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Jeanette Macdonald Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: June 18, 1903 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died: January 14, 1965 in Houston, Texas
Jeannette MacDonald's (1903-1965), best early films was Monte Carlo (1930) as she sang "Beyond the Blue Horizon" from the observation car of a moving train. In 1935, MGM teamed MacDonald with baritone Nelson Eddy in Naughty Marietta, the first of eight highly popular MacDonald-Eddy film musicals. Though mercilessly lampooned by comedians, the pair's films were consummately produced and strove to entertain every member of the film audience, not merely opera lovers. After I Married an Angel (1942), the singing team split. MacDonald trained diligently to become a bona fide opera star, finally making her operatic debut in a 1943 Montreal production of Romeo and Juliet.
Film Credits | show moreshow less
1956-Screen-Directors-Playhouse (Performer), 1957-The-Big-Record (in person), 1952-What's-My-Line (in person), 1938-Hollywood-Goes-to-Town (in person), 1936-Screen-Snapshots-Series-15,-No.-11 (in person), 1933-Hollywood-on-Parade-No.-A-7 (in person), 1951-The-Ed-Sullivan-Show (in person), 1949-Some-of-the-Best:-Twenty-Five-Years-of-Motion-Picture-Leadership (in person), 1995-The-First-100-Years:-A-Celebration-of-American-Movies (Other), 1955-MGM-Parade (Sound), 1994-That's-Entertainment!-III (Sound), 1994-That's-Entertainment!-III (Other), 1955-1956-MGM-Parade (Other), 1975-Brother-Can-You-Spare-a-Dime (Other), 1941-Smilin'-Through (Performer), 1940-Bitter-Sweet (Performer), 1940-New-Moon (Performer), 1936-Rose-Marie (Performer), 1932-One-Hour-with-You (Performer), 1930-The-Lottery-Bride (Performer), 1953-The-Jackie-Gleason-Show (in person), 1990-Mr.-&-Mrs.-Bridge (Sound), 1974-Just-One-More-Time (Other), 1959-The-Jack-Paar-Tonight-Show (in person), 2008-Hollywood-Singing-and-Dancing:-A-Musical-History---The-1920s:-The (Sound), 1986-The-Spencer-Tracy-Legacy:-A-Tribute-by-Katharine-Hepburn (Other), 1949-The-Sun-Comes-Up (Performer), 1938-Sweethearts (Performer), 1935-La-veuve-joyeuse (Performer), 1931-Annabelle's-Affairs (Performer), 1930-Monte-Carlo (Performer), 1930-Let's-Go-Native (Performer), 1930-The-Vagabond-King (Performer), 1929-The-Love-Parade (Performer), 1958-Person-to-Person (in person), 1953-This-Is-Your-Life (in person), 1940-The-Miracle-of-Sound (in person), 1938-Screen-Snapshots-Series-18,-No.-1 (in person), 1939-Land-of-Liberty (Other), 2004-Broadway:-The-American-Musical (Other), 1932-Une-heure-pres-de-toi (Performer), 1999-2003-Great-Performances (Other), 1992-Nelson-and-Jeanette (Other), 1940-Hollywood:-Style-Center-of-the-World (Other), 1975-Hooray-for-Hollywood (Other), 1965-The-Love-Goddesses (Other), 2009-Hollywood-Singing-and-Dancing:-A-Musical-History---The-1940s: (Sound), 1975-Hooray-for-Hollywood (Sound), 1965-The-Love-Goddesses (Sound), 1931-All-Women-are-Bad (Performer), 1950-Moments-in-Music (Sound), 1963-1964-Hollywood-and-the-Stars (Other), 1950-Moments-in-Music (Other), 1976-America-at-the-Movies (Other), 2009-Hollywood-Singing-and-Dancing:-A-Musical-History---The-1930s: (Sound), 1976-That's-Entertainment,-Part-II (Sound), 2009-Hollywood-Singing-and-Dancing:-A-Musical-History---The-1930s: (Other), 1976-That's-Entertainment,-Part-II (Other), 1978-The-Waltons (Sound), 1974-That's-Entertainment! (Sound), 1974-That's-Entertainment! (Other), 1957-Playhouse-90 (Performer), 1948-Three-Daring-Daughters (Performer), 1942-Cairo (Performer), 1942-I-Married-an-Angel (Performer), 1939-Broadway-Serenade (Performer), 1938-The-Girl-of-the-Golden-West (Performer), 1937-The-Firefly (Performer), 1937-Maytime (Performer), 1936-San-Francisco (Performer), 1935-Naughty-Marietta (Performer), 1934-The-Merry-Widow (Performer), 1934-The-Cat-and-the-Fiddle (Performer), 1932-Love-Me-Tonight (Performer), 1930-Oh,-for-a-Man! (Performer), 1956-Lux-Video-Theatre (in person), 1953-The-Name's-the-Same (in person), 1952-The-Milton-Berle-Show (in person), 1950-The-Voice-of-Firestone (in person), 1944-Follow-the-Boys (in person), 1934-Hollywood-on-Parade-No.-B-8 (in person)
Theater Credits | show moreshow less
Boom-Boom - Performer (January 28, 1929 - March 30, 1929), Angela - Performer (December 3, 1928 - January 7, 1929), Sunny-Days - Performer (February 8, 1928 - May 5, 1928), Yes,-Yes,-Yvette - Performer (October 3, 1927 - November 5, 1927), Tip-Toes - Performer (December 28, 1925 - June 12, 1926), The-Magic-Ring - Performer (October 1, 1923 - December 22, 1923), A-Fantastic-Fricassee - Performer (September 11, 1922 - December 1922), Tangerine - Performer (August 9, 1921 - August 26, 1922), The-Night-Boat - Performer (February 2, 1920 - October 30, 1920), Irene - Performer (November 18, 1919 - June 18, 1921)

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