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Born: July 17, 1899 in New York City, New York
Died: March 30, 1986 in Stanfordville, New York
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James Cagney (1899-1986), who appeared in leading roles on Broadway from the mid-1920s, gained film stardom, legendary tough guy status and an iconic pineapple-to-the-puss scene in Public Enemy (1931). In addition to his Best Actor Oscar for Yankee Doodle Dandy, he received two additional Oscar nominations in the category for Angels With Dirty Faces (1938) and Love Me Or Leave Me (1955). After years of health problems, Cagney made a successful film comeback in Ragtime (1981). Yankee Doodle Dandy, the musical film portrait of composer, singer and actor George M. Cohan (1878-1942), won four Oscars, including Cagney's as Best Actor and three more related to the musical score. It notched five more nominations, including Best Film and Best Director (Michael Curtiz). The film is included in the American Film Institute's listing of 100 greatest American films (at #79), and is #18 on AFI's roster of film musicals. Another interesting reference in Cagney's letter is to his circle of actor friends known to press as "the Irish mafia." Patrick McGilligan, the letter's recipient, is a noted film biographer, who has published studies of Alfred Hitchcock, Fritz Lang, Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, among others. His biography Cagney: the Actor as Auteur, was published in 1980.
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1950 The West Point Story (Performer), 1949 White Heat (Performer), 1943 Johnny Come Lately (Performer), 1941 The Strawberry Blonde (Performer), 1935 Mutiny on the Bounty (Performer), 1935 A Midsummer Night's Dream (Performer), 1934 He Was Her Man (Performer), 1933 Lady Killer (Performer), 1982 Night of 100 Stars (in person), 1981 Parkinson (in person), 1958 Navy Log (in person), 1943 Show-Business at War (in person), 1935 A Dream Comes True (in person), 1934 The Hollywood Gad-About (in person), 1980 The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts (in person), 2004 Remembering 'Ragtime' (Other), 1995 Wild Bill: Hollywood Maverick (Other), 1982 Henry Fonda: The Man and His Movies (Other), 2008 Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical Treasure (Sound), 1962 The Road to the Wall (in person), 2008 Empire State Building Murders (Other), 2008 Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical Treasure (Other), 2004 Behind the Tunes: Looney Tunes Go Hollywood (Other), 1988 Happy Birthday, Bob: 50 Stars Salute Your 50 Years with NBC (Other), 1936 Breakdowns of 1936 (in person), 1994 Entertaining the Troops (Other), 1992 James Cagney: Top of the World (Other), 1959-1963 The Ed Sullivan Show (Other), 1985 That's Dancing! (Sound), 2003 Complicated Women (Other), 1985 That's Dancing! (Other), 1980 Fade to Black (Other), 1980 Bob Hope's Overseas Christmas Tours: Around the World with the (Other), 1956 MGM Parade (Other), 1984 Terrible Joe Moran (Performer), 1966 The Ballad of Smokey the Bear (Performer), 1961 One, Two, Three (Performer), 1960 The Gallant Hours (Performer), 1959 Shake Hands with the Devil (Performer), 1957 The Christophers (Performer), 1956 Tribute to a Bad Man (Performer), 1955 Love Me or Leave Me (Performer), 1952 What Price Glory (Performer), 1951 Come Fill the Cup (Performer), 1948 The Time of Your Life (Performer), 1947 13 Rue Madeleine (Performer), 1945 Blood on the Sun (Performer), 1943 You, John Jones! (Performer), 1942 Yankee Doodle Dandy (Performer), 1941 The Bride Came C.O.D. (Performer), 1940 Torrid Zone (Performer), 1939 Each Dawn I Die (Performer), 1937 Something to Sing About (Performer), 1936 Ceiling Zero (Performer), 1935 Frisco Kid (Performer), 1934 The St. Louis Kid (Performer), 1933 Picture Snatcher (Performer), 1932 The Crowd Roars (Performer), 1931 Blonde Crazy (Performer), 1960 The Gallant Hours (Producer), 1960 The Gallant Hours (Director), 1956-1981 Today (in person), 1979 Good Morning America (in person), 1951 Starlift (in person), 1949 The Actor's Society Benefit Gala (in person), 1981 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Fred Astaire (in person), 1998 Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream (Other), 1983 Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage (Other), 1975 Brother Can You Spare a Dime (Other), 2008 Warner at War (Sound), 2013 America's Book of Secrets (Other), 1978 Hollywood's Diamond Jubilee (in person), 2008 Public Enemies: The Golden Age of the Gangster Film (Other), 1997-2008 American Masters (Other), 1955 When the Talkies Were Young (Other), 1942 Calling All Girls (Sound), 2011 Close-Up (Other), 2009 1939: Hollywood's Greatest Year (Other), 1942 Calling All Girls (Other), 1988 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Jack Lemmon (Other), 2013 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (Other), 