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George Jessel Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: April 03, 1898 in New York City, New York
Died: May 24, 1981 in Los Angeles, California
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GEORGE JESSEL (1898-1981), who became known as the "Toastmaster General of the United States" for his frequent role as Master of Ceremonies at entertainment and political gatherings, appeared in vaudeville (he was a partner of Eddie Cantor at age 11) and on Broadway before having a radio show, That's My Kid. Jessel, who had done several silent films for Warner Bros., starred on Broadway in The Jazz Singer, but when the studio refused to meet his salary demands for the film, he turned down the movie role, which eventually went to Al Jolson. The Jazz Singer, of course, is the first official "talkie". By 1945, Jessel, who was well known for his Broadway and nightclub work, was producing musicals for 20th Century-Fox. One of the original founding members of the California branch of the Friars Club (1946), Jessel also traveled widely to raise funds for various causes and entertained troops overseas as part of the U.S.O. In 1969, he was awarded the Jean Hershold Humanitarian Award, a special Oscar, for his charity work. Jessel, who was married to actress Norma Talmadge from 1934-1939, wrote two volumes of memoirs, So Help Me (1943) and This Way, Miss (1955), and also wrote eulogies for many of his Hollywood contemporaries.From the mid-1920s to the mid-1950s.
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1969-Can-Heironymus-Merkin-Ever-Forget-Mercy-Humppe-and-Find-True (Performer), 1957-Columbia-Musical-Travelark:-Wonders-of-New-Orleans (Performer), 1969-Can-Heironymus-Merkin-Ever-Forget-Mercy-Humppe-and-Find-True (Sound), 1960-The-Witness (Performer), 2007-Royal-Wedding:-June,-Judy-and-Jane (Other), 1978-Hollywood's-Diamond-Jubilee (in person), 1962-1977-The-Mike-Douglas-Show (in person), 1937-The-Life-of-the-Party (Sound), 1998-Hollywoodism:-Jews,-Movies-and-the-American-Dream (Other), 1983-Hollywood-Out-takes-and-Rare-Footage (Other), 1997-Judy-Garland's-Hollywood (Other), 1951-Golden-Girl (Producer), 1951-Meet-Me-After-the-Show (Producer), 1949-Dancing-in-the-Dark (Producer), 1949-You're-My-Everything (Writer), 1935-Professional-Soldier (Writer), 1979-Over-Easy (in person), 1968-The-Joe-Franklin-Show (in person), 1968-The-Pat-Boone-Show (in person), 1960-About-Faces (in person), 1957-A-Private-Little-Party-for-a-Few-Chums (in person), 1953-1955-This-Is-Your-Life (in person), 1955-Screen-Snapshots:-Hollywood-Beauty (in person), 1954-A-Star-Is-Born-World-Premiere (in person), 1952-1953-All-Star-Revue (in person), 1952-Hollywood-Fun-Festival (in person), 1949-The-Actor's-Society-Benefit-Gala (in person), 1976-Won-Ton-Ton:-The-Dog-Who-Saved-Hollywood (Performer), 1965-1966-Jackie-Gleason:-American-Scene-Magazine (Performer), 1959-Juke-Box-Rhythm (Performer), 1931-It-Might-Be-Worse (Performer), 1927-A-Theatrical-Booking-Office (Performer), 1926-Private-Izzy-Murphy (Performer), 1957-1961-The-Jack-Paar-Tonight-Show (in person), 1957-Screen-Snapshots:-The-Wa_lter-Winchell-Party (in person), 1972-The-Other-Side-of-the-Wind (Performer), 1977-Diary-of-a-Young-Comic (Performer), 1967-The-Busy-Body (Performer), 1953-Yesterday-and-Today (Performer), 1929-Happy-Days (Performer), 1928-Lucky-Boy (Performer), 1952-Bloodhounds-of-Broadway (Producer), 1945-The-Dolly-Sisters (Producer), 1945-The-Dolly-Sisters (Writer), 1953-Yesterday-and-Today (Writer), 1928-Lucky-Boy (Writer), 1928-Lucky-Boy (Other), 1981-Reds (in person), 1970-The-Real-Tom-Kennedy-Show (in person), 1970-Comedy-Tonight (in person), 1970-The-Phynx (in person), 1967-1969-The-Joey-Bishop-Show (in person), 1968-Personality (in person), 1962-1966-The-Tonight-Show-Starring-Johnny-Carson (in person), 1951-1965-What's-My-Line (in person), 1957-1963-The-Jack-Benny-Program (in person), 1960-Special-Gala-to-Support-Kennedy-Campaign (in person), 1957-Hollywood-Glamour-on-Ice (in person), 1957-Beau-James (in person), 1943-Stage-Door-Canteen (in person), 1937-Screen-Snapshots-Series-16,-No.