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King Norodom Sihanouk (Cambodia) Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: October 31, 1922 in Phnom, Cambodia
Died: October 15, 2012 in Beijing, China
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March 18, 1970, Prince Norodom Sihanouk (1922-2012) was ousted as Head of State by former Defense Minister, Army Chief of Staff and Premier, Colonel Lon Nol. Supported by the U.S., he attempted to suppress the Communist Khmer Rouge guerrillas. His efforts plunged the country into civil war. Norodom Sihanouk first became King of Cambodia on April 24, 1941 when he was 18. He served until March 3, 1955. As Prince, he was Head of State of Cambodia from April 20, 1960 to March 18, 1970, April 17, 1975 to April 11, 1976 and June 14, 1993 to September 24, 1993. Cambodia was known as the Khmer Republic from 1970-1976 and Kampuchea from 1976-1989. From 1945-1962, Norodom Sihanouk served as Cambodia's Prime Minister eight times; the longest period was for 21 months (1958-1960). From November 20, 1991 to June 14, 1993, he was Chairman of the Supreme National Council of Cambodia. Sihanouk was King of Cambodia once again from 1993-2004. He has been in self-imposed exile since April 10, 2004.
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1965-Cambodia (Director), 1965-Cambodia (Writer), 1965-Cambodia (Producer), 1965-Cambodia (Editing), 1965-Cambodia (Music Department), 1966-The-Enchanted-Forest (Director), 1966-The-Enchanted-Forest (Writer), 1966-The-Enchanted-Forest (Producer), 1966-The-Enchanted-Forest (Performer), 1966-The-Enchanted-Forest (Sound), 1966-The-Enchanted-Forest (Editing), 2005-Le-Cid-Khmer (Director), 1997-An-Apostle-of-Non-Violence (Director), 1969-Unlucky-Life (Director), 2005-Le-Cid-Khmer (Writer), 1997-An-Apostle-of-Non-Violence (Writer), 1969-Unlucky-Life (Writer), 2005-Le-Cid-Khmer (Producer), 1997-An-Apostle-of-Non-Violence (Producer), 1969-Unlucky-Life (Producer), 2005-Le-Cid-Khmer (Performer), 1969-Unlucky-Life (Performer), 1969-Unlucky-Life (Sound), 1995-An-Ambition-Reduced-to-Ashes (Director), 1995-The-Last-Days-of-Colonel-Savath (Director), 1994-My-Village-at-Sunset (Director), 1968-Ombre-sur-Angkor (Director), 1966-Apsara (Director), 1966-Apsara (Writer), 1995-An-Ambition-Reduced-to-Ashes (Writer), 1995-The-Last-Days-of-Colonel-Savath (Writer), 1968-Ombre-sur-Angkor (Writer), 1966-Apsara (Sound), 1968-Ombre-sur-Angkor (Sound), 1968-Ombre-sur-Angkor (Performer), 1968-Ombre-sur-Angkor (Producer), 1966-Apsara (Producer), 1966-Apsara (Editing), 1968-Ombre-sur-Angkor (Editing), 1966-Apsara (Music Department), 1991-Je-ne-te-reverrai-plus,-o-mon-bien-aime-Kampuchea! (Director), 1989-Adieu-mon-amour (Director), 1991-Je-ne-te-reverrai-plus,-o-mon-bien-aime-Kampuchea! (Writer), 1989-Adieu-mon-amour (Writer), 1988-The-Mysterious-City (Director), 1988-The-Mysterious-City (Writer), 1965-La-317eme-section (in person), 1990-La-comtesse-de-Nokorom (Director), 1990-La-comtesse-de-Nokorom (Writer), 1993-See-Angkor-and-Die (Director), 1969-La-Joie-de-Vivre (Director), 1969-Twilight (Director), 1969-La-Joie-de-Vivre (Writer), 1969-Twilight (Writer), 1969-Twilight (Sound), 1969-Twilight (Performer), 2002-The-Trials-of-Henry-Kissinger (Other), 2009-Les-neuf-vies-de-Norodom-Sihanouk (in person), 1994-Peasants-in-Distress (Director), 1969-Rose-de-Bokor (Director), 1994-Peasants-in-Distress (Writer), 1969-Rose-de-Bokor (Writer), 1969-Rose-de-Bokor (Sound), 1969-Rose-de-Bokor (Performer), 1996-The-Heir-of-a-Vanquished-Secessionist (Director), 1996-The-Heir-of-a-Vanquished-Secessionist (Writer), 1967-Prachea-Komar (Director), 1967-Prachea-Komar (Writer), 1967-Prachea-Komar (Producer), 1967-Prachea-Komar (Sound), 1967-Prachea-Komar (Editing), 1983-Vietnam:-A-Television-History (Other)

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