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Born: May 1, 1916 in Sainte-Christine-d'Auvergne, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada
Died: August 30, 2006 in Beverly Hills, California
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2007 Cámara negra. Teatro Victoria Eugenia (Other), 1970 Nothing for Granted: The Story of the Navy's Test and Evaluation (in person), 1956 The Ed Sullivan Show (Other), 1946 Screen Snapshots Series 25, No. 10: Famous Fathers and Sons (in person), 1952 The White Road (Performer), 2009 Banda sonora (Other), 2008 Back Nine at Cherry Hills: The Legends of the 1960 U.S. Open (Other), 2001 The Making of 'Midway' (Other), 2006 Premio Donostia a Matt Dillon (Other), 1962 Experiment in Terror (Performer), 1957 3:10 to Yuma (Performer), 1956 Jubal (Performer), 1955 The Violent Men (Performer), 1954 Human Desire (Performer), 1954 City Story (Performer), 1953 Appointment in Honduras (Performer), 1952 Affair in Trinidad (Performer), 1951 Follow the Sun (Performer), 1950 The Flying Missile (Performer), 1948 The Man from Colorado (Performer), 1948 The Mating of Millie (Performer), 1946 A Stolen Life (Performer), 1942 Flight Lieutenant (Performer), 1941 Go West, Young Lady (Performer), 1940 The Lady in Question (Performer), 1940 Babies for Sale (Performer), 1940 Men Without Souls (Performer), 1939 My Son Is Guilty (Performer), 1994 100 Years of the Hollywood Western (in person), 1987 Circus of the Stars #12 (in person), 1985 The 42nd Annual Golden Globe Awards (in person), 1969 The Mike Douglas Show (in person), 1968 Personality (in person), 1966 The Merv Griffin Show (in person), 1956 Operation Teahouse (in person), 1955 The 27th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1950 Screen Actors (in person), 1943 Show-Business at War (in person), 1991 Raw Nerve (Performer), 1989 Casablanca Express (Performer), 1986 My Town (Performer), 1980 Day of Resurrection (Performer), 1979 The Gift (Performer), 1978 Evening in Byzantium (Performer), 1978 Police Story (Performer), 1977 The 3,000 Mile Chase (Performer), 1974 Punch and Jody (Performer), 1974 Target Eva Jones (Performer), 1973 Jarrett (Performer), 1970 The Brotherhood of the Bell (Performer), 1970 Howdy (Performer), 1969 Heaven with a Gun (Performer), 1968 Day of the Evil Gun (Performer), 1967 The Last Challenge (Performer), 1965 The Money Trap (Performer), 1964 Fate Is the Hunter (Performer), 1953 Terror on a Train (Performer), 1967 The 39th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1994 Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater (Other), 1943 Guadalcanal Diary (Performer), 1985 All-Star Party for 'Dutch' Reagan (in person), 2007 Jack Taylor of Beverly Hills (Other), 1965 Hollywood My Home Town (Other), 1955-1956 MGM Parade (Other), 2005 Cinema mil (Other), 1943 Screen Snapshots Series 23, No. 1: Hollywood in Uniform (in person), 2006 Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film (Other), 1994 Biography (Other), 1963 Hollywood Without Make-Up (Other), 1980 Superman II (Other), 1956 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Goes a Fishin' (Other), 1979 The Sacketts (Performer), 1978 No Margin for Error (Performer), 1976 Midway (Performer), 1975 The Family Holvak (Performer), 1964 Advance to the Rear (Performer), 1962 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Performer), 1959 It Started with a Kiss (Performer), 1958 The Sheepman (Performer), 1958 Shower of Stars (Performer), 1958 Cowboy (Performer), 1956 The Teahouse of the August Moon (Performer), 1956 Ransom! (Performer), 1955 Trial (Performer), 1955 Interrupted Melody (Performer), 1955 The Americano (Performer), 1953 The Man from the Alamo (Performer), 1952 Young Man with Ideas (Performer), 1951 The Redhead and the Cowboy (Performer), 1949 Mr. Soft Touch (Performer), 1948 The Return of October (Performer), 1947 Framed (Performer), 1942 The Adventures of Martin Eden (Performer), 1940 Blondie Plays Cupid (Performer), 1984 The 44th Annual Golden Apple Awards (in person), 1979 When the West Was Fun: A Western Reunion (in person), 1978 When Havoc Struck (in person), 1974-1975 ABC Late Night (in person), 1974 Celebrity Sweepstakes (in person), 1974 Friends of Man (in person), 1973 This Is Your Life (in person), 1971 Once Upon a Wheel (in person), 1966 The Bob Hope Show (in person), 1966 Reflets de Cannes (in person), 1962 Here's