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Born: September 4, 1953 in New York City, New York
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1992 Tuesday Never Comes (Performer), 2014 Playin' for Love (Performer), 1991 Quiet Fire (Performer), 1991 Quiet Fire (Director), 1978 New American Bandstand 1965 (in person), 2009 Young American Gangstas (Performer), 2007 Sublime (Performer), 2004/I 30 Miles (Performer), 2003 Killer Drag Queens on Dope (Performer), 2002 The Streetsweeper (Performer), 1998 L.A. Doctors (Performer), 1998 The Wayans Bros. (Performer), 1997 Tidal Wave: No Escape (Performer), 1997 Tracey Takes On... (Performer), 1996 Roseanne (Performer), 1996 The Parent 'Hood (Performer), 1995 Martin (Performer), 1990 Kill Crazy (Performer), 1989 L.A. Heat (Performer), 1984-1987 Hill Street Blues (Performer), 1986 The Redd Foxx Show (Performer), 1985 The Annihilators (Performer), 1975-1979 Welcome Back, Kotter (Performer), 1978 The Comedy Company (Performer), 1976 Baretta (Performer), 1974 The Gambler (Performer), 1997 L.A. Heat (Director), 1989 L.A. Heat (Producer), 1989 L.A. Heat (Writer), 1989 L.A. Heat (Sound), 1996 Ellen (in person), 1985 The Star Games (in person), 1977 The 19th Annual TV Week Logie Awards (in person), 2014 Strawberries for the Homeless (Performer), 1995 1995 MTV Movie Awards (in person), 2008 Otis (Performer), 2002 Hip, Edgy, Sexy, Cool (Performer), 1997 Mr. Rhodes (Performer), 1997 Weird Science (Performer), 1996 Homeboys in Outer Space (Performer), 1996 Sliders (Performer), 1995 Diagnosis Murder (Performer), 1990 Chance (Performer), 1989-1990 Alien Nation (Performer), 1989 East L.A. Warriors (Performer), 1989 L.A. Vice (Performer), 1988 Paramedics (Performer), 1981 Lewis & Clark (Performer), 1981 Darkroom (Performer), 1979 Paris (Performer), 1978 Youngblood (Performer), 1976 Mr. T and Tina (Performer), 1975 Cooley High (Performer), 2011 The 9th Annual TV Land Awards (in person), 2007 TV Land Confidential (in person), 2003 ABC's 50th Anniversary Celebration (in person), 2002 Remembering 'Roots' (in person), 1998 Celebrity Profile (in person), 1976 The Captain and Tennille (in person), 1976 Donny and Marie (in person), 2014 Airplane vs Volcano (Performer), 2011-2013 Let's Stay Together (Performer), 2011 Nocturnal Agony (Performer), 2010 Chuck (Performer), 2008 Tamales and Gumbo (Performer), 2004 That's So Raven (Performer), 2004 Girlfriends (Performer), 2002-2003 Gilmore Girls (Performer), 2002 Static Shock (Performer), 2000 The Jamie Foxx Show (Performer), 1997 Moesha (Performer), 1995 Pointman (Performer), 1995 Charlie Grace (Performer), 1993 Indecent Behavior (Performer), 1992 The Jacksons: An American Dream (Performer), 1986 Fame (Performer), 1986 Simon & Simon (Performer), 1986 New Love, American Style (Performer), 1980 For the Love of It (Performer), 1974 Death Wish (Performer), 2010 Way Black When (in person), 2006 The 100 Greatest TV Quotes & Catchphrases (in person), 2000 E! True Hollywood Story (in person), 1986 Ebony/Jet Showcase (in person), 1976 The Rich Little Show (in person), 1984 Rituals (Performer), 2009 Redemption of the Welfare Queen (in person), 1978 The Jim Nabors Show (in person), 2013 The Sax Man (in person), 1977 The 3rd Annual People's Choice Awards (in person), 2011 Good Morning America (in person), 2009 Directors on Directing (in person), 2007 The Singing Bee (in person), 2007 The 5th Annual TV Land Awards (in person), 2000 Truth Behind the Sitcom Scandals 5 (in person), 1978 Soul Train (in person), 1977 Battle of the Network Stars II (in person), 2005 Don't Give Me the Finger (Performer), 2001 Southlander: Diary of a Desperate Musician (Performer), 1999 Mr. Right Now! (Performer), 1994 Renegade (Performer), 1993 Firepower (Performer), 1989 Angels of the City (Performer), 1980 Barnaby Jones (Performer), 1977 Roots (Performer), 1974 Claudine (Performer), 1989 Angels of the City (Director), 2009 Directors on Directing (Producer), 1989 Angels of the City (Writer), 1989 Angels of the City (Sound), 1989 Angels of the City (Sound), 1987 Hollywood Shuffle (in person)

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