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Francis Doublier Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: 1878 in Lyon, France
Died: April 03, 1948 in Englewood, New Jersey
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François Doublier was a French cinematographer and photographer, recognized as a pioneering figure in the nascent film industry in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His collaborations with the Lumière brothers, the inventors of the Cinématographe, marked a significant contribution to the development and promotion of motion pictures.

Doublier began his professional life as a photographer, developing his skills in framing and composition. This expertise was a likely factor in his recruitment by Auguste and Louis Lumière, who sought his assistance in their new venture: moving pictures. In 1896, the Lumière brothers sent Doublier to London with their groundbreaking Cinématographe device. As an operator and promoter, Doublier showcased the Cinématographe to the British audience, capturing the attention of both the public and the press. His work in London, which included screening Lumière films and producing his own footage, is often credited as an important factor in the international success of the Cinématographe. Beyond London, Doublier travelled extensively, recording a range of subjects from daily life scenes to momentous public events. These films, shown around the world, played a crucial role in demonstrating the Cinématographe's potential as a tool for capturing and sharing human experiences across geographical boundaries.
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