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Born: October 13, 1891 in Buffalo, New York
Died: April 22, 1988 in Hope Ranch, California
Irene Rich (1891-1988) frequently co-starred in films with Will Rogers-appearing in eight. Two of her last films were with John Wayne - Angel and the Badman (1947) and Fort Apache (1948). She also hosted a radio anthology series, Irene Rich Dramas (1933-1944).
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1940 The Lady in Question (Performer), 1932 Down to Earth (Performer), 1931/I The Champ (Performer), 1931 The Mad Parade (Performer), 1931 Strangers May Kiss (Performer), 1931 Beau Ideal (Performer), 1929 They Had to See Paris (Performer), 1929 The Exalted Flapper (Performer), 1929 Shanghai Rose (Performer), 1928 Perfect Crime (Performer), 1927 The Silver Slave (Performer), 1927 The Climbers (Performer), 1927 Don't Tell the Wife (Performer), 1926 My Official Wife (Performer), 1925 The Man Without a Conscience (Performer), 1924 A Lost Lady (Performer), 1923 Defying Destiny (Performer), 1923 Rosita (Performer), 1923 Yesterday's Wife (Performer), 1923 Michael O'Halloran (Performer), 1922 While Justice Waits (Performer), 1922 A Fool There Was (Performer), 1922 One Clear Call (Performer), 1922 The Call of Home (Performer), 1921 The Invisible Power (Performer), 1921 A Voice in the Dark (Performer), 1921 A Tale of Two Worlds (Performer), 1921 Boys Will Be Boys (Performer), 1921 One Man in a Million (Performer), 1921 Sunset Jones (Performer), 1920 Godless Men (Performer), 1920 Just Out of College (Performer), 1920 The Street Called Straight (Performer), 1920/II Water, Water, Everywhere (Performer), 1919 Her Purchase Price (Performer), 1919 A Man in the Open (Performer), 1919 Todd of the Times (Performer), 1918 A Desert Wooing (Performer), 1940 Screen Snapshots: Seeing Hollywood (in person), 1933 March of the Movies (Other), 1940 Queen of the Yukon (Performer), 1938 Hollywood Handicap (Performer), 1930 So This Is London (Performer), 1928 Ned McCobb's Daughter (Performer), 1928 Across the Atlantic (Performer), 1928 Beware of Married Men (Performer), 1924 Cytherea (Performer), 1924 Beau Brummel (Performer), 1924 Pal o' Mine (Performer), 1923 Lucretia Lombard (Performer), 1923 Brass (Performer), 1923 Dangerous Trails (Performer), 1922 Brawn of the North (Performer), 1921 The Poverty of Riches (Performer), 1920 Jes' Call Me Jim (Performer), 1919 The Blue Bonnet (Performer), 1919 The Lone Star Ranger (Performer), 1939 Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 6 (in person), 1924 Being Respect_able (Performer), 1949 The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre (Performer), 1948 Fort Apache (Performer), 1947 Calendar Girl (Performer), 1942 This Time for Keeps (Performer), 1940 The Mortal Storm (Performer), 1939 The Right Way (Performer), 1938 That Certain Age (Performer), 1934 Spitfire (Performer), 1931 Wicked (Performer), 1931 Father's Son (Performer), 1930 On Your Back (Performer), 1928 Powder My Back (Performer), 1927 Dearie (Performer), 1926 Silken Shackles (Performer), 1925 Lady Windermere's Fan (Performer), 1925 The Wife Who Wasn't Wanted (Performer), 1924 This Woman (Performer), 1924 Behold This Woman (Performer), 1924 Captain January (Performer), 1923 Boy of Mine (Performer), 1922 The Marriage Chance (Performer), 1922 The Ropin' Fool (Performer), 1922 Strength of the Pines (Performer), 1919 The Spite Bride (Performer), 1919 Castles in the Air (Performer), 1918 The Girl in His House (Performer), 1938 Personality Parade (Other), 1931 Five and Ten (Performer), 1930 Check and Double Check (Performer), 1929 Daughters of Desire (Performer), 1928 Women They Talk About (Performer), 1928 Craig's Wife (Performer), 1927 The Desired Woman (Performer), 1926 The Honeymoon Express (Performer), 1925 Pleasure Buyers (Performer), 1925 Compromise (Performer), 1925 Eve's Lover (Performer), 1925 My Wife and I (Performer), 1924 A Woman Who Sinned (Performer), 1924 What the Butler Saw (Performer), 1923 Snowdrift (Performer), 1922 The Yosemite Trail (Performer), 1922 The Trap (Performer), 1921 Desperate Trails (Performer), 1920 Stop Thief (Performer), 1920 The Strange Boarder (Performer), 1919 Wolves of the Night (Performer), 1919 The Sneak (Performer), 1919 The Silver Girl (Performer), 1918 A Law Unto Herself (Performer), 1948 Joan of Arc (Performer), 1947 New Orleans (Performer), 1947 Angel and the Badman (Performer), 1941 Three Sons o' Guns (Performer), 1940 Keeping Company (Performer), 1939 Everybody's Hobby (Performer), 1932 Manhattan Tower (Performer), 1932 Her Mad Night (Performer)
Theater Credits
As the Girls Go - Performer (November 13, 1948 - January 14, 1950), Seven Keys to Baldpate - Performer (May 27, 1935 - June 1935)

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