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Born: December 6, 1948 in Houston, Texas
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2006-2007 The Nine (Performer), 2006 Twenty Good Years (Performer), 2006 Worst Week of My Life (Performer), 2006 Stroller Wars (Performer), 2005 Fever Pitch (Performer), 2004 Strong Medicine (Performer), 2001 The Guardian (Performer), 1999 Jackie's Back! (Performer), 1998 A Chance of Snow (Performer), 1998 From the Earth to the Moon (Performer), 1998 Stories from My Childhood (Performer), 1995-1996 The Client (Performer), 1995 A Season of Hope (Performer), 1994 Mighty Max (Performer), 1994 Voices from Within (Performer), 1991 The Legend of Prince Valiant (Performer), 1991 Victim of Love (Performer), 1990 Child in the Night (Performer), 1989 Welcome Home (Performer), 1987 Murder Ordained (Performer), 1986 Adam: His Song Continues (Performer), 1986 Desert Bloom (Performer), 1984 American Dreamer (Performer), 1982 Endangered Species (Performer), 1982 Poltergeist (Performer), 1980 The Dogs of War (Performer), 1980 Stir Crazy (Performer), 1980 Fun and Games (Performer), 1979 Kramer vs. Kramer (Performer), 1991 Bump in the Night (Producer), 2008 Today (in person), 2006 20 Most Horrifying Hollywood Murders (in person), 1998 Kate Chopin: A Re-Awakening (in person), 1996 The 22nd Annual People's Choice Awards (in person), 1988 The 40th Annual Emmy Awards (in person), 1982 The Making of 'Poltergeist' (in person), 2013 Mistresses (Performer), 1970-1976 Somerset (Performer), 2011-2012 Hart of Dixie (Performer), 2009-2011 Private Practice (Performer), 2009 Uncorked (Performer), 2007 Dexter (Performer), 2006 Call It Fiction (Performer), 2005 Into the Fire (Performer), 2003 Judging Amy (Performer), 2002 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Performer), 1999 It Came from the Sky (Performer), 1999/I Justice (Performer), 1997 When Danger Follows You Home (Performer), 1997 Little City (Performer), 1996 Breaking Through (Performer), 1996 Ruby Jean and Joe (Performer), 1993-1994 Frasier (Performer), 1992 Jonathan: The Boy Nobody Wanted (Performer), 1992 Fish Police (Performer), 1991 Dutch (Performer), 1990 Timeless Tales from Hallmark (Performer), 1986 Poltergeist II: The Other Side (Performer), 1983 The Day After (Performer), 1983 Adam (Performer), 1981 The Big Black Pill (Performer), 2010 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (Producer), 2009 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (Producer), 2008 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (Producer), 2002-2004 E! True Hollywood Story (in person), 2004 101 Reasons the 90's Ruled (in person), 1992 One on One with John Tesh (in person), 1984 The 36th Annual Emmy Awards (in person), 2011 Law & Order: LA (Performer), 2014 In My Dreams (Performer), 1984 The Late Show with David Letterman (in person), 2000 Norm (Performer), 2008 Entertainment Tonight (Other), 1996 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Steven Spielberg (in person), 2004 It Happened That Way (Other), 2007 They Are Here: The Real World of the Poltergeists (Other), 2004 Frasier: Analyzing the Laughter (Other), 2014 The List (Performer), 1989 The Pat Sajak Show (in person), The Last Film Festival (Performer), 2012 Scandal (Performer), 2011 Love's Christmas Journey (Performer), 2011 Against the Wall (Performer), 2011 The Big Year (Performer), 2007 Sybil (Performer), 2006 Numb3rs (Performer), 2006 24 (Performer), 2003 Skin (Performer), 2002 Repossessed (Performer), 2000 Trapped in a Purple Haze (Performer), 1999 Payne (Performer), 1994 Wyatt Earp (Performer), 1993 Sex, Love and Cold Hard Cash (Performer), 1993 Jonny's Golden Quest (Performer), 1992 Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (Performer), 1992 Me, Myself and I (Performer), 1980 The White Shadow (Performer), 1978 The World Beyond (Performer), 1974 Great Performances (Performer), 2012 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (Producer), 2007 13th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (Producer), 1994 On Hope (Producer), 2001 Night Visions (Director), 2001 Winona's Web (Director), 1994 On Hope (Director), 1994 On Hope (in person), 2007 TV Land Confidential (in person), 1990 The 47th Annual Golden Globe Awards (in person), 1989 The 46th Annual Golden Globe Awards (in person), 1983 The 55th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 2009 TiMER (Performer), 2007 In the Land of Women (Performer), 2006 Criminal Minds (Performer), 2005 Las Vegas (Performer), 2005 Crazylove (Performer), 2005 14 Hours (Performer), 2003 Miss Match (Performer), 2002 Homeward Bound (Performer), 2001 The Ponder Heart (Performer), 1997 Just Write (Performer), 1997 Jungle 2 Jungle (Performer), 1994 Parallel Lives (Performer), 1993 Final Appeal (Performer), 1993 Chantilly Lace (Performer), 1991 Switch (Performer), 1989 My Name Is Bill W. (Performer), 1988 Memories of Me (Performer), 1988 Baby M (Performer), 1985 Kids Don't Tell (Performer), 1984 Teachers (Performer), 1983 The Big Chill (Performer), 2011 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (Producer), 2000 Frankie & Hazel (Director), 2008 Chabad: To Life Telethon (in person), 2007-2008 Entertainment Tonight (in person), 2006 My First Time (in person), 2002 Searching for Debra Winger (in person), 1986-1991 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (in person), 1989 The 41st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (in person), 1994 Batman: The Animated Series (Performer), 2013 Perception (Performer), 2013 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (Producer), 2011 NCIS (Performer), 2002 The Rose Technique (Performer), 1977-1981 Guiding Light (Performer)

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