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Katharine Hepburn Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: May 12, 1907 in Hartford, Connecticut
Died: June 29, 2003 in Old Saybrook, Connecticut
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atharine Hepburn (1907-2003) was nominated for 12 Academy Awards for Best Actress, winning four: Morning Glory (1934), Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967), The Lion in Winter (1969) and On Golden Pond (1982). She won an Emmy for Love Among the Ruins (1975). Altogether, she notched 12 Oscar, 5 Emmy and 2 Tony nominations. Like many film actors and actresses, she first broke into show business on the stage, making her first appearances on Broadway in 1928 with roles in Night Hostess and These Days. She returned to Broadway frequently throughout her career, sometimes to rehabilitate her public image. Her final role on Broadway was in the comedy The West Side Waltz (1982), which she starred in. In 1932, she made her first appearance in a film, starring in A Bill of Divorcement alongside John Barrymore. Over the decades, she played opposite most of her era's biggest stars, including Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Laurence Olivier, Henry Fonda, and Spencer Tracy, the latter of whom she made nine films with. Her intimate relationship with Tracy spanned 26 years (until his death in 1967) and is the most famous extramarital affair in the history of Hollywood. Tracy was married to Louise Tracy, but the two had been estranged for years. Later in life, Hepburn starred in several television movies, the last being One Christmas (1994). In 1991, she published an autobiography titled Me: Stories of My Life. To the present day, Hepburn remains a significant cultural icon due to her prolific career and disregard for the Hollywood social scene and its conventions at the time. After she divorced in 1934, she never married again, choosing to live independently for the rest of her life. Her career floundered at times, particularly in the years just before WWII broke out from 1934-1940. This can be partially attributed to her poor relationship with the press, whom she refused to deal with cordially in many cases. She was named the greatest female star in the history of Hollywood by the American Film Institute in 1999, although naturally some disagree with this assessment.
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1994-One-Christmas (Performer), 1992-The-Man-Upstairs (Performer), 1981-On-Golden-Pond (Performer), 1975-Love-Among-the-Ruins (Performer), 1973-The-Glass-Menagerie (Performer), 1971-The-Trojan-Women (Performer), 1962-Long-Day's-Journey-Into-Night (Performer), 1956-The-Rainmaker (Performer), 1955-Summertime (Performer), 1947-Song-of-Love (Performer), 1938-Bringing-Up-Baby (Performer), 1937-Stage-Door (Performer), 1933-Morning-Glory (Performer), 1996-The-Line-King:-The-Al-Hirschfeld-Story (in person), 1994-100-Years-of-the-Hollywood-Western (in person), 1984-Julianna:-A-Portrait (in person), 1969-Hollywood:-The-Selznick-Years (in person), 1968-The-40th-Annual-Academy-Awards (in person), 1943-Stage-Door-Canteen (in person), 2003/I-True-Love (Other), 1997-Hidden-Hollywood:-Treasures-from-the-20th-Century-Fox-Film-Vaults (Other), 1993-The-65th-Annual-Academy-Awards (Other), 2009-Michael-Jackson (Other), 2004-The-76th-Annual-Academy-Awards (Other), 1993-1999-Biography (Other), 1999-ABC-2000:-The-Millennium (Other), 1998-Sharon-Stone---Una-mujer-de-100-caras (Other), 1971-Directed-by-John-Ford (Other), 1987-Moonlighting (Other), 2011-A-Night-at-the-Movies:-Merry-Christmas! (Other), 2003-Complicated-Women (Other), 1986-The-Spencer-Tracy-Legacy:-A-Tribute-by-Katharine-Hepburn (in person), 1994-This-Can't-Be-Love (Performer), 1984-Grace-Quigley (Performer), 1967-Guess-Who's-Coming-to-Dinner (Performer), 1956-The-Iron-Petticoat (Performer), 1948-State-of-the-Union (Performer), 1947-The-Sea-of-Grass (Performer), 1946-Undercurrent (Performer), 1944-Dragon-Seed (Performer), 1942-Woman-of-the-Year (Performer), 1940-The-Philadelphia-Story (Performer), 1936-Mary-of-Scotland (Performer), 1935-Alice-Adams (Performer), 1935-Break-of-Hearts (Performer), 1934-The-Little-Minister (Performer), 1932-A-Bill-of-Divorcement (Performer), 1993-The-Roots-of-Roe (in person), 1991-Aspekte (in person), 1990-Night-of-100-Stars-III (in person), 1987-1988-Great-Performances (in person), 1987-Hollywood-the-Golden-Years:-The-RKO-Story (in person), 1984-George-Stevens:-A-Filmmaker's-Journey (in person), 1946-American-Creed (in person), 1995-Legends-in-Light:-The-Photography-of-George-Hurrell (in person), 1974-The-1974-Annual-Entertainment-Hall-of-Fame-Awards (in person), 2005-Sexes (Other), 2005-War-Stories-with-Oliver-North (Other), 1995-The-First-100-Years:-A-Celebration-of-American-Movies (Other), 1975-Brother-Can-You-Spare-a-Dime (Other), 1981-Sixty-Years-of-Seduction (Other), 1972-Hollywood:-The-Dream-Factory (Other), 1955-MGM-Parade (Other), 1992-Oscar's-Greatest-Moments (Other), 2010-Smash-His-Camera (Other), 2003-60-Minutes (Other), 1964-The-Big-Parade-of-Comedy (Other), 1981-The-Barbara-Wa_lters-Summer-Special (in person), 1949-Some-of-the-Best:-Twenty-Five-Years-of-Motion-Picture-Leadership (in person), 1990-The-Kennedy-Center-Honors:-A-Celebration-of-the-Performing-Arts (in person), 2010-Moguls-&-Movie-Stars:-A-History-of-Hollywood (Other), 1994-That's-Entertainment!-III (Other), 1991-60-Minutes:-The-Entertainers (Other), 1973-A-Delicate-Balance (Performer), 1968-The-Lion-in-Winter (Performer), 1959-Suddenly,-Last-Summer (Performer), 1957-Desk-Set (Performer), 1942-Keeper-of-the-Flame (Performer), 1938-Holiday (Performer), 1937-Quality-Street (Performer), 1933-Little-Women (Performer), 1933-Christopher-Strong (Performer), 1993-Katharine-Hepburn:-All-About-Me (Writer), 1993-Katharine-Hepburn:-All-About-Me (in person), 1992-Fonda-on-Fonda (in person), 1989-American-Masters (in person), 1988-Michael-Jackson:-The-Legend-Continues (in person), 1974-The-46th-Annual-Academy-Awards (in person), 1970-The-24th-Annual-Tony-Awards (in person), 1963-The-35th-Annual-Academy-Awards (in person), 1941-Women-in-Defense (in person), 1999-Hollywood-Greats (Other), 1996-The-Good,-the-Bad-&-the-Beautiful (Other), 2009-American-Masters (Other), 1990-The-Tales-of-Helpmann (Other), 1981-Starring-Katharine-Hepburn (Other), 1940-Cavalcade-of-the-Academy-Awards (Other), 2002-The-Definitive-Elvis:-The-Hollywood-Years---Part-I:-1956-1961 (Other), 1988-The-Making-of-a-Legend:-Gone-with-the-Wind (Other), 1950-The-Schumann-Story (Other), 1940-The-Miracle-of-Sound (Other), 2001-AFI's-100-Years...-100-Thrills:-America's-Most-Heart-Pounding (Other), 1994-Love-Affair (Performer), 1988-Laura-Lansing-Slept-Here (Performer), 1986-Mrs.-Delafield-Wants-to-Marry (Performer), 1979-The-Corn-Is-Green (Performer), 1978-Olly,-Olly,-Oxen-Free (Performer), 1975-Rooster-Cogburn (Performer), 1969-The-Madwoman-of-Chaillot (Performer), 1952-Pat-and-Mike (Performer), 1951-The-African-Queen (Performer), 1949-Adam's-Rib (Performer), 1945-Without-Love (Performer), 1936-A-Woman-Rebels (Performer), 1935-Sylvia-Scarlett (Performer), 1934-Spitfire (Performer), 1993-Reflections-on-the-Silver-Screen (in person), 1991-The-63rd-Annual-Academy-Awards (in person), 1987-Happy-100th-Birthday,-Hollywood (in person), 1973-The-Dick-Cavett-Show (in person), 1974-That's-Entertainment! (Other), 1968-Black-History:-Lost-Stolen,-or-Strayed (Other), 1950-The-Costume-Designer (Other), 2004-10th-Annual-Screen-Actors-Guild-Awards (Other), 1996-Bogart:-The-Untold-Story (Other), 2009-Cinema-3 (Other), 2004-History-vs.-Hollywood (Other), 1995-Legends-of-Entertainment-Video (Other), 1993-One-on-One:-Classic-Television-Interviews (Other), 1995-50-Years-of-Funny-Females (Other), 1976-That's-Entertainment,-Part-II (Other), 2010-Cameraman:-The-Life-and-Work-of-Jack-Cardiff (Other), 2007-City-Confidential (Other), 2008-Spisok-korabley (Other), 2005-2006-Private-Screenings (Other), 2005-La-Marato-2005 (Other), 2003-20/20 (Other), 1997-20th-Century-Fox:-The-First-50-Years (Other), 1976-America-at-the-Movies (Other)
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The-West-Side-Waltz - Performer (November 19, 1981 - March 13, 1982), A-Matter-of-Gravity - Performer (February 3, 1976 - April 10, 1976), Coco - Performer (December 18, 1969 - October 3, 1970), The-Millionairess - Performer (October 17, 1952 - December 28, 1952), As-You-Like-It - Performer (January 26, 1950 - June 3, 1950), Without-Love - Performer (November 10, 1942 - February 13, 1943), The-Philadelphia-Story - Performer (March 28, 1939 - March 30, 1940), The-Lake - Performer (December 26, 1933 - February 1934), The-Warrior's-Husband - Performer (March 11, 1932 - May 1932), Art-and-Mrs.-Bottle - Performer (November 18, 1930 - December 1930), These-Days - Performer (November 12, 1928 - November 1928), Night-Hostess - Performer (September 12, 1928 - December 1928)

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