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Ernest Hemingway Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois
Died: July 2, 1961 in Ketchum, Idaho
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RNEST HEMINGWAY (1899-1961) was one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, admired for the moving quality of his stories and praised (and criticized) for his economy of language and deceptively simple prose style. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature (1954). Hemingway's novels reflect his adventurous life. A Farewell to Arms draws on his service as an ambulance driver in World War I, and disillusionment with the war. The Sun Also Rises reflects his experience as a correspondent in Paris during the 1920s, very much in touch with the literary leaders of the "Lost Generation." For Whom the Bell Tolls was shaped by his experience covering the Spanish Civil War. Hemingway felt at home in Paris, although his claimed arrival at the Hotel Ritz on the day of the city's liberation is probably a myth. He also loved Spain and its bullfighting, which appealed to his sense of bravado.
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2013-Democracy-Now! (Other), 1952-Schlitz-Playhouse (Writer), 2012-Baby-Shoes (Writer), 2010-Today-Is-Friday (Writer), 2008-A-Clean,-Well-Lighted-Place (Writer), 2008-Ubice (Writer), 2007-Bokser-ide-u-raj (Writer), 2006-Nochnoy-ekspress (Writer), 2002-Hills-Like-White-Elephants (Writer), 1999-The-Old-Man-and-the-Sea (Writer), 1995-Mia-hara (Writer), 1990-The-Old-Man-and-the-Sea (Writer), 1966-A-Farewell-to-Arms (Writer), 1959-1960-Buick-Electra-Playhouse (Writer), 1960-The-Snows-of-Kilimanjaro (Writer), 1957-The-Seven-Lively-Arts (Writer), 1955-Robert-Montgomery-Presents (Writer), 1953-Omnibus (Writer), 1947-The-Macomber-Affair (Writer), 2000-Life-and-Times (Other), 2009-Hills (Writer), 2008-Gifts-Like-White-Elephants (Writer), 2006-Los-asesinos (Writer), 1981-Best-of-Friends (Writer), 1979-My-Old-Man (Writer), 1973-Peta-kolona (Writer), 1964-The-Killers (Writer), 1962-Hemingway's-Adventures-of-a-Young-Man (Writer), 1960-The-Gambler,-the-Nun-and-the-Radio (Writer), 1957-Lux-Video-Theatre (Writer), 1952-The-Snows-of-Kilimanjaro (Writer), 1946-The-Killers (Writer), 1943-For-Whom-the-Bell-Tolls (Writer), 1932-A-Farewell-to-Arms (Writer), 1932-A-Farewell-to-Arms (Performer), 1958-The-Sea (Performer), 2003-Circle-of-Honor (Other), 1998-Hemingway:-Winner-Take-Nothing (Other), 1961-Njeriu-kurre-nuk-vdes (Writer), 1961-Adeus-as-Armas (Writer), 2012-White-Elephants (Writer), 2009-The-Killers (Writer), 2009/I-The-Killers (Writer), 1990-Women-and-Men:-Stories-of-Seduction (Writer), 1987-Captain-Khorshid (Writer), 1977-Soldier's-Home (Writer), 1958-The-Old-Man-and-the-Sea (Writer), 1956-Teledrama (Writer), 1956-Ubiytsy (Writer), 1955-Playwrights-'56 (Writer), 1944-To-Have-and-Have-Not (Writer), 1989-Gary-Cooper:-American-Life,-American-Legend (Other), 2013-The-Killers (Writer), 1958-The-Gun-Runners (Writer), 2011-Cat-in-the-Rain (Writer), 2008-The-Garden-of-Eden (Writer), 2005-God-Rest-You-Merry,-Gentlemen (Writer), 2002-A-Clean,-Well-Lighted-Place (Writer), 2001-After-the-Storm (Writer), 1984-The-Sun-Also-Rises (Writer), 1977-Islands-in-the-Stream (Writer), 1965-For-Whom-the-Bell-Tolls (Writer), 1960-The-Fifth-Column (Writer), 1959-Playhouse-90 (Writer), 1957-A-Farewell-to-Arms (Writer), 1957-The-Sun-Also-Rises (Writer), 1956-Cheyenne (Writer), 1955-Climax! (Writer), 1950-The-Breaking-Point (Writer), 1950-Under-My-Skin (Writer), 1937-The-Spanish-Earth (Writer), 1942-Hedda-Hopper's-Hollywood-No.-3 (in person), 1937-The-Spanish-Earth (in person), 2002-The-Kid-Stays-in-the-Picture (Other), 1958-Kraft-Theatre (Writer), 2006-Killarna---en-far-og-seks-syv-brdre (Writer), 2013-The-Killers-II (Writer)

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