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Born: September 17, 1902 in Bar Harbor, Maine
Died: January 14, 1994 in Ventura, California
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Actress Esther Ralston (1902-1994), who began her career as a child on vaudeville, was billed as "The American Venus" after appearing in the 1926 film of the same name. A major star at Paramount during the 1920s, she was one of the highest-paid silent movie stars. After making her film debut in 1915 (The Deep Purple), she often appeared in silent serials and Westerns (opposite such stars as Hoot Gibson and Tom Mix). Her long list of film credit includes The Kid (1921), Oliver Twist (1922, as Rose Maylie), Peter Pan (1924, as Mrs. Darling), A Kiss for Cinderella (1925), Old Ironsides (1926), Black Beauty (1933), Hollywood Boulevard (1936) and Tin Pan Alley (1940). Ralston also acted in radio soap operas and appeared on the TV series, Our Five Daughters (1962).
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1924 Screen Snapshots, Series 5, No. 1 (in person), 1922 Love Taps (Performer), 1924 K.O. for Cupid (Performer), 1953 Broadway Television Theatre (Performer), 1940 Tin Pan Alley (Performer), 1938 Letter of Introduction (Performer), 1936 We're in the Legion Now (Performer), 1936 Hollywood Boulevard (Performer), 1936 The Girl from Mandalay (Performer), 1935 Forced Landing (Performer), 1934 The Marines Are Coming (Performer), 1933 By Candlelight (Performer), 1932 Rome Express (Performer), 1931 Lonely Wives (Performer), 1929 The Wheel of Life (Performer), 1929 Betrayal (Performer), 1927 Figures Don't Lie (Performer), 1926 Old Ironsides (Performer), 1924 All's Swell on the Ocean (Performer), 1924 The Heart Buster (Performer), 1924 Jack O'Clubs (Performer), 1924 Fight and Win (Performer), 1923 Pure Grit (Performer), 1923 Under Secret Orders (Performer), 1923 The Phantom Fortune (Performer), 1922 The Gypsy Trail (Performer), 1920 The Butterfly Man (Performer), 1920 Huckleberry Finn (Performer), 1924 Winning His Way (Performer), 1922 Pure But Simple (Performer), 1922 Kings of the Forest (Performer), 1922 Come Clean (Performer), 1965 The Love Goddesses (Other), 1940 San Francisco Docks (Performer), 1938 Slander House (Performer), 1937 The Mysterious Pilot (Performer), 1934 Strange Wives (Performer), 1934 Sadie McKee (Performer), 1932 After the Ball (Performer), 1931 The Prodigal (Performer), 1928 Something Always Happens (Performer), 1927 The Spotlight (Performer), 1927 Fashions for Women (Performer), 1926 The Quarterback (Performer), 1926 The Blind Goddess (Performer), 1925 Womanhandled (Performer), 1925 A Kiss for Cinderella (Performer), 1925 The Best People (Performer), 1925 The Lucky Devil (Performer), 1925 The Goose Hangs High (Performer), 1924 The Title Holder (Performer), 1923 The Victor (Performer), 1922 The Lone Hand (Performer), 1922 Tracked Down (Performer), 1922 Unmasked (Performer), 1922 Daring Danger (Performer), 1922 The Further Adventures of Yorke Norroy (Performer), 1922 Pure and Simple (Performer), 1921 The Kid (Performer), 1952 Kraft Theatre (Performer), 1935 Shadows of the Orient (Performer), 1935 Ladies Crave Excitement (Performer), 1934 Romance in the Rain (Performer), 1933 To the Last Man (Performer), 1928 Love and Learn (Performer), 1927 Ten Modern Commandments (Performer), 1926 The American Venus (Performer), 1925 Beggar on Horseback (Performer), 1925 The Little French Girl (Performer), 1924 Peter Pan (Performer), 1924 Wolves of the North (Performer), 1924 The Marriage Circle (Performer), 1923 Railroaded (Performer), 1923 The Prisoner (Performer), 1922 Youth to Youth (Performer), 1921 The Good Black Sheep (Performer), 1920 Whispering Devils (Performer), 1920 Dangerous to Men (Performer), 1918 For Husbands Only (Performer), 1918 The Doctor and the Woman (Performer), 1915 The Deep Purple (Performer), 1915 The Deep Purple (in person), 1924 A Society Knockout (Performer), 1993 The Silent Feminists: America's First Women Directors (in person), 1923 The Rivals (Performer), 1962 Our Five Daughters (Performer), 1952 Tales of Tomorrow (Performer), 1938 The Spy Ring (Performer), 1937 Jungle Menace (Performer), 1937 As Good as Married (Performer), 1936 Reunion (Performer), 1935 Streamline Express (Performer), 1935 Together We Live (Performer), 1935 Mister Dynamite (Performer), 1933 Black Beauty (Performer), 1929 The Mighty (Performer), 1929 The Case of Lena Smith (Performer), 1928 Sawdust Paradise (Performer), 1928 Half a Bride (Performer), 1927 Children of Divorce (Performer), 1925 The Trouble with Wives (Performer), 1924 $50,000 Reward (Performer), 1923 The Wild Party (Performer), 1923 Blinky (Performer), 1922 Timberland Treachery (Performer), 1922/I Oliver Twist (Performer), 1922 Pals of the West (Performer), 1922 Remembrance (Performer), 1922 Dead Game (Performer), 1921 Crossing Trails (Performer), 1921 What Do Men Want (Performer), 1920 To Please One Woman (Performer), 1920 The Peddler of Lies (Performer), 1927 A Trip Through the Paramount Studio (in person), 1933 March of the Movies (Other), 1999 Clara Bow: Discovering the It Girl (Other), 1946 Jungle Terror (Other)

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