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Frank Buck Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: March 17, 1888 in Gainesville, Texas
Died: March 25, 1950 in Houston, Texas
Frank Buck (1884-1950) made his first expedition to South America in 1911. He eventually traveled to Malaya, India, Borneo, New Guinea and Africa. From these and other expeditions, he brought back many exotic species of animals, which he sold to zoos and circuses, ultimately acquiring the nickname "Bring 'em Back Alive". The Frank Buck Zoo, named in his honor, is located in Gainesville, Texas, the birthplace of the adventurer.
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1941-Jungle-Cavalcade (Writer), 1934-Wild-Cargo (Writer), 1941-Jungle-Cavalcade (Performer), 1934-Wild-Cargo (Producer), 1934-Wild-Cargo (in person), 1952-Your-Jeweler's-Showcase (Writer), 1949-Africa-Screams (Performer), 1943-Tiger-Fangs (Performer), 1942-Jacare (Other), 1942-Jacare (Director), 1949-We,-the-People (in person), 1942-Jacare (in person), 1946-Jungle-Terror (Other), 1935-Fang-and-Claw (Director), 1935-Fang-and-Claw (in person), 1932-Bring-'Em-Back-Alive (in person), 1935-Fang-and-Claw (Writer), 1932-Bring-'Em-Back-Alive (Writer), 1932-Bring-'Em-Back-Alive (Performer), 1937-Jungle-Menace (Performer), 1935-Fang-and-Claw (Producer)

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