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Born: May 27, 1819 in New York City, New York
Died: October 17, 1910 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island
An ardent abolitionist, suffragette and advocate of world peace, Julia Ward Howe is best known for writing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" (set to the tune of "John Brown's Body"), which was penned in 1861 after her visit to Civil War battlefields.
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2010-2011 Boardwalk Empire (Sound), 2004 A Cinderella Story (Sound), 1972 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid (Sound), 1946 Abilene Town (Sound), 1993-1998 Animaniacs (Sound), 2008 Fallout 3 (Sound), 2006 Malcolm in the Middle (Sound), 1957 Battle Hymn (Sound), 2004 Silver City (Sound), 1999 The Other Sister (Sound), 1998 American History X (Sound), 1989 UHF (Sound), 1986 Hoosiers (Sound), 1980 Eaten Alive! (Sound), 1970 Kelly's Heroes (Sound), 1963 Take Her, She's Mine (Sound), 1963 Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment (Sound), 1960 Elmer Gantry (Sound), 1943 Headin' for God's Country (Sound), 1942 Tennessee Johnson (Sound), 1942 Seven Days' Leave (Sound), 1942 Prelude to War (Sound), 1942 Nostradamus and the Queen (Sound), 1941 Kiss the Boys Goodbye (Sound), 1939 On Borrowed Time (Sound), 1938 Of Human Hearts (Sound), 1937 Western Gold (Sound), 1936 San Francisco (Sound), 1934 Operator 13 (Sound), 2002 The West Wing (Sound), 1969 The Honeymoon Killers (Sound), 2010 Breaking Bad (Sound), 1942 The Great Man's Lady (Sound), 2011 The Kennedys (Sound), 2010 No me la puc treure del cap (Sound), 2008 War, Inc. (Sound), 2002 The Kid Stays in the Picture (Sound), 1990-1992 Tiny Toon Adventures (Sound), 1991 Darkwing Duck (Sound), 1991 The Wonder Years (Sound), 1973 M*A*S*H (Sound), 1967-1968 The Monkees (Sound), 1963 Mister Ed (Sound), 1961 Hazel (Sound), 1960 13 Fighting Men (Sound), 1960 The Unforgiven (Sound), 1953 Cease Fire! (Sound), 1952 High Noon (Sound), 1943 Ode to Victory (Sound), 1943 Air Force (Sound), 1942 Paramount Victory Short No. T2-3: The Price of Victory (Sound), 1941 Tuxedo Junction (Sound), 1941 They Died with Their Boots On (Sound), 1941 This Is the Bowery (Sound), 1940 Dark Command (Sound), 1938 A Yank at Oxford (Sound), 1936 Trailin' West (Sound), 1911 The Battle Hymn of the Republic (Writer), 2002 Death to Smoochy (Sound), 1963 Bye Bye Birdie (Sound), 1988 The Seventh Sign (Sound), 1995 Nixon (Sound), 2012 Chelsea Lately (Sound), 2011 After Lately (Sound), 2009 My Name Is Earl (Sound), 2008/I W. (Sound), 2002 Bowling for Columbine (Sound), 2002 The Singles Ward (Sound), 1995 The Critic (Sound), 1974 Young Frankenstein (Sound), 1969 The Johnny Cash Show (Sound), 1962 How the West Was Won (Sound), 1960 Inherit the Wind (Sound), 1957 Raintree County (Sound), 1957 Operation Raintree (Sound), 1952 Stars and Stripes Forever (Sound), 1952 What Price Glory (Sound), 1944 The Purple Heart (Sound), 1943 December 7th (Sound), 1942 Yankee Doodle Dandy (Sound), 1940 A Dispatch from Reuter's (Sound), 1940 Lillian Russell (Sound), 1940 Virginia City (Sound), 1940 Abe Lincoln in Illinois (Sound), 1939 Juarez (Sound), 1938 Yellow Jack (Sound), 1933 Gabriel Over the White House (Sound), 1930 Abraham Lincoln (Sound), 1927 Uncle Tom's Cabin (Sound), 1976 The Outlaw Josey Wales (Sound), 2007 Creature Comforts America (Sound), 1972 All in the Family (Sound), 1971 The Benny Hill Show (Sound), 1970 Daniel Boone (Sound), 1968 The Best on Record (Sound), 1966 Branded (Sound), 1965 Shenandoah (Sound), 1959 The Five Pennies (Sound), 1950 Two Flags West (Sound), 1943 So This Is Washington (Sound), 1943 Scrap Happy Daffy (Sound), 1942 Valley of the Sun (Sound), 1941 Meet John Doe (Sound), 1940 The Capital City: Washington, D.C. (Sound), 1939 Young Mr. Lincoln (Sound), 1936 The Prisoner of Shark Island (Sound), 1935 Annie Oakley (Sound), 1931 The Miracle Woman (Sound), 2004 The Manchurian Candidate (Sound), 2002 Children on Their Birthdays (Sound), 1995 Tiny Toons' Night Ghoulery (Sound), 1990-1991 The Simpsons (Sound), 1989 Moonlighting (Sound), 1983 The Right Stuff (Sound), 1980 Mork & Mindy (Sound), 1979 Country Superstars of the 70s (Sound)

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