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Lou Adler Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: December 13, 1933 in Chicago, Illinois
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Lou Adler, born on December 13, 1933, in Chicago, Illinois, is an influential American record producer, music executive, and director. He is renowned for his significant contributions to the music industry, particularly during the 1960s and 1970s, and his role in shaping the California sound and the broader music scene of that era.

Adler began his career in the music industry as a manager and producer. He co-founded Dunhill Records in the mid-1960s, where he worked with a variety of artists and helped produce several hit songs. One of his notable successes during this period was with the folk-rock group The Mamas & the Papas, producing hits like "California Dreamin'" and "Monday, Monday." In 1967, Adler produced the Monterey Pop Festival, a landmark event in the history of rock music and a precursor to future music festivals like Woodstock. The festival featured performances by iconic artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and The Who, and played a crucial role in introducing these artists to a wider audience.

Adler's influence extended beyond music production. He founded Ode Records, which released Carole King's critically acclaimed album "Tapestry" in 1971. The album was a massive commercial and critical success and is considered one of the greatest albums in the history of popular music. Adler's collaboration with King was instrumental in defining the singer-songwriter genre of the 1970s.

Apart from his work in music, Adler also ventured into film and theater. He produced and directed the cult classic film "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975) and was involved in the production of the Broadway musical "The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd."

Lou Adler was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, a testament to his impact and legacy in the music industry. His career has been characterized by his ability to discover and nurture talent and his innovative approach to music production.
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1996-Space-Jam (Sound), 1983-Breathless (Sound), 2005/I-Hitch (Sound), 2013-The-Last-Impresario (in person), 1975-The-Rocky-Horror-Picture-Show (Producer), 1970-Brewster-McCloud (Producer), 1968-Monterey-Pop (Producer), 1968-Monterey-Pop (Other), 2011-Troubadours (in person), 2007-Tavis-Smiley (in person), 2006-A/k/a-Tommy-Chong (in person), 2002-Intimate-Portrait (in person), 1995-Rocky-Horror-Double-Feature-Video-Show (in person), 1974-Looking-at-Radio (in person), 1981-Shock-Treatment (Producer), 2005-Midnight-Movies:-From-the-Margin-to-the-Mainstream (in person), 2005-California-Dreamin':-The-Songs-of-'The-Mamas-&-the-Papas' (in person), 1985-Murphy's-Romance (Sound), 1985-Murphy's-Romance (Music Department), 1998-Wild-Things (Sound), 1990-Parker-Lewis-Can't-Lose (Sound), 2009-Keeping-Up-with-the-Kardashians (in person), 2009-Biography (Other), 2011-The-Tonight-Show-with-Jay-Leno (Sound), 1998-Lindenstrae (Sound), 1975-Really-Rosie (Music Department), 2008-Game-Boys (Sound), 1978-Animal-House (Sound), 2006-E!-True-Hollywood-Story (Other), 1974-Janis (Other), 1974-Janis (Director), 2005-Soul-Deep:-The-Story-of-Black-Popular-Music (in person), 2001-2002-Biography (in person), 2001-Walk-on-By:-The-Story-of-Popular-Song (in person), 1998-Behind-the-Music (in person), 2000-The-Crew (Sound), 1985-Witness (Sound), 2000-Cinema-Verite:-Defining-the-Moment (Other), 1985-The-Care-Bears-Movie (Sound), 1985-The-Care-Bears-Movie (Music Department), 1995-Georgia (Sound), 2013-Cheech-&-Chong's-Animated-Movie (Producer), 1992-American-Me (Producer), 1978-Up-in-Smoke (Producer), 1978-Up-in-Smoke (Director), 1978-Up-in-Smoke (in person), 2011-American-Masters (in person), 2013-The-Marty-Stuart-Show (Sound), 2013-Piers-Morgan's-Life-Stories (in person), 2010-Rock-&-Chips (Sound), 1987-Otto---Der-Neue-Film (Sound), 1983-Terms-of-Endearment (Sound), 2004-Making-of-'Ladies-and-Gentlemen,-the-Fabulous-Stains' (in person), 1973-Jimi-Hendrix (Sound), 1978-Slow-Dancing-in-the-Big-City (Music Department), 2013-20-Feet-from-Stardom (in person), 2011-Cheech-&-Chong's-Animated-Game (Producer), 1982-Ladies-and-Gentlemen,-the-Fabulous-Stains (Director), 2012-Sunset-Strip (in person), 2010-Legends (in person), 2008-The-Wrecking-Crew (in person), 2005-E!-True-Hollywood-Story (in person), 2003-Sam-Cooke:-Legend (in person), 2002-Hollywood-Rocks-the-Movies:-The-1970s (in person)
Theater Credits
Zoot-Suit - Production (March 25, 1979 - April 29, 1979), The-Rocky-Horror-Show - Production (March 10, 1975 - April 6, 1975)

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