), 1946 Society Mugs (Writer), 1946 Idea Girl (Writer), 1944 The Kitchen Cynic (Writer), 1944 Mopey Dope (Writer), 1943 Idle Roomers (Writer), 1943 Higher Than a Kite (Writer), 1942 Matri-Phony (Writer), 1941 Some More of Samoa (Writer), 1941 Ready, Willing But Unable (Writer), 1941 Dutiful But Dumb (Writer), 1941 So You Won't Squawk (Writer), 1940 No Census, No Feeling (Writer), 1940 How High Is Up (Writer), 1940 You're Next (Writer), 1939 Teacher's Pest (Writer), 1938 Violent Is the Word for Curly (Writer), 1938 Termites of 1938 (Writer), 1937 Playing the Ponies (Writer), 1934 St. Louis Woman (Writer), 1934 Public Stenographer (Writer), 1984 Stooge Snapshots (in person), 1937 Calling All Doctors (Writer), 1965 Tickle Me (Writer), 1962 The Three Stooges in Orbit (Writer), 1961 Assignment: Underwater (Writer), 1959 The Bloody Brood (Writer), 1957 Looking for Danger (Writer), 1956 Andy Goes Wild (Writer), 1955 Jail Busters (Writer), 1955 Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki (Writer), 1954 The Fire Chaser (Writer), 1954 Paris Playboys (Writer), 1953 Hot News (Writer), 1952 The Stooge (Writer), 1952 Lost in Alaska (Writer), 1952 Rootin' Tootin' Tenderfeet (Writer), 1951 Gold Raiders (Writer), 1951 Three Arabian Nuts (Writer), 1950 A Snitch in Time (Writer), 1950 Dopey Dicks (Writer), 1950 His Baiting Beauty (Writer), 1950 Brooklyn Buckaroos (Writer), 1949 Fuelin' Around (Writer), 1948 The Hot Scots (Writer), 1948 Pardon My Lamb Chop (Writer), 1945 Men in Her Diary (Writer), 1945 The Beautiful Cheat (Writer), 1944 She Snoops to Conquer (Writer), 1944 Open Season for Saps (Writer), 1944 To Heir Is Human (Writer), 1943 Who's Hugh (Writer), 1943 You Dear Boy (Writer), 1943 Three Little Twirps (Writer), 1943 A Maid Made Mad (Writer), 1943 They Stooge to Conga (Writer), 1942 All Work and No Pay (Writer), 1942 Cactus Makes Perfect (Writer), 1941 Love at First Fright (Writer), 1940 South of the Boudoir (Writer), 1939 Saved by the Belle (Writer), 1939 The Sap Takes a Wrap (Writer), 1938 A Nag in the Bag (Writer), 1938 The Nightshirt Bandit (Writer), 1937 Gracie at the Bat (Writer), 1937 The Big Squirt (Writer), 1937 The Wrong Miss Wright (Writer), 1957 Guns a Poppin! (Writer), 1950 One Shivery Night (Writer), 1949 Super-Wolf (Writer), 1951 Wine, Women and Bong (Writer), 1937 The Grand Hooter (Writer), 1950 The Buster Keaton Show (Writer), 1974 The Three Stooges Follies (Writer), 1965 The Outlaws Is Coming (Writer), 1963 The Three Stooges Scrapbook (Writer), 1962 The Three Stooges Meet Hercules (Writer), 1961 Snow White and the Three Stooges (Writer), 1957 Up in Smoke (Writer), 1957 Chain of Evidence (Writer), 1955 Dig That Uranium (Writer), 1955 Hot Ice (Writer), 1955 One Spooky Night (Writer), 1954 Scotched in Scotland (Writer), 1953 Clipped Wings (Writer), 1952 The Colgate Comedy Hour (Writer), 1952 Listen, Judge (Writer), 1951 The Champs Step Out (Writer), 1949 Vagabond Loafers (Writer), 1949 Waiting in the Lurch (Writer), 1948 Mummy's Dummies (Writer), 1946 Susie Steps Out (Writer), 1946 Slappily Married (Writer), 1945 Idiots Deluxe (Writer), 1945 Honeymoon Ahead (Writer), 1944 Gold Is Where You Lose It (Writer), 1944 Busy Buddies (Writer), 1943 Two Saplings (Writer), 1943 His Wedding Scare (Writer), 1940 The Spook Speaks (Writer), 1939 All-American Blondes (Writer), 1939 Skinny the Moocher (Writer), 1939 Calling All Curs (Writer), 1939 Yes, We Have No Bonanza (Writer), 1939 We Want Our Mummy (Writer), 1938 A Doggone Mixup (Writer), 1938 The Mind Needer (Writer), 1938 Tassels in the Air (Writer), 1937 Cash and Carry (Writer), 1937 New News (Writer), 1932 Hollywood Kids (Writer), 1950 Two Roaming Champs (Writer), 1966 The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (Writer), 1965 Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (Writer), 1960 Stop! Look! and Laugh! (Writer), 1959 Battle Flame (Writer), 1956 Hot Stuff (Writer), 1956 Lux Video Theatre (Writer), 1955 Sudden Danger (Writer), 1955 Bowery to Bagdad (Writer), 1954 Jungle Gents (Writer), 1954 The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters (Writer), 1953 Private Eyes (Writer), 1953 Loose in London (Writer), 1953 My Little Margie (Writer), 1952 Ghost Buster (Writer), 1950 Studio Stoops (Writer), 1948 Flat Feat (Writer), 1948 Eight-Ball Andy (Writer), 1948 Silly Billy (Writer), 1947 Wedding Belle (Writer), 1947 The Good Bad Egg (Writer), 1946 Singin' in the Corn (Writer), 1944 Ghost Catchers (Writer), 1943 Phony Express (Writer), 1943 Garden of Eatin' (Writer), 1941 Host to a Ghost (Writer), 1940 Cold Turkey (Writer), 1940 Boobs in the Woods (Writer), 1940 A Plumbing We Will Go (Writer), 1940 Mr. Clyde Goes to Broadway (Writer), 1940 His Bridal Fright (Writer), 1938 Mutts to You (Writer), 1937 Man Bites Lovebug (Writer), 1932 The Hollywood Handicap (Writer), 1932 Foiled Again (Writer), 1932 Foiled Again (in person)

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