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Born: October 22, 1952 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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2013 Le Week-End (Performer), 1984 The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (Performer), 1985 The National Association of Theater Owners Awards (in person), 2007 Comedy Connections (Other), 1999 From Star Wars to Star Wars: The Story of Industrial Light & Magic (in person), 2011 Late Show with David Letterman (Other), 1986 The Ray Bradbury Theatre (Performer), 2011 Return to Jurassic Park: The Next Step in Evolution (in person), 2006 Corazón de... (in person), 2012 America's Book of Secrets (Other), 1990 The Grand Opening of Universal Studios New Theme Park Attraction (in person), 2010 Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (Other), 2012 Zambezia (Performer), 2012 Glee (Performer), 2011 Allen Gregory (Performer), 2008 Adam Resurrected (Performer), 2006 Mini's First Time (Performer), 2003 War Stories (Performer), 2002 Igby Goes Down (Performer), 2001 Cats & Dogs (Performer), 2001 Perfume (Performer), 1998 The Prince of Egypt (Performer), 1998 Holy Man (Performer), 1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park - Chaos Island (Performer), 1996 The Great White Hype (Performer), 1995 Nine Months (Performer), 1993 Jurassic Park (Performer), 1992 Deep Cover (Performer), 1991 The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish (Performer), 1990 Mister Frost (Performer), 1990 Sesame Street (Performer), 1988 Vibes (Performer), 1984 Ernie Kovacs: Between the Laughter (Performer), 1977 Starsky and Hutch (Performer), 1974 Death Wish (Performer), 2006 Pittsburgh (Producer), 2001 Perfume (Producer), 2001 Perfume (Writer), 2012 7 Minutes in Heaven (in person), 2010 Top Gear (in person), 2008-2010 Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (in person), 2009-2010 The Colbert Report (in person), 2007-2010 Live with Kelly and Michael (in person), 2006-2010 Entertainment Tonight (in person), 1986-2008 Today (in person), 2007-2008 Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (in person), 2007 The Hour (in person), 2006 Space Top 10 Countdown (in person), 2006 Pittsburgh (in person), 2005 Movies That Shook the World (in person), 2005 This Is an Adventure (in person), 2005 The Tony Danza Show (in person), 2004 Christmas in Tinseltown (in person), 2004 The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (in person), 2004 Supermarket (in person), 2003 Abby Singer (in person), 2003 DNA (in person), 2002 Run Ronnie Run (in person), 2000-2001 The Directors (in person), 1999 Barenaked in America (in person), 1999 Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist (in person), 1998 Welcome to Hollywood (in person), 1998 Bravo Profiles: The Entertainment Business (in person), 1998 The Larry Sanders Show (in person), 1998 Roswell Top Secret (in person), 1997 Die Harald Schmidt Show (in person), 1997 Movie Magic (in person), 1996 The 22nd Annual People's Choice Awards (in person), 1992 The Player (in person), 1985 B.B. King: Into the Night (in person), 2004 101 Most Unforgett_able SNL Moments (Other), 2002 Buckaroo Banzai Declassified (Other), 2012 Larry King Now (in person), 2005 Saturday Night Live: The Best of David Spade (Other), 1999 AFI's 100 Years... 100 Stars: America's Greatest Screen Legends (in person), 2000 A Conversation with Robert Altman (Other), 2010 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Sound), 2000 Así se hizo: Punto de mira (in person), 2006 XX premios Goya (Other), 2000 The Fly Papers: The Buzz on Hollywood's Scariest Insect (Other), 2005 Fear of the Flesh: The Making of 'The Fly' (in person), 2005 Starz on the Set: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (in person), 2005 Stories of Lost Souls (Other), 2014 The Grand Budapest Hotel (Performer), 2012-2013 Portlandia (Performer), 2011-2012 The League (Performer), 2012 Susan 313 (Performer), 2010 Morning Glory (Performer), 2010/I The Switch (Performer), 2007 Raines (Performer), 2004 The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Performer), 2003 Spinning Boris (Performer), 2003 Dallas 362 (Performer), 1996 Mad Dog Time (Performer), 1996 Independence Day (Performer), 1996 The Simpsons (Performer), 1990 Framed (Performer), 1989 Twisted Obsession (Performer), 1986 The Fly (Performer), 1985 Transylvania 6-5000 (Performer), 1985 Into the Night (Performer), 1985 Faerie Tale Theatre (Performer), 1984 American Playhouse (Performer), 1982 The Devlin Connection (Performer), 1982 Rehearsal for Murder (Performer), 1982 Laverne & Shirley (Performer), 1980 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Performer), 1980 Tenspeed and Brown Shoe (Performer), 1978 Remember My Name (Performer), 1977 Between the Lines (Performer), 1996 Little Surprises (Director), 1996 Little Surprises (in person), 2011 Return to Jurassic Park: Making Prehistory (in person), 2011 Return to Jurassic Park: Dawn of a New Era (in person), 2009 The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (in person), 2004-2008 The View (in person), 2008 Easy to Assemble (in person), 2008 Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (in person), 2008 The Orange British Academy Film Awards (in person), 2003-2008 Richard & Judy (in person), 2006 Tim and Eric: The Podcast (in person), 2005 Tom Goes to the Mayor (in person), 2005 50th Annual Drama Desk Awards (in person), 2004 Incident at Loch Ness (in person), 1993-2003 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (in person), 2003 The 60th Annual Golden Globe Awards (in person), 2002 Dinner for Five (in person), 2002 Reel Comedy (in person), 1996-2001 HBO First Look (in person), 2001 2001 ABC World Stunt Awards (in person), 2001 Beyond Jurassic Park (in person), 1996-1998 Mundo VIP (in person), 1997-1998 The Rosie O'Donnell Show (in person), 1998 The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (in person), 1998 4th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (in person), 1997 The Story of Bean (in person), 1994 Des O'Connor Tonight (in person), 1993 1993 Environmental Media Awards (in person), 1991 Big Bird's Birthday or Let Me Eat Cake (in person), 2007-2013 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (in person), 1989 The Late Show with David Letterman (in person), 2012 The Savoy King: Chick Webb & the Music That Changed America (in person), 2001 Playboy Exposed: Playboy Mansion Parties Uncensored (in person), 1996 1996 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards (in person), 2002 Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell (Other), 2009 Storm Stories (Other), 1999 Playboy: Playmate Pajama Party (Other), 1990 Sing! Sesame Street Remembers Joe Raposo and His Music (Sound), 1998 Master of Desaster: Roland Emmerich - eine Hollywoodkarriere (in person), 1990 Sing! Sesame Street Remembers Joe Raposo and His Music (in person), 1987 The 59th Annual Academy Awards (Other), 2005 Matthew Gray Gubler's Life Aquatic Intern Journal (in person), 2011-2012 Special Collector's Edition (Other), 2008 5 Second Movies (Other), 2007 The Making of 'Fay Grim' or: How Do You Spell Espionage (in person), 1989 Good Morning America (in person), 1986 Long Live the New Flesh: The Films of David Cronenberg (Other), 2011-2013 Conan (in person), 1993 The Arsenio Hall Show (in person), 2008 Entertainment Tonight (Other), 1989 The Fly II (Other), 2011 NTSF:SD:SUV (Performer), 2006 Man of the Year (Performer), 2002 Robbie the Reindeer in Legend of the Lost Tribe (Performer), 2002 King of the Hill (Performer), 1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Performer), 1996 Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland (Performer), 1995 Powder (Performer), 1993 Lush Life (Performer), 1992 Shooting Elizabeth (Performer), 1992 Fathers & Sons (Performer), 1989 The Tall Guy (Performer), 1987 The Race for the Double Helix (Performer), 1985 Silverado (Performer), 1983 The Right Stuff (Performer), 1981 Threshold (Performer), 1978 Thank God It's Friday (Performer), 1977 Annie Hall (Performer), 