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Born: January 31, 1921 in Chicago, Illinois
Died: April 7, 2002 in Burbank, California
JOHN AGAR (1921-2002) was largely consigned to low budget science fiction movies after his divorce from Shirley Temple in 1949 (the 27-year-old actor had married 17-year-old Temple in 1945 after a whirlwind courtship). He later appeared in three Westerns with friend John Wayne (1969-1971) and was often sought for film and TV character roles.
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1962 Here's Hollywood (in person), 1986 Horrible Horror (Other), 1982 It Came from Hollywood (Other), 1988 Perfect Victims (Performer), 1982 Divided We Fall (Performer), 1979 Mr. No Legs (Performer), 1976 Charlie's Angels (Performer), 1976 King Kong (Performer), 1974 Chase (Performer), 1971 How's Your Love Life (Performer), 1969 The Undefeated (Performer), 1967 Night Fright (Performer), 1964 Stage to Thunder Rock (Performer), 1964 Law of the Lawless (Performer), 1963 Of Love and Desire (Performer), 1959-1960 Rawhide (Performer), 1960 Whirlybirds (Performer), 1959 Perry Mason (Performer), 1958 Attack of the Puppet People (Performer), 1958 Flight (Performer), 1956 The Mole People (Performer), 1955 Revenge of the Creature (Performer), 1954 The Rocket Man (Performer), 1953 Man of Conflict (Performer), 1953 The Ford Television Theatre (Performer), 1952 Hollywood Opening Night (Performer), 1950 Breakthrough (Performer), 2007 The Fearmakers Collection (in person), 1981 Saturn Awards (in person), 1960 Project XX (Other), 1956 Flesh and the Spur (Performer), 2002 The 74th Annual Academy Awards (Other), 1988 Moonlighting (Other), 2003 The 75th Annual Academy Awards (Other), 1954-1957 General Electric Theater (Performer), 2001 The Vampire Hunters Club (Performer), 1993 Body Bags (Performer), 1984 Highway to Heaven (Performer), 1971 Big Jake (Performer), 1968 Hell Raiders (Performer), 1967 Family Affair (Performer), 1966 Waco (Performer), 1966 Johnny Reno (Performer), 1965 Branded (Performer), 1962 Lawman (Performer), 1962 Hand of Death (Performer), 1961 Bat Masterson (Performer), 1961 The Best of the Post (Performer), 1960 Raymie (Performer), 1958 Frontier Gun (Performer), 1957 Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (Performer), 1954 The Golden Mistress (Performer), 1954 Shield for Murder (Performer), 1953 The Loretta Young Show (Performer), 1949 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (Performer), 1996 100 Years of Horror: Mutants (in person), 1996 100 Years of Horror: The Double Demons (in person), 1991 Hooray for Horrorwood (in person), 1996 The Pandora Directive (Performer), 1991 The Perfect Bride (Performer), 1990 Fear (Performer), 1990 Nightbreed (Performer), 1976 Police Story (Performer), 1970 Chisum (Performer), 1968 The Name of the Game (Performer), 1967 The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (Performer), 1966 Combat! (Performer), 1966 Zontar: The Thing from Venus (Performer), 1963 The Young and the Brave (Performer), 1961 Ripcord (Performer), 1959 Destination Space (Performer), 1955 Hold Back Tomorrow (Performer), 1955 Tarantula (Performer), 1954 Bait (Performer), 1952 Woman of the North Country (Performer), 1951 Along the Great Divide (Performer), 1949 The Woman on Pier 13 (Performer), 1948 Fort Apache (Performer), 1993 The Making of 'Sands of Iwo Jima' (in person), 1991 Amazing Worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy (in person), 1982 Coming Soon (Other), 1967 Hondo (Performer), 1958 The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna (Performer), 1963 The Victors (Other), 1993 The Famous Monsters 1993 World Convention Souvenir Video (in person), 2005 The Naked Monster (Performer), 1992 Invasion of Privacy (Performer), 1988 Miracle Mile (Performer), 1986 The Twilight Zone (Performer), 1964-1968 The Virginian (Performer), 1966 Women of the Prehistoric Planet (Performer), 1966 Curse of the Swamp Creature (Performer), 1965 Young Fury (Performer), 1963 Death Valley Days (Performer), 1962 Journey to the Seventh Planet (Performer), 1961 Fall Girl (Performer), 1959 Invisible Invaders (Performer), 1958 Jet Attack (Performer), 1958 Cavalry Command (Performer), 1957 Ride a Violent Mile (Performer), 1957 The Brain from Planet Arous (Performer), 1957 Joe Butterfly (Performer), 1956 Star in the Dust (Performer), 1955 The Lonesome Trail (Performer), 1955 Climax! (Performer), 1954 Schlitz Playhouse (Performer), 1952-1954 Fireside Theatre (Performer), 1952 The Unexpected (Performer), 1951 The Magic Carpet (Performer), 1949 Sands of Iwo Jima (Performer), 1949 Adventure in Baltimore (Performer), 1996 100 Years of Horror: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (in person), 1996 100 Years of Horror: Giants (in person), 1996 100 Years of Horror: The Walking Dead (in person), 1996 100 Years of Horror: Zombies (in person)

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