2003 Great Performances (Other), 1999 James Cagney on Film (Other), 1993 L'oeil de Vichy (Other), 1982 Showbiz Goes to War (Other), 1959 Never Steal Anything Small (Performer), 1957 Man of a Thousand Faces (Performer), 1956 Robert Montgomery Presents (Performer), 1955 Mister Roberts (Performer), 1955 Run for Cover (Performer), 1953 A Lion Is in the Streets (Performer), 1942 Captains of the Clouds (Performer), 1940 City for Conquest (Performer), 1940 The Fighting 69th (Performer), 1939 The Roaring Twenties (Performer), 1939 The Oklahoma Kid (Performer), 1936 Great Guy (Performer), 1935 The Irish in Us (Performer), 1935 Devil Dogs of the Air (Performer), 1932 Winner Take All (Performer), 1931 Other Men's Women (Performer), 1981 James Cagney: That Yankee Doodle Dandy (in person), 1960 What's My Line (in person), 1955-1959 The Ed Sullivan Show (in person), 1959 The 31st Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1955 The Christophers (in person), 1954 This Is Your Life (in person), 1939 Hollywood Hobbies (in person), 1938 For Auld Lang Syne (in person), 1935 Screen Snapshots Series 14, No. 8 (in person), 1935 A Trip Thru a Hollywood Studio (in person), 1931 James Cagney (in person), 1996 Bogart: The Untold Story (Other), 1976 America at the Movies (Other), 1943 The Voice That Thrilled the World (Sound), 2006 Amérique, notre histoire (Other), 1998 The Canadians (Other), 1943 The Voice That Thrilled the World (Other), 1943 Oklahoma Outlaws (Other), 2009 Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History - The 1930s: (Other), 1992-1996 Biography (Other), 1963-1964 Hollywood and the Stars (Other), 1946 Okay for Sound (Other), 1940 Tear Gas Squad (Other), 2006 Billy Wilder Speaks (Other), 1984 Going Hollywood: The '30s (Other), 1976 That's Entertainment, Part II (Other), 1974 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to James Cagney (in person), 1940 Screen Snapshots Series 19, No. 9: Sports in Hollywood (in person), 2010 Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (Other), 2006 Stardust: The Bette Davis Story (Other), 2004 Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust (Other), 1976 Kristina Talking Pictures (Other), 1981 Ragtime (Performer), 1968 Arizona Bushwhackers (Performer), 1956 These Wilder Years (Performer), 1955 The Seven Little Foys (Performer), 1950 Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Performer), 1938 Angels with Dirty Faces (Performer), 1938 Boy Meets Girl (Performer), 1935 'G' Men (Performer), 1934 Here Comes the Navy (Performer), 1934 Jimmy the Gent (Performer), 1933 Footlight Parade (Performer), 1933 The Mayor of Hell (Performer), 1933 Hard to Handle (Performer), 1932 Taxi! (Performer), 1931 Smart Money (Performer), 1931 The Millionaire (Performer), 1931 The Public Enemy (Performer), 1930 The Doorway to Hell (Performer), 1930 Sinners' Holiday (Performer), 1957 Short Cut to Hell (Director), 1957 Short Cut to Hell (in person), 1960 The Jack Paar Tonight Show (in person), 1956 The Bob Hope Show (in person), 1956 The 28th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1955 Down on the Farm with James Cagney (in person), 1944 Battle Stations (in person), 1936 Screen Snapshots Series 16, No. 1 (in person), 2009 Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History - The 1940s: (Sound), 1991 Here's Looking at You, Warner Bros. (Sound), 2003 Tupac: Resurrection (Other), 1991 Here's Looking at You, Warner Bros. (Other), 1982 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (Other), 1970 Happy Days (Other), 1975 Hooray for Hollywood (Sound), 2005 Bullets Over Hollywood (Other), 2003 James Cagney and Jack Warner (Other), 1998 Warner Bros. 75th Anniversary: No Guts, No Glory (Other), 1975 Hooray for Hollywood (Other), 1992 Fonda on Fonda (Other), 1984 Remington Steele (Other), 1935 Things You Never See on the Screen (in person), 2004 Broadway: The American Musical (Other), 2002 The Kid Stays in the Picture (Other), 2000 Modern Marvels (Other), 1976 It's Showtime (Other), 1933 Wild Boys of the Road (Other), 2007 The Brothers Warner (Sound), 1980 Hollywood (Other), 1961-1962 The DuPont Show of the Week (Other), 1997 American Masters (Sound), 1931 How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones No. 11: 'Practice Shots' (in person), 1941 Breakdowns of 1941 (Other)
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Penny Arcade - Performer (March 10, 1930 - March 1930), Maggie the Magnificent - Performer (October 21, 1929 - November 1929), Grand Street Follies [1929] - Performer (May 1, 1929 - July 1929), Grand Street Follies [1928] - Performer (May 28, 1928 - October 1928), Women Go On Forever - Performer (September 7, 1927 - December 1927), Outside Looking In - Performer (September 7, 1925 - December 1925), Pitter Patter - Performer (September 28, 1920 - January 1, 1921)

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