1976 The Blue Knight (Performer), 1976 Special Delivery (Performer), 1975 Columbo (Performer), 2009-2012 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (in person), 2003-2012 Jimmy Kimmel Live! (in person), 2011 Goldblum Sings the Rules (in person), 2010 Made in Hollywood (in person), 2009 Rachael Ray (in person), 2009 Metropolis (in person), 1993-2008 Late Night with Conan O'Brien (in person), 2007-2008 Head Case (in person), 2007 In Search of Puppy Love (in person), 2004-2007 Last Call with Carson Daly (in person), 2006 The Contender (in person), 2005 The 59th Annual Tony Awards (in person), 2004 Hollywood's Creepiest Creatures (in person), 2003 Realizing 'The Right Stuff' (in person), 2003 V Graham Norton (in person), 2003 Igby Goes Down: In Search of Igby (in person), 2002 Playboy: Inside the Playboy Mansion (in person), 1999 1999 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards (in person), 1999 When Dinosaurs Ruled (in person), 1997 The 23rd Annual People's Choice Awards (in person), 1996 Very Important Pennis (in person), 1996 Independence Day: The ID4 Invasion (in person), 1996 The Making of 'Independence Day' (in person), 1993 Wogan (in person), 1990 Tonight with Jonathan Ross (in person), 1990 CBS This Morning (in person), 1990 The 62nd Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1989 The 61st Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1988 It's Garry Shandling's Show. (in person), 1986 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (in person), 2000 Twentieth Century Fox: The Blockbuster Years (Other), Mortdecai (Performer), 2010 Comedy Lab (Other), 2003 100 Greatest Sexy Moments (in person), 2014 Unity (in person), 1977 The Sentinel (Performer), 1976 St. Ives (Performer), 1976 Next Stop, Greenwich Village (Performer), 1975 Nashville (Performer), 1974 California Split (Performer), 2008 Head Case (Writer), 2012 CBS This Morning (in person), 1997-2009 Late Show with David Letterman (in person), 2005-2007 Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (in person), 2007 Nachtstudio (in person), 2005 Illeanarama (in person), 2005 Special Thanks to Roy London (in person), 2002-2003 The Jamie Kennedy Experiment (in person), 2002 Primetime Glick (in person), 2001 Festival in Cannes (in person), 2000 Altman on His Own Terms (in person), 1998 The 55th Annual Golden Globe Awards (in person), 1998 1998 MTV Movie Awards (in person), 1997 Lo + plus (in person), 1997 Showbiz Today (in person), 1997 Making the 'Lost World' (in person), 1995 The Making of 'Jurassic Park' (in person), 1994 The 51st Annual Golden Globe Awards (in person), 1990 Lunettes noires pour nuits blanches (in person), 1986 Looney Tunes 50th Anniversary (in person), 1984 The New Show (in person), 2012 Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie (Performer), 2009-2010 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Performer), 2006 Fay Grim (Performer), 2005 Will & Grace (Performer), 2003-2005 Crank Yankers (Performer), 2004 Tom Goes to the Mayor (Performer), 2003 Friends (Performer), 2000 One of the Hollywood Ten (Performer), 2000 Chain of Fools (Performer), 2000 Auggie Rose (Performer), 1998 Mr. Show with Bob and David (Performer), 1993-1997 Saturday Night Live (Performer), 1997 Independence Day (Performer), 1995 The Larry Sanders Show (Performer), 1995 Hideaway (Performer), 1994 Futurequest (Performer), 1990-1991 Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Performer), 1988 Earth Girls Are Easy (Performer), 1987 Beyond Therapy (Performer), 1984 The New Show (Performer), 1983 The Big Chill (Performer), 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Performer)
Theater Credits
Seminar - Performer (November 20, 2011 - May 6, 2012), The Pillowman - Performer (April 10, 2005 - September 18, 2005), The Play What I Wrote - Performer (March 30, 2003 - June 15, 2003), The Moony Shapiro Songbook - Performer (May 3, 1981 - May 3, 1981), Two Gentlemen of Verona - Performer (December 1, 1971 - May 20, 1973)

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