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Julie Ann Johnson Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: May 24, 1939 in Los Angeles, California
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2006-Crank (Stunt work), 2001-The-Animal (Stunt work), 1973-Happy-Mother's-Day,-Love-George (Stunt work), 1977-Demon-Seed (Stunt work), 1973-Magnum-Force (Stunt work), 1973-Chase (Stunt work), 1972-Pete-'n'-Tillie (Stunt work), 1973-Chase (Performer), 1976-Nickelodeon (Stunt work), 1973-Superchick (Stunt work), 1969-Rod-Serling's-Night-Gallery (Stunt work), 1968-Rogue's-Gallery (Stunt work), 1973-Columbo (Stunt work), 1978-Hot-Lead-and-Cold-Feet (Stunt work), 1972-The-Carey-Treatment (Stunt work), 1967-The-St.-Valentine's-Day-Massacre (Stunt work), 1971-1977-McMillan-&-Wife (Stunt work), 1970-Little-Big-Man (Stunt work), 1969-Marcus-Welby,-M.D. (Stunt work), 1967-Star-Trek (Stunt work), 1969-Eye-of-the-Cat (Stunt work), 1966-The-Girl-from-U.N.C.L.E. (Performer), 1967-The-Karate-Killers (Other), 1973-The-Magician (Stunt work), 1967-Caprice (Stunt work), 1974-Blazing-Saddles (Stunt work), 2012-Saving-America's-Horses:-A-Nation-Betrayed (in person), 1975-Gone-with-the-West (Stunt work), 1975-Gone-with-the-West (Performer), 1974-Police-Story (Performer), 2005-A-Lot-Like-Love (Stunt work), 1971-Dirty-Harry (Stunt work), 1981-Heartbeeps (Stunt work), Charlie's-Angels (Stunt work), 1974-Earthquake (Stunt work), 2006-Smokin'-Aces (Stunt work), 1998-I-Woke-Up-Early-the-Day-I-Died (Stunt work), 1999-Mystery-Men (Stunt work), 1973-The-Don-Is-Dead (Stunt work), 1978-The-Cat-from-Outer-Space (Stunt work), 1974-The-Midnight-Man (Stunt work), 2008-Celebration-of-Life (Producer), 1969-What-Ever-Happened-to-Aunt-Alice (Stunt work), 1967-Doctor-Dolittle (Stunt work), 1971-Play-Misty-for-Me (Stunt work), 1968-The-Doris-Day-Show (Stunt work), 2004-Spider-Man-2 (Stunt work), 1971-Mission:-Impossible (Stunt work), 1967-The-Man-from-U.N.C.L.E. (Performer)

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