Hollywood (in person), 1957 A Day Called X (in person), 1957 Person to Person (in person), 1957 To Tell the Truth (in person), 1955 Hollywood Mothers and Fathers (in person), 1955 Have Faith in Our Children (in person), 1942 Screen Snapshots Series 21, No. 6 (in person), 1973 The 15th Annual TV Week Logie Awards (in person), 1968-1972 The Dean Martin Comedy Hour (in person), 1969 MCRD, San Diego (in person), 1968 The Joey Bishop Show (in person), 1966 Hollywood Talent Scouts (in person), 1956 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Small Fry (in person), 1990 Border Shootout (Performer), 1981 Happy Birthday to Me (Performer), 1979 Day of the Assassin (Performer), 1979 Beggarman, Thief (Performer), 1974 The Greatest Gift (Performer), 1974 The Disappearance of Flight 412 (Performer), 1973 Santee (Performer), 1971-1972 Cade's County (Performer), 1967 A Time for Killing (Performer), 1965 The Rounders (Performer), 1964 Dear Heart (Performer), 1961 Pocketful of Miracles (Performer), 1961 Cry for Happy (Performer), 1956 The Fastest Gun Alive (Performer), 1953 Plunder of the Sun (Performer), 1950 Convicted (Performer), 1950 The White Tower (Performer), 1949 Lust for Gold (Performer), 1946 Gilda (Performer), 1941 Texas (Performer), 1939 Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence (Performer), 1937 Night in Manhattan (Performer), 1961 Pocketful of Miracles (Producer), 1992 Our Hollywood Education (in person), 1990 Un dia és un dia (in person), 1981 Great White Death (in person), 1980 Where Have All the Children Gone (in person), 1979 The Hollywood Clowns (in person), 1978 America Alive! (in person), 1978 Dinah! (in person), 1976 The Rich Little Show (in person), 1973 The Wacky World of Jonathan Winters (in person), 1971-1973 V.I.P.-Schaukel (in person), 2005 Premio Donostia a Willem Dafoe (Other), 1977 That's Action (Other), 1964 Hollywood and the Stars (Other), 1982 Star-Studded Spoof of the New TV Season, G-Rated, with Glamour, (in person), 1981 Margret Dünser, auf der Suche nach den Besonderen (Other), 2006 Premio Donostia a Max Von Sydow (Other), 1991 Final Verdict (Performer), 1979 The Visitor (Performer), 1978 Superman (Performer), 1976-1977 Once an Eagle (Performer), 1969 Smith! (Performer), 1966 Rage (Performer), 1966 Is Paris Burning (Performer), 1963 Love Is a Ball (Performer), 1963 The Courtship of Eddie's Father (Performer), 1960 Cimarron (Performer), 1959 The Gazebo (Performer), 1958 Torpedo Run (Performer), 1958 Imitation General (Performer), 1957 Don't Go Near the Water (Performer), 1955 Blackboard Jungle (Performer), 1953 The Big Heat (Performer), 1951 The Secret of Convict Lake (Performer), 1949 The Doctor and the Girl (Performer), 1949 The Undercover Man (Performer), 1948 The Loves of Carmen (Performer), 1946 Gallant Journey (Performer), 1943 Destroyer (Performer), 1943 The Desperadoes (Performer), 1941 So Ends Our Night (Performer), 1940 Convicted Woman (Performer), 1953 The Faith of Our Children (Producer), 2007 The 79th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1991 All-Star Salute to Our Troops (in person), 1990 Gran premio internazionale della TV (in person), 1985 Comedy Salute to the Soaps (in person), 1980-1981 The John Davidson Show (in person), 1981 The Rebels: Marlon Brando (in person), 1980 Sinatra: The First 40 Years (in person), 1980 The Making of 'Superman: The Movie' (in person), 1966-1975 The Hollywood Squares (in person), 1973 RCA's Opening Night (in person), 1971 The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour (in person), 1970 America (in person), 1963-1969 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (in person), 1966 A Bob Hope Comedy Special (in person), 1966 The Eamonn Andrews Show (in person), 1954-1955 This Is Your Life (in person), 1948 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Holiday (in person), 2005 Budd Boetticher: A Man Can Do That (Other), 2007 Memòries de la tele (Other), 2001 Pulp Cinema (Other), 1969 Name d_roppers (in person), 1953 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood's Greatest Comedians (in person), 2001 Taking Flight: The Development of 'Superman' (Other), 2000 Hollywood Remembers Lee Marvin (Other), 2001 AFI's 100 Years... 100 Thrills: America's Most Heart-Pounding (in person)
Theater Credits
Soliloquy - Performer (November 28, 1938 - November 1938)

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