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Fats Domino Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: February 26, 1928 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Died: October 24, 2017 in Harvey, Louisiana
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Antoine "Fats" Domino (1928-2017), began recording New Orleans style piano with the song "The Fat Man" in 1949. Nicknamed "Fats" when he was ten by bandleader Bill Diamond, the young musician became a rhythm and blues hit artist in 1952 with "Goin' Home." Three years later, Domino crossed over to the burgeoning new sound, rock 'n' roll. "Ain't That a Shame" (1955) led the succession of million-seller hits over the next five years. From 1955-1963, Domino had 35 Top 40 hits. These songs, many of which were co-written by Domino, included "I'm In Love Again", "Blueberry Hill", "Blue Monday", "I'm Walkin'", "Whole Lotta Loving" and "Walkin' to New Orleans". With 65 million record sales and 23 gold records to his credit, Fats outsold every Fifties rock 'n' roll pioneer except Elvis Presley. In 1980, Domino appeared at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and throughout that decade he continued to perform in clubs and rock 'n' roll revivals. Domino made news in 2005 when he was rescued from his flooded home in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city.
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1958-Youthful-Sinners (Sound), Rock-&-Chips (Sound), 1994-Little-Big-League (Sound), 2010-Flipped (Sound), 2007-Jukebox-Rock-'n'-Roll-Vol.-1 (Sound), 2002-9-Dead-Gay-Guys (Sound), 2001-Hearts-in-Atlantis (Sound), 1999-October-Sky (Sound), 1996-White-Squall (Sound), 1993-Judgment-Night (Sound), 1991-Rock-'n'-Roll-High-School-Forever (Sound), 1991-Sweet-Talker (Sound), 1990/I-My-Blue-Heaven (Sound), 1989-Heavy-Petting (Sound), 1988-Summertime-Blues:-Lemon-Popsicle-VIII (Sound), 1987-Roxanne (Sound), 1986-A-Fine-Mess (Sound), 1985-Blue-Money (Sound), 1973-American-Graffiti (Sound), 1977-Laverne-&-Shirley (Other), 2012-Treme (in person), 2007-Jukebox-Rock-'n'-Roll-Vol.-1 (Other), 2003-The-Blues (Other), 1989-Rock-'n'-Roll-History-Video:-Fabulous-Fifties (Other), 1999-Shake,-Rattle-and-Roll:-An-American-Love-Story (Sound), 1990-1990! (in person), Tohuwabohu (Sound), 2003-Georgie-Fame-60-ar (Other), 1956-1962-The-Ed-Sullivan-Show (in person), 2011-Chillerama (Sound), 2009-Dancing-with-the-Stars (Sound), 2005-Make-It-Funky! (Sound), 2000-Lucky-Numbers (Sound), 1995-Circle-of-Friends (Sound), 1994-Mixed-Nuts (Sound), 1994-Confessions-of-a-Sorority-Girl (Sound), 1992-School-Ties (Sound), 1989-Shag (Sound), 1988-The-Great-Outdoors (Sound), 1988-Colors (Sound), 1958-The-Big-Beat (Sound), 1958-The-Big-Record (Sound), 1956-The-Girl-Can't-Help-It (Sound), 1956-Shake,-Rattle-&-Rock! (Sound), 1999-Hollywood-Rocks-'N'-Rolls-in-the-50's (in person), 1992-Twist (in person), 1986-Surprise-Surprise! (in person), 1985-Ricky-Nelson-&-Fats-Domino:-Live-at-the-Universal-Amphitheatre (in person), 1978-Disco (in person), 1958-The-Big-Beat (in person), 1958-The-Big-Record (in person), 1956-The-Girl-Can't-Help-It (in person), 1956-Shake,-Rattle-&-Rock! (in person), 2005-Make-It-Funky! (Other), 1982-The-Compleat-Beatles (Other), Vegas (Sound), 1972-Whistle-Test (Sound), 1956-The-Steve-Allen-Plymouth-Show (Sound), 1956-The-Steve-Allen-Plymouth-Show (in person), 1987-The-Grammy-Lifetime-Achievment-Award-Show (in person), 2007-Eckis-Welt (Sound), 2002-Only-the-Strong-Survive (Sound), 2000-Meet-the-Parents (Sound), 1995-Twelve-Monkeys (Sound), 1995-Father-of-the-Bride-Part-II (Sound), 1995-The-Beatles-Anthology (Sound), 1991-For-the-Boys (Sound), 1990/I-Havana (Sound), 1990-Gremlins-2:-The-New-Batch (Sound), 1989-Road-House (Sound), 1987-Mama's-Going-to-Buy-You-a-Mockingbird (Sound), 1985-Mischief (Sound), 1980-Any-Which-Way-You-Can (Sound), 1980-The-Blues-Brothers (Sound), 1965-Shindig! (Sound), 1976-1977-Laverne-&-Shirley (Music Department), 1990-Jerry-Lewis-MDA-Labor-Day-Telethon (in person), 1980-Any-Which-Way-You-Can (in person), 1979-Heroes-of-Rock-and-Roll (in person), 1978-The-Captain-and-Tennille-in-New-Orleans (in person), 1970-Disco-2 (in person), 1958-The-Dick-Clark-Show (in person), 2007-Eckis-Welt (Other), 2002-Standing-in-the-Shadows-of-Motown (Other), 1997-The-Fifties (Other), 1995-The-History-of-Rock-'N'-Roll,-Vol.-1 (Other), 1977-All-You-Need-Is-Love (Other), 1992-1993-Mystery-Science-Theater-3000 (Sound), 1959-1963-New-American-Bandstand-1965 (in person), Rebel-Highway (Sound), Lipstick-on-Your-Collar (Sound), 1970-Summer-in-the-City (Sound), 1986-Cinemax-Sessions (in person), 2011-A-Few-Best-Men (Sound), 2003-Holes (Sound), 2000-Hollywood-Rocks-the-Movies:-The-Early-Years-1955-1970 (Sound), 1994-Reform-School-Girl (Sound), 1994-Shake,-Rattle-and-Rock! (Sound), 1993-This-Boy's-Life (Sound), 1991-L.A.-Story (Sound), 1989-The-Delinquents (Sound), 1984-Firstborn (Sound), 1982-Diner (Sound), 1980-Vrijdag (Sound), 1973-Let-the-Good-Times-Roll (Sound), 1969-33-1/3-Revolutions-Per-Monkee (Sound), 1957-Jamboree! (Sound), 1957-The-Adventures-of-Ozzie-&-Harriet (Sound), 1973-The-Mike-Douglas-Show (in person), 1973-Let-the-Good-Times-Roll (in person), 1969-33-1/3-Revolutions-Per-Monkee (in person), 1957-Jamboree! (in person)
Theater Credits
Rock-'N-Roll!-The-First-5,000-Years - Music (October 24, 1982 - October 31, 1982)

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