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Jimmy Dorsey Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: February 29, 1904 in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania
Died: June 12, 1957 in New York City, New York
James Francis "JIMMY" DORSEY (1904-1957) and brother Thomas Francis "TOMMY" DORSEY, Jr. formed their first band, Dorsey's Novelty Six, in 1920. In 1927, their orchestra, which featured Tommy on trombone, became The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra; its members included Glenn Miller and Bob Crosby. In 1935, Tommy quit after a disagreement with his brother and formed a band of his own from the remnants of Joe Haymes' orchestra. His theme song was "Sentimental" ("I'm Getting Sentimental Over You"), which was first recorded in 1932 by a pick-up recording group under the Dorsey Brothers. Frank Sinatra became one of Tommy's vocalists, resulting in a number of Top 10 hits for the orchestra leader. The brothers reunited in 1953, led mainly by Tommy, but with Jimmy prominently featured, and earning national publicity through the Dorseys' own TV program, Stage Show, on CBS (1955-1956).
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1974-The-e_xecution-of-Private-Slovik (Sound), 1929-High-Hat (in person), 1995-Today (Sound), 1944-You-Can't-Ration-Love (Sound), 1938-Jimmy-Dorsey-and-His-Orchestra (Sound), 1955-What's-My-Line (in person), 1953-The-Dorsey-Brothers'-Encore (in person), 1938-Jimmy-Dorsey-and-His-Orchestra (in person), 1981-This-Is-Elvis (Other), 1956-Jazz-Ball (Other), 2003-Red-Betsy (Sound), 1979-Tangerine (Sound), 1949-Make-Believe-Ballroom (Sound), 1944-Lost-in-a-Harem (Sound), 1942-The-Fleet's-In (Sound), 1944-Lost-in-a-Harem (Performer), 1952-1955-The-Jackie-Gleason-Show (in person), 1949-Make-Believe-Ballroom (in person), 1944-Hollywood-Canteen (in person), 1942-The-Fleet's-In (in person), 1938-You-Leave-Me-Breathless (in person), 1934-Mirrors (in person), 2012-Boardwalk-Empire (Sound), 1955-1956-Stage-Show (in person), 1964-The-Mike-Douglas-Show (in person), 2008-Nancy-LaMott:-I'll-Be-Here-with-You (Sound), 1991-Cool-as-Ice (Sound), 1989-Cookie (Sound), 1984-Racing-with-the-Moon (Sound), 1970-Petticoat-Junction (Sound), 1964-The-Jack-Benny-Program (Sound), 1952-Varieties (Sound), 1947-The-Fabulous-Dorseys (Sound), 1946-Headline-Bands (Sound), 1944-Groovie-Movie (Sound), 1954-The-George-Jessel-Show (in person), 1952-Varieties (in person), 1948-Music-Man (in person), 1947-The-Fabulous-Dorseys (in person), 1928-Walt-Roesner-and-the-Capitolians (in person), 1946-Headline-Bands (Other), 1988-Big-Top-Pee-wee (Sound), 1996-My-Sex-Life...-or-How-I-Got-Into-an-Argument (Sound), 1998-Playing-by-Heart (Sound), 1994-Second-Best (Sound), 1948-Catalina-Interlude (Sound), 1944-Four-Jills-in-a-Jeep (Sound), 1943-I-Dood-It (Sound), 1936-That-Girl-from-Paris (Performer), 1948-Jimmy-Dorsey-and-His-Orchestra (in person), 1948-Catalina-Interlude (in person), 1944-Four-Jills-in-a-Jeep (in person), 1943-I-Dood-It (in person), 1941-Birth-of-the-Blues (Other)
Theater Credits
Strike-Up-the-Band - Other (January 14, 1930 - June 28, 1930)

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