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Born: August 27, 1916 in Brady, Montana
Died: December 12, 2000 in Rancho Mirage, California
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George Montgomery (1916-2000), born George Montgomery Letz, an action hero of mostly war and Western films of the 1940s and 1950s, also directed several films in the 1960s. A former heavyweight boxer and stunt man before becoming a leading man, Montgomery was married for nineteen years (1943-1962) to singer/TV personality Dinah Shore, appearing often on her show after their amicable divorce. Montgomery, who also designed and built 11 homes, was also a self-taught, talented artist.   
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1961-1962 Here's Hollywood (in person), 1942 SOS Coast Guard (Stunt work), 1944 Take It or Leave It (Other), 2001 The 73rd Annual Academy Awards (Other), 1972 NET Playhouse (Performer), 1972 The Leo Chronicles (Performer), 1970 Ride the Tiger (Performer), 1967 Hell of Borneo (Performer), 1966 I Spy (Performer), 1964 Guerillas in Pink Lace (Performer), 1958-1959 Cimarron City (Performer), 1957 Street of Sinners (Performer), 1956 Huk! (Performer), 1956 Canyon River (Performer), 1954 Masterson of Kansas (Performer), 1951 The Texas Rangers (Performer), 1948 Lulu Belle (Performer), 1943 Coney Island (Performer), 1941 Accent on Love (Performer), 1940 Jennie (Performer), 1940 Young People (Performer), 1939 In Old Monterey (Performer), 1939 Rough Riders' Round-up (Performer), 1939 The Mysterious Miss X (Performer), 1938 Gold Mine in the Sky (Performer), 1970 Ride the Tiger (Director), 1967 Hell of Borneo (Director), 1964 Guerillas in Pink Lace (Director), 1972 The Proud and Damned (Producer), 1967 Hell of Borneo (Producer), 1964 Guerillas in Pink Lace (Producer), 1967 Hell of Borneo (Writer), 1964 Guerillas in Pink Lace (Writer), 1957-1961 The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (in person), 1958 The Steve Allen Plymouth Show (in person), 1958 The Gisele MacKenzie Show (in person), 1955 Masquerade Party (in person), 1955 Person to Person (in person), 1953 This Is Your Life (in person), 1965 Django the Condemned (Performer), 1938 Santa Fe Stampede (Stunt work), 1955-1957 General Electric Theater (Performer), 1954 Screen Snapshots: Memories in Uniform (Other), 2003 Images of Indians: How Hollywood Stereotyped the Native American (Other), 1953 Screen Snapshots: Out West in Hollywood (Other), 1968 Warkill (Performer), 1967 Hostile Guns (Performer), 1966 Bonanza (Performer), 1962 Samar (Performer), 1961 The Steel Claw (Performer), 1958 Man from God's Country (Performer), 1957 Black Patch (Performer), 1957 The Ford Television Theatre (Performer), 1956 Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre (Performer), 1952 Indian Uprising (Performer), 1951 The Sword of Monte Cristo (Performer), 1950 The Iroquois Trail (Performer), 1942 China Girl (Performer), 1942 Ten Gentlemen from West Point (Performer), 1942 Roxie Hart (Performer), 1941 Riders of the Purple Sage (Performer), 1939 Saga of Death Valley (Performer), 1939 Wall Street Cowboy (Performer), 1939 In Old Caliente (Performer), 1939 The Night Riders (Performer), 1939 Southward Ho (Performer), 1939 I Was a Convict (Performer), 1938 Shine On, Harvest Moon (Performer), 1938 Come On, Rangers (Performer), 1938 Billy the Kid Returns (Performer), 1938 Army Girl (Performer), 1938 The Lone Ranger (Performer), 1935 The Singing Vagabond (Performer), 1962 Samar (Director), 1961 The Steel Claw (Director), 1961 The Steel Claw (Producer), 1962 Samar (Producer), 1961 The Steel Claw (Writer), 1962 Samar (Writer), 1961 The Steel Claw (in person), 1968 The Joey Bishop Show (in person), 1963 Talent Scouts (in person), 1956 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Small Fry (in person), 1952 A Sporting Oasis (in person), 1937/II Dick Tracy (Stunt work), 1939 Wyoming Outlaw (Stunt work), 1939 New Frontier (Stunt work), 1940 Hi-Yo Silver (Stunt work), 1937/I Dick Tracy (Stunt work), 1940 Hi-Yo Silver (Other), 1974 Fred Astaire Salutes the Fox Musicals (Other), 1984 Children's Island (Performer), 1974 The Odd Couple (Performer), 1972 The Daredevil (Performer), 1967 Bomb at 10:10 (Performer), 1959 King of the Wild Stallions (Performer), 1958 The Arthur Murray Party (Performer), 1958 Badman's Country (Performer), 1958 The Toughest Gun in Tombstone (Performer), 1955 Seminole Uprising (Performer), 1955 Studio One in Hollywood (Performer), 1954 The Lone Gun (Performer), 1953 Gun Belt (Performer), 1953 Fort Ti (Performer), 1952 Cripple Creek (Performer), 1950 Davy Crockett, Indian Scout (Performer), 1948 The Girl from Manhattan (Performer), 1947 The Brasher Doubloon (Performer), 1946 Three Little Girls in Blue (Performer), 1941 Cadet Girl (Performer), 1941 Last of the Duanes (Performer), 1941 The Cowboy and the Blonde (Performer), 1939 S.O.S. Tidal Wave (Performer), 1938 Pals of the Saddle (Performer), 1938 Under Western Stars (Performer), 1938 The Old Barn Dance (Performer), 1938 The Purple Vigilantes (Performer), 1962 The Tonight Show (in person), 1959 The Bob Cummings Show (in person), 1958 Screen Snapshots: Salute to Hollywood (in person), 1958 The Life of Riley (in person), 1953 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Stunt Men (in person), 1943 Screen Snapshots Series 23, No. 1: Hollywood in Uniform (in person), 1985 Dikiy veter (Performer), 1979 When the West Was Fun: A Western Reunion (in person), 1991 The Great Indian Wars 1840-1890 (Other), 1974 The Six Million Dollar Man (Performer), 1971 Alias Smith and Jones (Performer), 1970 Satan's Harvest (Performer), 1969 Strangers at Sunrise (Performer), 1966 Hallucination Generation (Performer), 1965 Battle of the Bulge (Performer), 1963 Hawaiian Eye (Performer), 1959 Watusi (Performer), 1958 Wagon Train (Performer), 1957 Pawnee (Performer), 1957 Gun Duel in Durango (Performer), 1957 Last of the Badmen (Performer), 1956 Screen Directors Playhouse (Performer), 1955 Stage 7 (Performer), 1955 Robbers' Roost (Performer), 1954 Battle of Rogue River (Performer), 1953 Jack McCall Desperado (Performer), 1952 The Pathfinder (Performer), 1950 Dakota Lil (Performer), 1948 Belle Starr's Daughter (Performer), 1943 Bomber's Moon (Performer), 1942 Orchestra Wives (Performer), 1940 Charter Pilot (Performer), 1940 Star Dust (Performer), 1939 The Cisco Kid and the Lady (Performer), 1939 South of the Border (Performer), 1939 The Arizona Kid (Performer), 1939 Man of Conquest (Performer), 1939 Frontier Pony Express (Performer), 1938 Hawk of the Wilderness (Performer), 1938 Outlaws of Sonora (Performer), 1937 Springtime in the Rockies (Performer), 1970 Satan's Harvest (Director), 1970 Satan's Harvest (Writer), 1977 Dinah! (in person), 1962 Password All-Stars (in person), 1960 About Faces (in person), 1959 What's My Line (in person), 1955 The Name's the Same (in person)

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