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Henry Clay Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: April 12, 1777 in Hanover County, Virginia
Died: June 29, 1852 in Washington, District of Columbia
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Clay (1777-1852), who became known as "the Great Pacificator", took office as Secretary of State under President John Q. Adams during less than peaceful circumstances. One of four Presidential hopefuls in the 1824 election, Clay had fewer electoral votes than Adams, Andrew Jackson or William Crawford and was forced to withdraw. Clay's 37 electoral votes determined the outcome of the election when, on the evening of Jan. 9, 1825, he visited Adams, and they struck a bargain. Adams won the election and the animosity of both Jackson and Crawford, who cried "corrupt bargain". Their charge gained credibility when Clay headed the list of Adams' Cabinet appointments. Clay also served as U.S. Senator (1806-1807, 1810-1811, 1831-1842, 1849-1852), Congressman (1811-1814, 1815-1821, 1823-1825) and Speaker of the House (all years in Congress except 1821). He set his bids on the presidency in two additional elections: as the National Republican (Whig) nominee in 1832 (losing to Jackson) and the Whig nominee in 1844 (defeated by Polk). When Clay died on June 29, 1852, he was sure that his last great work, the Compromise of 1850, had permanently averted a Civil War. Unfortunately, the compromise only delayed the inevitable for a decade.
  • HENRY CLAY Henry Clay signs an autograph document in answer to a complaint against him. Legal Autograph Document Signed: "Henry Clay" in text (first line), 2p, 7½x12¾, front and verso. No place but probablyLexington, Kentucky,no date but probably between1800 and 1810. Clay is co-defendant.

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  • HENRY CLAY Young Clay sues for payment of debt owed him just before he goes into public office. Autograph Document Signed: "H. Clay pp" and "Henry Clay" twice in text, 1p, 7½x12½. Fayette Circuit, 1807 August 22 (from docket on verso).

    Sale Price $765.00


  • HENRY CLAY. Files a defense of a legal guardian's stewardship of land in Virginia Autograph Document signed: "Clay for deft", 4p, 7¾x12¼. Fayette County Court, [Lexington] Kentucky, 1802 September 11.

    Sale Price $1,190.00


  • HENRY CLAY Unsigned deposition in an 1812 property case heard in Fayette Circuit Court, handwritten by Henry Clay during his first term as Congressman Autograph document unsigned. Pencil notations in unknown hand. 7½x12½, 1 sheet folded, front and verso, docketed on verso. No date, but filed Aug. 21, 1812.

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  • HENRY CLAY Henry Clay sends an autograph letter as U.S. Senator of thanks for the letter and food. Autograph Letter Signed: "Henry Clay" as U.S. Senator, 1p, 7¾x10. Washington, 1850 March 4. To Thomas Kirkpatrick, Esq.

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  • Henry Clay wrote this letter from his Ashland estate in Kentucky in 1829, about nine months after he stepped down as President John Quincy Adams' Secretary of State. In it, he talks about President Andrew Jackson - "the Military despot" - as well as the election and a friend who had published a letter of his without his permission.

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  • HENRY CLAY. Partly Printed DS: "Brown & Clay" for plaintiff, 1p, 8x6½. Fayette County, Kentucky, 179_. In part: "Robert Russell complains of William Creath in custody, &c for this, to wit, that the said the parish of Kentucky, and county aforesaid, with force and arms, &c.

    Sale Price $595.00


  • HENRY CLAYThe United States politician known as “The Great Compromiser” is featured in this unsigned engraving Engraving Unsigned: Actual engraving 3¾x5 with a white border around it (one surface) for a total size of 9½x12. Printed name and signature underneath the engraving.

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  • HENRY CLAY. Franking signature: "Free H. Clay", 5x2¾ front panel addressed by Clay to: "Mr. & Mrs. David A. Hall/Corner of C & 3rd Streets/Washington". Clay represented Kentucky in the U.S. Senate and House of

    Sale Price $935.00


  • HENRY CLAYA free frank signed by the United States Senator known as "The Great Compromiser" Free Frank Signed: "H. Clay" in upper-right corner to "W.W. Boardman Esqr./ New Haven/ Connecticut". Circular Washington D.C. postmark notes the date of May 26. 4¾x6 of envelope visible in frame.

    Sale Price $935.00


  • HENRY CLAY. Address Leaf franked: "Free H. Clay" as U.S. Senator, 5¼x3. Addressed by Clay to: "N. Sargent Esqr/Philadelphia/Pa". Portion of1838 August 14 Lexington, Kentuckypostmark. Docket on verso indicates year. Henry Clay, who was elected to the U.S.

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  • HENRY CLAY Third Person Autograph Letter (1818) to the US Comptroller, alluding to his first dispute with his future bitter rival, Andrew Jackson Third Person Autograph Letter. One page, 8x4½. Lexington (Kentucky), 1818 July 20. To [US Representative Richard] Cutts.

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  • HENRY CLAY Henry Clay wrote this third person autograph letter in 1825, while he was Secretary of State under President John Quincy Adams, to turn down an invitation to dinner with a general. Third person autograph letter signed "Mr. Clay" as J.Q. Adams' Secretary of State.

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