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Born: July 26, 1856 in Dublin, Ireland
Died: November 2, 1950 in Ayot St. Lawrence, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
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GEORGE BERNARD SHAW (1856-1950) was born in Dublin, Ireland. During his life, he wrote dozens of plays, most famously Man and Superman (1903), Pygmalion (1913), and Saint Joan (1923). In addition to Shaw's prolific creative writings, he was also outspoken on politics, religion, and current events. One of his more unique passions was fighting for an improved alphabet. A book of his improved alphabet was published 12 years after his death to crickets. All his life, he wanted to be referred to as Bernard Shaw, but in his signature he always signed as G.B.S. or G. Bernard Shaw. In 1925, he received the Nobel Prize for literature. Thirteen years later, he became the first person to win both a Nobel Prize and an Academy Award, the latter for the 1938 film Pygmalion.
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Teatterituokio (Writer), 1974 Au théâtre ce soir (Writer), Omnibus (Writer), 2006 Dónde estaré esta noche. Teatro de ciertos habitantes (Writer), 1974 Sosem lehet tudni (Writer), 1958 Androklus und der Löwe (Writer), 1997 Die heilige Johanna (Writer), 1989 Les maris, les femmes, les amants (Writer), 1986 Nunca se sabe (Writer), 1983 Arms and the Man (Writer), 1983 Pygmalion (Writer), 1981 The Man of Destiny (Writer), 1981/I Pygmalion (Writer), 1978 Lletres catalanes (Writer), 1976 Pygmalion (Writer), 1968 Pygmalion (Writer), 1967 Nikad se ne zna (Writer), 1964 Candida (Writer), 1964 Majoor Barbara (Writer), 1963 Man kann nie wissen (Writer), 1963 O Senhor do Destino (Writer), 1962 Fru Warrens yrke (Writer), 1962 Die heilige Johanna (Writer), 1960 The Millionairess (Writer), 1958 Pigmalion (Writer), 1956 Matinee Theatre (Writer), 1956 Sainte Jeanne (Writer), 1956 Candida (Writer), 1954 Misalliance (Writer), 1950 Musical Comedy Time (Writer), 1948 Pygmalion (Writer), 1946 The Dark Lady of the Sonnets (Writer), 1939 The Dark Lady of the Sonnets (Writer), 1931 How He Lied to Her Husband (Writer), 1915 Rosy Rapture (Performer), 1915 Rosy Rapture (Director), 1929 Melody of the World (in person), 1927 George Bernard Shaw (in person), 1988 The 1930's: Music, Memories & Milestones (Other), 1950 Fifty Years Before Your Eyes (Other), 1969 Cäsar und Cleopatra (Writer), 1950 Wonderful Times (Other), 1969 Blanco Posnets hängning (Writer), 1973 Der Teufelsschüler (Writer), 1955 Die Häuser des Herrn Sartorius (Writer), 2013 Arena (Other), 1982 The Eleventh Hour (Writer), 1969 Die Millionärin (Writer), 1965 Der Teufelsschüler (Writer), 1985 Great Performances (Writer), 1982 Man and Superman (Writer), 1982/I Candida (Writer), 1981/II Pygmalion (Writer), 1977 Des Doktors Dilemma (Writer), 1976 Caesar and Cleopatra (Writer), 1973 Candida (Writer), 1973 To theatro ton neon (Writer), 1971 Die heilige Johanna (Writer), 1970 Shaw vs. Shakespeare III: Caesar and Cleopatra (Writer), 1969 Annajanska (Writer), 1968 Haus Herzenstod (Writer), 1967 O'Flaherty (Writer), 1966 Idylle villageoise (Writer), 1966 Heiraten (Writer), 1964 Caesar und Cleopatra (Writer), 1963 Pygmalion (Writer), 1961 Candida (Writer), 1960 Aslan yavrusu (Writer), 1956 Man and Superman (Writer), 1955 Cameo Theatre (Writer), 1953 Captain Brassbound's Conversion (Writer), 1953 Et landsbyfrieri (Writer), 1951 Androcles and the Lion (Writer), 1950 Perhaps a Gentleman (Writer), 1937 How He Lied to