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Born: March 14, 1922 in Mexia, Texas
Died: January 15, 1996 in Newport Beach, California
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1991 Yma Sumac - Hollywoods Inkaprinzessin (Sound), 1979 The Girl Who Saved the World (Sound), 1974 Savage Sisters (Sound), 1972 Frogs (Sound), 1971 El ogro (Sound), 1969 Flareup (Sound), 1968 Bora Bora (Sound), 1968 The Mini-Skirt Mob (Sound), 1965 Beach Blanket Bingo (Sound), 1964 The Mighty Jungle (Sound), 1963 The Young Racers (Sound), 1962 La guerra continua (Sound), 1962 Marco Polo (Sound), 1961 Pit and the Pendulum (Sound), 1958 Lassie (Sound), 1958 Fort Bowie (Sound), 1957 The Dalton Girls (Sound), 1957 The Girl in Black Stockings (Sound), 1957 The Storm Rider (Sound), 1957 Pharaoh's Curse (Sound), 1954 The Yellow Tomahawk (Sound), 1954 It's Everybody's Business (Sound), 2010 Mega64 (Sound), 2008 Hell Ride (Sound), 2007 Nancy Drew (Sound), 1999/I Lost & Found (Sound), 1997 Jackie Brown (Sound), 1997 Vegas Vacation (Sound), 1992 I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore (Sound), 1969 Flareup (Sound), 1957 The Dalton Girls (Sound), 1972 Frogs (Music Department), 1965 Space Probe Taurus (Music Department), 1963 The Terror (Music Department), 1962 Premature Burial (Music Department), 1957 The Storm Rider (Music Department), 1945 I'll Remember April (Performer), 1971 Dagmar's Hot Pants, Inc. (Sound), 1967 Young Rebel (Sound), 1963 A Boy Ten Feet Tall (Sound), The New Lassie (Music Department), 1971 Trampa para una niña (Sound), 1965 Attack of the Eye Creatures (Sound), 1963 X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes (Sound), 1963 Goliath and the Sins of Babylon (Music Department), 1961 Guns of the Black Witch (Sound), 1960 Goliath and the Dragon (Sound), 1954 No Time for Shame (Sound), 1961 White Slave Ship (Sound), 1967 The Glass Sphinx (Sound), 1961 Erik the Conqueror (Sound), 2013 Saving Mr. Banks (Sound), 1956 Shower of Stars (in person), 1953 The Saturday Night Revue (in person), 1993 Lightning in a Bottle (Sound), 1982 The Beast Within (Sound), 1978 Born Again (Sound), 1972 One Minute Before Death (Sound), 1972 Blood Sabbath (Sound), 1968 Wild in the Streets (Sound), 1966 Fireball 500 (Sound), 1965 Sergeant Dead Head (Sound), 1965 How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (Sound), 1964 Pajama Party (Sound), 1964 Muscle Beach Party (Sound), 1963 The Comedy of Terrors (Sound), 1962 Tales of Terror (Sound), 1962 Daughter of the Sun God (Sound), 1961 Master of the World (Sound), 1958 Macabre (Sound), 1957 Jungle Heat (Sound), 1957 Untamed Youth (Sound), 1956 Rebel in Town (Sound), 1956 Quincannon, Frontier Scout (Sound), 1956 Wetbacks (Sound), 1953 Tanga-Tika (Sound), 2008 The Ramen Girl (Sound), 2004 Garfield (Sound), 1999 Breakfast of Champions (Sound), 1997 Clockwatchers (Sound), 1994 Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey (Sound), 1990 Wild at Heart (Sound), 1968 Wild in the Streets (Sound), 1961 Master of the World (Sound), 1957 Untamed Youth (Sound), 1954 Secret of the Incas (Sound), 1972 Blood Sabbath (Music Department), 1964 Pajama Party (Music Department), 1961 Master of the World (Music Department), 1957 Untamed Youth (Performer), 1973 I Escaped from Devil's Island (Sound), 1970 The Dunwich Horror (Sound), 1969 All the Loving Couples (Sound), 1968 Terror in the Jungle (Sound), 1968 Annabelle Lee (Sound), 1967 Sadismo (Sound), 1963 Operation Bikini (Sound), 1962 Panic in Year Zero! (Sound), 1962 Lost Battalion (Sound), 1961 Reptilicus (Sound), 1961 Fall Girl (Sound), 1960 House of Usher (Sound), 1958 The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold (Sound), 1958 The Bride and the Beast (Sound), 1957 Escape from Red Rock (Sound), 1957 Hell Bound (Sound), 1957 Revolt at Fort Laramie (Sound), 1957 Tomahawk Trail (Sound), 1956 Hot Cars (Sound), 1956 Hot Blood (Sound), 1953 Summer with Monika (Sound), 1953 Summer with Monika (Sound), 2008 What Just Happened (Sound), 2007 The L Word (Sound), 2006 The Austrian Method (Sound), 2003 Elf (Sound), 2002 Easy Listening (Sound), 1999 Sokkotanssi (Sound), 1998 Playing by Heart (Sound), 1998 Krippendorf's Tribe (Sound), 1997/II Men with Guns (Sound), 1993 Lipstick on Your Collar (Sound), 1991 The Wonder Years (Sound), 1958 The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold (Sound), 1965 The Wild Weird World of Dr. Goldfoot (Music Department), 1963 Dementia 13 (Music Department), 1956 Hot Blood (Performer), 1951 Royal Wedding (Performer), 1975 Switchblade Sisters (Sound), 1963 The Evil Eye (Sound), 1959 Goliath and the Barbarians (Sound), 1960 Black Sunday (Sound), 1960 The Best of the Post (Sound), 1961 Maciste at the Court of the Great Khan (Sound), 1997-1999 Lassie (Music Department), 1954 A Life at Stake (Sound), 2004 The Machinist (Sound), 1993 Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Sound), 1988 The Charmings (Sound), 1973 The Devil and Leroy Bassett (Sound), 1956 A Woman's Devotion (Sound), 1954 College Capers (Sound), 1954 A Life at Stake (Sound), 1954 A Life at Stake (Music Department), 1970 Cry of the Banshee (Music Department), 1970 An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe (Music Department), 1962 A House of Sand (Music Department), 1957 The Invisible Boy (Music Department), 1957 Bop Girl Goes Calypso (Music Department), 1954 A Life at Stake (Performer), 1954 College Capers (in person), 1993 L'Oeil Du Cyclone (Sound), 1989 Reflection of Evil (Sound), 1979 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Sound), 1973 The Devil and Leroy Bassett (Sound), 1970 Cry of the Banshee (Sound), 1970 An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe (Sound), 1969 Target: Harry (Sound), 1969 Hell's Belles (Sound), 1968 The Young Animals (Sound), 1966 The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (Sound), 1965 Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (Sound), 1964-1965 The Tycoon (Sound), 1964 Bikini Beach (Sound), 1963 Beach Party (Sound), 1963 The Raven (Sound), 1959 La ciudad sagrada (Sound), 1958 The Fiend Who Walked the West (Sound), 1957 The Invisible Boy (Sound), 1957 Outlaw's Son (Sound), 1957 Bop Girl Goes Calypso (Sound), 1957 War Drums (Sound), 1957 Fury (Sound), 1957 Voodoo Island (Sound), 1956 A Woman's Devotion (Sound), 1956 The Black Sleep (Sound), 1960 Saiyûki (Sound), 1959 Battle Beyond the Sun (Music Department), 1961 Goliath and the Vampires (Sound), 1963 Samson and the Slave Queen (Sound), 1963 Black Sabbath (Sound), 1999 Coming Soon (Sound), 1972 Baron Blood (Sound), 1966 Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs (Sound), 1964 I tabù (Sound)
Theater Credits
Everything in the Garden - Performer (November 29, 1967 - February 10, 1968), Any Wednesday - Performer (February 18, 1964 - June 26, 1966), The Advocate - Performer (October 14, 1963 - October 19, 1963)
  • LES BAXTER The composer signs with warm birthday wishes Autograph note signed: "To Larry,/A Very Happy Birthday,/from/Les Baxter", in blue ink, folded to 4¾x3½. Les Baxter (1922-1996) was a concert pianist and pop singer before finding his true calling as a conductor and arranger. read more...

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  • LES BAXTER Signed autograph note thanking radio/TV host George Sanders for "being faithful to exotic music" Autograph Note signed: "Thank you George/for being faithful to/to [sic] exotic music from 'Music Out of the Moon'/to 'Ports of Pleasure/Les Baxter", 1 page, 8x6 album page. Captioned b/w newspaper photo affixed. read more...

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  • LES BAXTER Printed sheet music for his song "The Best Gift of All", signed by the composer with "Best Wishes" to a reverend and his wife Inscribed sheet music signed: "To Rev. + Mrs. Britton [drawn musical note]/Best Wishes, Les Baxter", in blue felt tip, 8½x11 (2 pages). Sheet music for his song "The Best Gift of All". read more...

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  • DORIS DREW and LES BAXTER Notes written on front and verso to Oregon radio personality George Sanders, with Drew wishing him and his wife luck, and Baxter extending his sincere gratitude. Extremely rare! Autograph note signed: "To George/Good Luck & Sincerest/Best wishes to both you/& Mrs. read more...

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