-8 (in person), 1934/II-Rambling-'Round-Radio-Row (in person), 1984-Almonds-and-Raisins (Other), 1950-Where-Danger-Lives (Sound), 1948-Screen-Snapshots-9860:-Hollywood-Friars-Honor-George-Jessel (in person), 1938-Vivacious-Lady (Sound), 1956-Columbia-Musical-Travelark:-Wonders-of-Washington,-D.-C. (in person), 1984-The-Great-Standups (Other), 1944-Show-Business (Sound), 1943-Cinderella-Swings-It (Sound), 1963-The-Jack-Benny-Program (Sound), 1978-Vega$ (Performer), 1931-George-Jessel-and-His-Russian-Art-Choir (Performer), 1929-Love,-Live-and-Laugh (Performer), 1919-The-Other-Man's-Wife (Performer), 1953-Tonight-We-Sing (Producer), 1949-Oh,-You-Beautiful-Doll (Producer), 1948-When-My-Baby-Smiles-at-Me (Producer), 1947-Nightmare-Alley (Producer), 1946-Do-You-Love-Me (Producer), 1953-1954-The-George-Jessel-Show (Writer), 1929-Love,-Live-and-Laugh (Writer), 1924-George-Jessel (Other), 1924-George-Jessel (in person), 1979-Hollywood-Greats (in person), 1962-1970-The-Merv-Griffin-Show (in person), 1968-1969-Rowan-&-Martin's-Laugh-In (in person), 1966-The-Eamonn-Andrews-Show (in person), 1964-The-Celebrity-Game (in person), 1961-The-Million-Dollar-Incident (in person), 1959-Startime (in person), 1959-Person-to-Person (in person), 1953-The-George-Jessel-Show (in person), 1952-The-George-Burns-and-Gracie-Allen-Show (in person), 1944-Four-Jills-in-a-Jeep (in person), 1935-Broadway-Highlights-No.-2 (in person), 1955-Columbia-Musical-Travelark:-Wonders-of-Manhattan (Performer), 1955-1956-The-Milton-Berle-Show (in person), 1964-Hollywood-and-the-Stars (Other), 1961-Here's-Hollywood (in person), 1967-Valley-of-the-Dolls (Performer), 1963-77-Sunset-Strip (Performer), 1956-Columbia-Musical-Travelark:-Wonders-of-Ontario (Performer), 1928-George-Washington-Cohen (Performer), 1927-Ginsberg-the-Great (Performer), 1927-Sailor-Izzy-Murphy (Performer), 1953-The-I-Don't-Care-Girl (Producer), 1952-Wait-Till-the-Sun-Shines,-Nellie (Producer), 1951-Anne-of-the-Indies (Producer), 1947-I-Wonder-Who's-Kissing-Her-Now (Producer), 1933-Private-Jones (Writer), 1975-The-Bob-Braun-Show (in person), 1969-1970-The-David-Frost-Show (in person), 1970-The-Mad,-Mad,-Mad-Comedians (in person), 1970-The-Dick-Cavett-Show (in person), 1969-The-Jackie-Gleason-Show (in person), 1968-The-Dom-DeLuise-Show (in person), 1966-1968-The-Dean-Martin-Comedy-Hour (in person), 1966-The-Hollywood-Squares (in person), 1966-The-Hollywood-Palace (in person), 1964-That-Regis-Philbin-Show (in person), 1962-1964-Jackie-Gleason:-American-Scene-Magazine (in person), 1963-The-Judy-Garland-Show (in person), 1961-1962-The-Ed-Sullivan-Show (in person), 1957-1959-The-Steve-Allen-Plymouth-Show (in person), 1957-Playhouse-90 (in person), 1957-The-Mike-Wallace-Interview (in person), 1955-1956-The-Jimmy-Durante-Show (in person), 1955-Screen-Snapshots:-Hollywood-Premiere (in person), 1953-The-Comeback-Story (in person), 1953-The-Colgate-Comedy-Hour (in person), 1953-The-I-Don't-Care-Girl (in person), 1952-Screen-Snapshots:-Memorial-to-Al-Jolson (in person), 1950-Screen-Snapshots:-Thirtieth-Anniversary-Special (in person), 1938-For-Auld-Lang-Syne (in person)
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The-Vigil - Production (May 21, 1948 - May 29, 1948), Run,-Little-Chillun - Production (August 11, 1943 - August 26, 1943), Show-Time - Performer (September 16, 1942 - April 3, 1943), High-Kickers - Performer (October 31, 1941 - March 28, 1942), Spring-Meeting - Production (December 8, 1938 - March 1939), Schoolhouse-on-the-Lot - Production (March 22, 1938 - May 1938), Sweet-and-Low - Performer (November 17, 1930 - April 1931), This-Man's-Town - Production (March 10, 1930 - March 1930), Joseph - Performer (March 12, 1930 - March 1930), The-War-Song - Performer (September 24, 1928 - December 1928), The-Jazz-Singer - Performer (April 18, 1927 - May 1927), The-Jazz-Singer - Performer (September 14, 1925 - June 1926), Helen-of-Troy,-New-York - Production (June 19, 1923 - December 1, 1923), The-Passing-Show-of-1923 - Performer (June 14, 1923 - September 15, 1923)

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