Her Husband (Writer), 1917 Masks and Faces (Performer), 1970 Election 70 (Other), 1921 Román boxera (Writer), 2010 Time to Remember (Other), 1961 Ländliche Werbung (Writer), 1975 Don Juan in der Hölle (Writer), ITV Play of the Week (Writer), 1950 Days of Our Years (Other), Theatre Night (Writer), 1973 Az ördög cimborája (Writer), 1955-1959 Grande Teatro Tupi (Writer), 2009 Caesar and Cleopatra (Writer), 1984 Don Juan in Hell (Writer), 1977 Galateya (Writer), 1973 The Man of Destiny (Writer), 1969 New York Television Theatre (Writer), 1967 Androcles and the Lion (Writer), 1966 Major Barbara (Writer), 1964 My Fair Lady (Writer), 1964 Primera fila (Writer), 1963 Festival (Writer), 1963 Candida (Writer), 1963 Platea (Writer), 1960 Captain Brassbound's Conversion (Writer), 1960 Play of the Week (Writer), 1955-1959 ITV Television Playhouse (Writer), 1958 The Doctor's Dilemma (Writer), 1958 Helden (Writer), 1956 H.M. Tennent Globe Theatre (Writer), 1955 The Devil's Disciple (Writer), 1953 Wednesday Theatre (Writer), 1953 Der Schlachtenlenker (Writer), 1952 Androcles and the Lion (Writer), 1946 Arms and the Man (Writer), 1945 Caesar and Cleopatra (Writer), 1939 Annajanska, the Bolshevik Empress (Writer), 1938 Androcles and the Lion (Writer), 1932 Arms and the Man (Writer), 1928 Shaw Talks for Movietone News (Director), 1935 BBC: The Voice of Britain (in person), 1933 The World's Outstanding Literary Genius (in person), 1929 George Bernard Shaw (in person), 1928 Shaw Talks for Movietone News (in person), 1956 I Never Forget a Face (Other), 1960 Die Häuser des Herrn Sartorius (Writer), BBC Play of the Month (Writer), 1967 Kapitän Brassbounds Bekehrung (Writer), 1960 Ödets man (Writer), 1971 ITV Sunday Night Theatre (Writer), 1965 Die Häuser des Herrn Sartorius (Writer), 1955 TV de Vanguarda (Writer), 1970 Caesar und Cleopatra (Writer), 1942 Sürtük (Writer), 1969 Androklus und der Löwe (Writer), 1967 Särkyneiden sydänten talo (Writer), 1963 Hollywood: The Great Stars (Other), 1935 Pygmalion (Writer), 1927 Saint Joan (Writer), 1941 Major Barbara (in person), 1987 Mournful Unconcern (Other), 1987 Slow Fires: On the Preservation of the Human Record (Other), 1940 Cavalcade of the Academy Awards (Other), 1992 Haus Herzenstod (Writer), 1991 The Best of Friends (Writer), 1987 Mournful Unconcern (Writer), 1984 Candida (Writer), 1982/II Candida (Writer), 1981 Dear Liar (Writer), 1970-1980 Estudio 1 (Writer), 1979 Love Among the Artists (Writer), 1979 ITV Playhouse (Writer), 1978 Heilige Jeanne (Writer), 1969 Sainte Jeanne (Writer), 1969 Kako je lagao njenog muza (Writer), 1968 Great Catherine (Writer), 1967 Saint Joan (Writer), 1967 Candida (Writer), 1967 Fanny's eerste toneelstuk (Writer), 1966 De man van het lot (Writer), 1964 Haus Herzenstod (Writer), 1963 Der Arzt am Scheideweg (Writer), 1960 Don Juan in Hell (Writer), 1960 Mrs. Warren's Profession (Writer), 1959 Playhouse 90 (Writer), 1959 The Devil's Disciple (Writer), 1959 General Electric Theater (Writer), 1959 Covek sudbine (Writer), 1950-1958 BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (Writer), 1957 Pygmalion (Writer), 1957 Saint Joan (Writer), 1956 Producers' Showcase (Writer), 1955 The Chocolate Soldier (Writer), 1952 Back to Methuselah (Writer), 1952 Robert Montgomery Presents (Writer), 1948 Great Catherine (Writer), 1946 Androcles and the Lion (Writer), 1941 Major Barbara (Writer), 1939 Passion, Poison and Petrifaction (Writer), 1938 Pygmalion (Writer), 1937 Pygmalion (Writer)

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