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First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: October 11, 1884 in New York City, New York
Died: November 07, 1962 in New York City, New York
Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), wrote this letter nine days following the inauguration of her husband Franklin D. Roosevelt for the third term of his presidency. Just two days before its writing, secret talks between the United States and Great Britain had begun in Washington, D.C. regarding strategy for the war in the event the United States entered the fight against the Germans. Mrs. Roosevelt was cognizant of political interests throughout her husband's presidency and her letter regarding the entertainment in the camps points out her interest. Following the declaration of war 11 months later, Mrs. Roosevelt visited United States military bases to help raise the morale of the men. Eleanor Roosevelt served as a United Nations delegate (1945-1952) following the death of her husband, and was instrumental in the drafting of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights.
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1999-Great-Books (in person), 1959-Sunday-Showcase (in person), 1953-What's-My-Line (in person), 1953-Longines-Chronoscope (in person), 1950-The-Colgate-Comedy-Hour (in person), 1940-Pastor-Hall (in person), 2005-War-Stories-with-Oliver-North (Other), 2003-Rene-Levesque,-heros-malgre-lui (Other), 2003-Churchill (Other), 2001-Roots-of-the-Cuban-Missile-Crisis (Other), 2000-History-Lessons (Other), 1995-Hiroshima:-Why-the-Bomb-Was-d_ropped (Other), 1993-Fame-in-the-Twentieth-Century (Other), 1965-F.D.R. (Other), 1963-Biography (Other), 1957-The-Joker-Is-Wild (Other), 1941-Women-in-Defense (Writer), 1960-The-Frank-Sinatra-Timex-Show:-To-the-Ladies (Sound), 1960-The-Jack-Paar-Tonight-Show (in person), 1960-The-Frank-Sinatra-Timex-Show:-To-the-Ladies (in person), 1958-The-Ed-Sullivan-Show (in person), 1957-The-Mike-Wallace-Interview (in person), 1956-The-Bob-Hope-Show (in person), 1939-The-Royal-Visit (in person), 2011-Sing-Your-Song (Other), 2005-Weird-U.S. (Other), 1999-The-Century:-America's-Time (Other), 1998-The-Great-Depression (Other), 1995-Royal-Family-at-War (Other), 1995-Nixon (Other), 1992-Stalking-the-President:-A-History-of-American-Assassins (Other), 1976-All-This-and-World-War-II (Other), 1955-Longines-Chronoscope (Other), 1962-President-Kennedy's-Birthday-Salute (in person), 2012-The-Untold-History-of-the-United-States (Other), 2012-Edward-&-George:-Two-Brothers,-One-Throne (Other), 2006-2012-60-Minutes (Other), 2000-They-Filmed-the-War-in-Color (Other), 1999-ABC-2000:-The-Millennium (Other), 1999-Biography-of-the-Millennium:-100-People---1000-Years (Other), 1994-The-American-Experience (Other), 1994-Biography (Other), 1975-Brother-Can-You-Spare-a-Dime (Other), 1962-At-This-Very-Moment (Other), 1951-Nain-syntyi-nykypaiva...-1900-1950 (Other), 1954-1956-Person-to-Person (in person), 1945/IX-Universal-Newsreel (in person), 1945/VIII-Universal-Newsreel (in person), 2010-Hubert-H-Humphrey:-The-Art-of-the-Possible (Other), 2007-Undercover-History (Other), 2005-FDR:-A-Presidency-Revealed (Other), 2000-They-Drew-Fire (Other), 1993-The-Great-Depression (Other), 1990-The-Speeches-Collection:-John-F.-Kennedy (Other), 1978-Black-Sheep-Squadron (Other), 1975-ABC-Late-Night (Other), 1965-The-Eleanor-Roosevelt-Story (Other)

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