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Gordon Lee Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: October 25, 1933 in Fort Worth, Texas
Died: October 16, 2005 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
 Gordon Eugene Lee (1933-2005) made his debut as "Porky" in 1935 in an episode entitled "Little Sinner". Appearing in a number of Our Gang films over the next four years, he is best remembered for teaming up with Buckwheat for some of the gang's classic comedy moments. "O'tay" (meaning "Okay") was Porky's only line. Lee was also seen in the syndicated TV version of the comedies, which aired as The Little Rascals.
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1955-The-Little-Rascals (Other), 1986-Classic-Comedy-Teams (Other), 1959-Little-Rascals-Varieties (Other), 1936-Bored-of-Education (Performer), 1936-Second-Childhood (Performer), 1935-Little-Sinner (Performer), 1939-Joy-Scouts (Performer), 1939-Clown-Princes (Performer), 1939-Tiny-Troubles (Performer), 1938-Feed-'em-and-Weep (Performer), 1938-Three-Men-in-a-Tub (Performer), 1937-Roamin'-Holiday (Performer), 1936-Spooky-Hooky (Performer), 1936-Pay-As-You-Exit (Performer), 1939-Auto-Antics (Performer), 1939-Cousin-Wilbur (Performer), 1939-Alfalfa's-Aunt (Performer), 1938-Practical-Jokers (Performer), 1938-Men-in-Fright (Performer), 1938-Party-Fever (Performer), 1938-Bear-Facts (Performer), 1938-Canned-Fishing (Performer), 1937-Fishy-Tales (Performer), 1937-Three-Smart-Boys (Performer), 1939-Dog-Daze (Performer), 1938-Hide-and-Shriek (Performer), 1938-The-Awful-Tooth (Performer), 1937-Our-Gang-Follies-of-1938 (Performer), 1937/I-Mail-and-Female (Performer), 1937-Framing-Youth (Performer), 1937-Night-'n'-Gales (Performer), 1937-Hearts-Are-Thumps (Performer), 1937-Reunion-in-Rhythm (Performer), 1936-General-Spanky (Performer), 1936-Two-Too-Young (Performer), 1936-Divot-Diggers (Performer), 1936-The-Pinch-Singer (Performer), 1939-Duel-Personalities (Performer), 1938-Football-Romeo (Performer), 1938-Aladdin's-Lantern (Performer), 1938-The-Little-Ranger (Performer), 1938-Came-the-Brawn (Performer), 1937-The-Pigskin-Palooka (Performer), 1937-Rushin'-Ballet (Performer), 1937-Glove-Taps (Performer), 1935-Our-Gang-Follies-of-1936 (Performer)

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