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John Steinbeck Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: February 27, 1902 in Salinas, California
Died: December 20, 1968 in New York City, New York
John Steinbeck (1902-1968), who was noted for his portrayals of hard-working people and social themes, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962. The works of the famed novelist, include Tortilla Flat (1935), Of Mice and Men (1937), The Grapes of Wrath (1939; Pulitzer Prize, 1940), Cannery Row (© 1937, published in 1945) and East of Eden (1952). The cross country journey described here, pulling a camper and accompanied by his poodle, resulted in his travelogue Travels with Charley (1962). In all, Steinbeck wrote 16 novels, 6 non-fiction works, and five collections of short stories.
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1956-Studio-One-in-Hollywood (Writer), 1968-Von-Mausen-und-Menschen (Writer), 2001-The-Pearl (Writer), 1972-Topoli (Writer), 1968-Of-Mice-and-Men (Writer), 1952-Viva-Zapata! (Writer), 1968-World-in-Action (in person), 1961-ABC-Close-Up! (in person), East-of-Eden (Writer), 1977-Moss-och-manniskor (Writer), 1991-American-Playhouse (Writer), 1982-Cannery-Row (Writer), 1981-Of-Mice-and-Men (Writer), 1973-The-Red-Pony (Writer), 1962-Helmi (Writer), 1960-The-Robert-Herridge-Theater (Writer), 1959-Play-of-the-Week (Writer), 1957-Matinee-Theatre (Writer), 1957-Grande-Teatro-Tupi (Writer), 1950-Nash-Airflyte-Theatre (Writer), 1944-Lifeboat (Writer), 1943-The-Moon-Is-Down (Writer), 1952-Full-House (Performer), TV-de-Vanguarda (Writer), 1977-Hiiria-ja-ihmisia (Writer), 1992-Of-Mice-and-Men (Writer), 1981-East-of-Eden (Writer), 1977-Anthropoi-kai-pontikia (Writer), 1957-Livsflammen (Writer), 1949-The-Red-Pony (Writer), 1942-Tortilla-Flat (Writer), 1940-The-Grapes-of-Wrath (Writer), 1939-Of-Mice-and-Men (Writer), 1939-Of-Mice-and-Men (Performer), 1999-Biography (Other), 1983-The-Winter-of-Our-Discontent (Writer), 1975-Of-Mice-and-Men (Writer), 1971-The-Harness (Writer), 1971-Des-souris-et-des-hommes (Writer), 1962-A-World-for-You-and-Me (Writer), 1957-The-Wayward-Bus (Writer), 1955-East-of-Eden (Writer), 1954-Lux-Video-Theatre (Writer), 1954-Light's-Diamond-Jubilee (Writer), 1954-Omnibus (Writer), 1952-Curtain-Call (Writer), 1947-La-perla (Writer), 1945-A-Medal-for-Benny (Writer), 1941-The-Forgotten-Village (Writer), 2005-East-of-Eden:-Art-in-Search-of-Life (Other)
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Of-Mice-and-Men - Writing (April 16, 2014 - July 27, 2014), The-Grapes-of-Wrath - Other (March 22, 1990 - September 2, 1990), Of-Mice-and-Men - Writing (December 18, 1974 - February 9, 1975), Here's-Where-I-Belong - Other (March 3, 1968 - March 3, 1968), Pipe-Dream - Other (November 30, 1955 - June 30, 1956), Burning-Bright - Writing (October 18, 1950 - October 28, 1950), The-Moon-Is-Down - Writing (April 7, 1942 - June 6, 1942), Tortilla-Flat - Other (January 12, 1938 - January 1938), Of-Mice-and-Men - Writing (November 23, 1937 - May 1938)

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