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Gladys Leslie Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: March 05, 1899 in New York City, New York
Died: October 02, 1976 in Boynton Beach, Florida
Gladys Leslie (1899-1976) was an American silent film actress, best known for her work throughout the 1910s and 20s as one of the biggest female stars of the time. She began her career in 1915, working on films produced by the Edison Company; Leslie first came to prominence in The Vicar of Wakefield (1917) after which she was cast in leading roles in films such as An Amateur Orphan (1917), A Child for Sale (1920), and Haldane of the Secret Service (1923).
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1923-Man-and-Wife (Performer), 1921-Jim-the-Penman (Performer), 1921-Straight-Is-the-Way (Performer), 1918-A-Nymph-of-the-Foothills (Performer), 1918-The-Soap-Girl (Performer), 1918-The-Little-Runaway (Performer), 1916-Deteckters (Performer), 1916-The-Skilful-Sleigher's-Strategy (Performer), 1915-Cartoons-in-a-Sanitarium (Performer), 1915-It-May-Be-You (Performer), 1922-The-Darling-of-the-Rich (Performer), 1922-Sisters (Performer), 1921-God's-Country-and-the-Law (Performer), 1920-The-Midnight-Bride (Performer), 1919-The-Gray-Towers-Mystery (Performer), 1919-A-Stitch-in-Time (Performer), 1918-Sylvia's-Last-Pledge (Performer), 1918-Little-Miss-No-Account (Performer), 1918-The-Wooing-of-Princess-Pat (Performer), 1917-His-Own-People (Performer), 1917-The-Vicar-of-Wakefield (Performer), 1916-Peterson's-Pitiful-Plight (Performer), 1915-Her-Happiness (Performer), 1915-Cartoons-in-a-Seminary (Performer), 1915-Cartoons-on-the-Beach (Performer), 1923-Broadway-Broke (Performer), 1923-If-Winter-Comes (Performer), 1922-Timothy's-Quest (Performer), 1919-The-Girl-Woman (Performer), 1919-Fortune's-Child (Performer), 1918-Wild-Primrose (Performer), 1917-It-Happened-to-Adele (Performer), 1917-An-Amateur-Orphan (Performer), 1917-Her-Beloved-Enemy (Performer), 1916-Simple-Simon's-Schooling (Performer), 1916-Betrayed (Performer), 1915-Cartoons-in-the-Country (Performer), 1915-The-Butler (Performer), 1915-Ranson's-Folly (Performer), 1915-The-Test (Performer), 1925-Pearl-of-Love (Performer), 1925-Enemies-of-Youth (Performer), 1923-Haldane-of-the-Secret-Service (Performer), 1922-The-Snitching-Hour (Performer), 1920-A-Child-for-Sale (Performer), 1919-The-Golden-Shower (Performer), 1919-Too-Many-Crooks (Performer), 1919-Miss-Dulcie-from-Dixie (Performer), 1918-The-Beloved-Impostor (Performer), 1918-The-Mating (Performer), 1917-When-Love-Was-Blind (Performer), 1916-Doughnuts (Performer), 1916-Steven's-Sweet-Sisters (Performer), 1915-A-Clean-Sweep (Performer)

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