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King Frederick William III Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: August 03, 1770 in Potsdam, Kingdom of Prussia (currently Germany)
Died: June 07, 1840 in Berlin, Kingdom Prussia (currently Germany)
Frederick William III (King, 1797-1840), tried to maintain neutrality in the Napoleonic Wars but was unsuccessful. By the Treaty of Tilsit (1807), signed after a disasterous defeat at the Battle of Jena, Prussia was virtually a vassal of France. After a military alliance was signed with Russia, Frederick William III resumed war on France in March 1813. He attended the Congress of Vienna and was rewarded with Westphalia and most of Saxony. Influenced by Russian Czar Alexander I and by Austria's Metternich, Frederick William III joined the Holy Alliance. His elder son succeeded him as King Frederick William IV who was succeeded by his brother as King (Kaiser) Wilhelm I of Prussia and Emperor of Germany.

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